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Strange dream

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Strange dream
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Strange dream
Post # 1
Let me warn you right now, this dream is strange beyond all imagination, my own body was being controlled in my dream, so if you detest any violence and so on you may hate this post. In someways I do too.

I had a really strange dream last night. I was sleeping when my body noticed something was just about to happen outside the window. The moment I was aware of what was going on, that's where my focused was, and I heard the sound of a car hitting something. It was my cousin trying to leave for the night. Right after the sound I heard two of my cousins yelling. One for the fear of damaging the car, the other in defense of himself. After awhile they stopped yelling, and even later I went back to sleep. In this sleep my dreaming started.

The whole dream is really long, about me going on an adventure or something, but the last part scared me. My adventure was like those in games, so I had just defeated a "boss" in my dream and my mind drifted off to home.

While trying to go to the bathroom I saw a giant yellow spider with wings. One that I never saw before. In a way it was beautiful with it's transparent wings, and glorious but gentle walking style. It's legs with white tips would glide through the air as it toke each step. After my moment of admiring it, I knew that it was going to come my way, so I started to walk backwards in hopes of avoiding it. I have a fear of spiders.

I slowly walked backwards to the kitchen with my eyes on the spider, wondering where did it come from and what was it doing in my house. As it crawled out of the bathroom with every grace it had before, I thought what was I going to do with a big spider in my house. Live in fear everyday? Not wanting that, I decided to first trap the spider in the bathroom. So I first willed the spider to go back to the bathroom and willed myself to close the sliding door, the gate that allowed the spider to walk freely.

At that instant, the spider turned into what I thought was a nymph and got its hand stuck on the door ledge. When I noticed this, something came over me and I forced with all my might to close the door, cutting his hand off. At that time, his hand hadn't fully turned into that of a nymph so it was still a spider leg. The nymph then started on eating it's own hand.

After finishing its meal, the nymph tried to attack me, so another battle on the door went by. This time though, the thing that toke over me before had fully taken over me, and I started attacking the nymph with rage and anger. Noticing that the nymph was beaten almost dead and my rage, I forced myself to stop. Right before deciding to got to the door, something started to take over me till that moment where I stopped myself.

After that I woke up with my teeth clenched and my fist attacking my bed. That's pretty much it. The whole time though, I knew it was a dream. Something I could control. Not fully in my mind, but somewhere in the back of my mind. That's what scared me. The rage in the dream was something I saw was coming but let it be till I almost killed a nymph. I don't fully know what it symbolizes for me, but I knew that the nymph was important to me. The only peace in mind I have is that I stopped just before I could kill it.

Sorry for the long post and poor grammar. I'm still a bit shocked from the dream and thinking why did I have such a dream. Rage isn't really my thing. It's not something I've shown often. My question is can anyone tell me what does this dream mean? or is it just nothing serious? I don't really think that it wasn't serious.
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Re: Strange dream
Post # 2
You should be glad its just a dream, I have actually beaten people half to death before cause there's a side of me who a real sick puppy. Oh as for your dream it may mean your mad at someone you thought you knew inside and out.
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Re: Strange dream
Post # 3
First, sorry for the double post didn't noticed it.

Second, YinYangKing, I've gotten at those situations a few times myself, but always stopped myself before it got bad.

Third, know what the dream was about now. It was a small warning about what was going to happen today, and also to tell me who I'm really angry about, just like YinYangKing said. I would like to keep what happened today to myself, but the person I was angry about I'm willing to share.

That person is myself. The spider told me about my fear, the nymph represented me. The "angry me" represented who was I directing my anger to. In essence I'm both fearful and angry about myself. The "me" who stopped "angry me" represent who I really am. I also know the reason why I'm angry with myself. Yet it's also the reason why I'm fearful of myself. In all it's a simple story of me beating up myself and I stopping the beating with complex reasons for each action.

Thanks for taking your time to read about me complaining.
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