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any guidance would be goo

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any guidance would be goo
Post # 1
I had belonged to a forum that talked about auras, but since mine is predominantly indigo and maybe gold I don?t get much info from people that understand aura information. The majority of people that answer are just beginning and have the same if not slightly less knowledge of aura colur than I do. Mainly, im told by people that understand peoples aura colur, that the aura changes so I shouldn?t be too concerned with my colur being indigo, but that doesn?t really explain anything for me.
I don?t know how much of a believer I am of anything really. For now, I just want to know what I?m seeing and why. I don?t even really know that what I?m seeing in myself is the aura.
From what I read, the aura is energy around the body. My aura has been Indigo for like ever. I decided to play around and see if instead of looking at my finger, hands, etc. for aura colur I would look in the mirror. It took a few minutes for my eyes to scan for the place it wants to look to see auras. I started to see a gold colur. I re did it several times checking to ensure there was no light reflecting off anything in the room as it looked like gold sun light and I had never heard of an aura being gold before. What was also different about the colur was that it was on my face and it didn?t make sense that something that is supposed to be an energy field around my body would be on my face.
Since seeing this, I did find several internet sites that spoke of gold auras. The things they said about them was like the person had ?high vibrations, highly spiritual? and other stuff like that, but I would think if I was that type of person, I would likely know it and I don?t think I am. One site out of many said in addition to the other stuff I had high integrity and one other thing that I can?t recall that actually fit me, but people didn?t know much about it as it just began to appear in the last 10 years.
I guess my question is; was the gold colur I saw on my skin part of an aura? One site said that indigo was a mix of red and blue, is that true? If the color I saw was really a part of my aura, why don?t I fit into many of the interpretations of that colur?
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Re: any guidance would be goo
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: any guidance would be goo
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Color is a very personal thing. Spiritual energy doesn't actually reflect or absorb light, it is not solid. When we see energy, be it an aura, an orb, a spiritual body, or some sort of manifestation, we tend to have preconceptions. When we are viewing energy it is called clairvoyancy. Clairvoyancy is seeing through a spiritual sense, not our physical eyes. We pick up on energy spiritually, then it processes through our physical mind, then it is interpreted through the information we have stored through life, than we see it however we conceive it. This sounds like a long process but it is really very fast. If you learn to use your clairvoyant sense totally, you don't even need your eyes open to "see" energy, and if you do this in trance with an open mind, you can see things for what they truly are. Eventually you can condition your mind to be ever questioning and open to all possibilities even when it makes no sense. Then you will be capable of see the closest to true spiritual forms as a human mind is able. But this takes tons of practice and experience.

Think Buddha. Do you think "enlightenment" means suddenly being blessed by tons and tons of information? Enlightenment is truth, seeing the truth for what it is, and being wise for it. The truth isn't easy to obtain. It takes an open yet critical mind. Open to the nature of things, but critical to the way those things portray themselves. We even deceive ourselves to who we are, until we truly look inside and get to know ourselves with an accepting disposition.

So what do these colors mean to you? Go to someone else and do not tell them what color your aura is to you. Ask them what colors they see. Then ask them what that means to them. Compare the meanings of the colors, not the colors themselves, and see how they match up. If the colors are the same, that just means your interpretation of the energy in comparison to color is identical.

So gold is what gold means to you. And indigo is what indigo means to you. But then again, you must also consider, do you have a desire to be very spiritual? These things can effect our auras. In fact, some practioners will deliberate concentrate specific colors/energy into their own auras to influence their mind, emotions, health, etc. If you have a strong desire to gain a high spirituality, these desires can manifest through your aura.

Ok simple spiritual biology!
An aura is not just a cloud of energy hoovering around you. You have a core (call it a soul or what have you), this is the center of who you are. Then you have a spiritual body. This is the personification/manifestation of who you are and this energy expands from the core. The aura is like the light eminating off of a candle flame. It is the steam coming off of hot water. It is a reflection of your essence.

So what you think, feel, and simply "are" effects your aura. Before reading you're aura you should cleanse, ground, center, and meditate. Think NOTHING. Just look at your aura. Then see what colors you see. Continue to think NOTHING except to ask yourself "what does this mean". Do not answer yourself, let it come to you. Like a sudden inspiration, you should learn what the color represents to you.

By think nothing, I know we can never have absolutely zero thoughts. Think of a landscape, clouds in the sky, stars, what have you. But don't focus on colors or let your thoughts wander concerning your life or aura.
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Re: any guidance would be goo
Post # 4
I’m ok with the indigo stuff. Well not really. I know of two other indigo type people that seem to struggle with the same things I do which gives me some solace. I think sometimes people see only what they want.
The odd part is, I don’t think I’m looking for a higher spiritual path. I don’t know how this will sound, but I was just playing. I really just expected to see Indigo again. When I was able to rule out any other possibility for the light, I became curious about gold as I had never heard anything about it. I didn’t really think it could be an aura as it wasn’t surrounding my body, but on my skin. I think most of my curiosity was over where I saw the colur not the actual color. When I found 4 pages said basically the same thing, I wondered why the colur showed up on me, but it didn’t say anything about what would be seen on my skin.
So the light I saw on my face was part of my soul? I can be ok with that. And my soul would likely be gold as it’s spiritual. This can mean that all the stuff I read was right; I was just interpreting it differently. That actually makes total sense.
Thank you so much. I knew there had to be a logical reason.
Thank you so much again.
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Re: any guidance would be goo
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
"Indigo" "crystal" and "rainbow" children don't have indigo, crystal and rainbow auras. That's a term people use to describe themselves in an effort to feel special. Don't you ever wonder why nearly everyone says they're one of these things? It's a crock to make money off new age books.

The descriptions given of what is meant to define these types is nothing more than an older soul. Furthermore, the huge descriptions make you feel as though it is being entirely detailed, yet if you look at it closer, through a psychological perspective, it can describe nearly everyone's ideal of a "good person"--someone people would look up to and respect. Anyone who says they are not described is either an extreme introvert or has significant low self esteem.

The older our souls are, the harder it is for a life to fully take over the personality and memory. Anyone who has looked into and has recognized an old soul's eyes knows there is a depth there like no other. There is a well of thoughts and emotions far beyond their lifetime on earth. The older they are, the deeper the well. Now please, don't start staring at your eyes in the mirror. As I've said in a previous post months ago, if you are an old soul, people will naturally find an intense facination or admiration for your eyes (male or female, young or old), even if they are of the dullest colors. Obviously if you're eyes are violet, this doesn't count. Who doesn't find violet eyes stunning?
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Re: any guidance would be goo
Post # 6
Not everyone I met was one of the colurs and some were pretentious, but others weren’t. For me, the colur itself doesn’t matter, but the issues that personality or colur type struggle with are important to me. I’m not sure that that makes sense. I realize there are suppose to be many colours in ones aura, how it works I don’t know. I can only see the band and a first one (I think it would be the first.).
I also think that 99% of the books out on Indigo people are inaccurate and they do produce it only for financial reasons. There are many issues I discussed with a publicist and I’m sure she believes that I have an ego etc. or maybe I just saw that she was writing book for lots of money and prestige and didn’t understand the amount of destruction she was causing. To each their own.
I understand your point and have sensed it myself, but I can only tell you what I saw. I also know I fit under the personality type of an indigo the most. If it makes you feel better, I have a hard time distinguishing between black, Indigo, and some shades of blue.
I was also said to have significant esteem issue (there likely right) and most of the things on the personality trait still fit me.
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Re: any guidance would be goo
Post # 7
Sorry tired, it should have been colur type.
and thank you again.
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Re: any guidance would be goo
Post # 8
I admit that i do not know much about auras however, i do know that everyone has their own base color, which is generally gray, or a color that reflects their current emotion. i also know that there are many exceptions and different complications of multi-colored auras.

from what i have heard, the aura colors relate to common color correspondences, right?

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Re: any guidance would be goo
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Scrupulous isn't living up to her name. Lol, just kidding. I couldn't help it.
I explained why color correspondences can be incorrect due to the psychology of the individual's mind. =) color correspondences vary from all over the world and light doesn't reflect off of energy. The color of energy is perception not reality.

Guidance, for seeing color more clearly, try to look at your aura after meditating for at least 10 minutes. Have a mirror in front of you ready, so you do not ruin your relaxed state or try looking at your bent knee or hand. You can also meditate and casually look over at your aura as you do. Another tip is to make sure a white wall or sheet is behind you or the part of you you're looking at. The reason your colors may look the same is because you are looking at it with another color in the background. Colors can hang in our vision after focusing on them for too long and could interfere with it and distract you.

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Re: any guidance would be goo
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Your intuition should be clearer while meditating. Follow you gut instinct pertaining to your aura, feel it, don't just look for it.

You can also meditate to get in touch with your higher self or subconscious which may give you more knowledge pertaining to the health, condition, and nature of your energy.

From what I gathered, you don't just want to look at your aura to see it, but to discover something about yourself. Your higher self can aid you greatly in discovering things about yourself that you're not consciously aware of.
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