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How to order djinn and Sp

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How to order djinn and Sp
Post # 1
hello ma friends..

Im going to teach you something and it would help you to make your spells more powerful and strong..

you just have to stay alone at your room and put some Incense any kind of incense and turn off the light of your room and use only a white candle...Relax and clear your mind and your spirit then say this spell for 7 times and you will feel a little dizzy and shiver all the time when you are reading the spell don't be scared because you won't see them but you will give them orders and ask them about anything you want and they will answer by giving you signs on your arms and you will feel strong inside and you will feel that you controlling the world lol...

here is the spell 7 times and you have to be standing on your feet and relax your left arm to see the sign:

All My Siblings from Djinns and good spirits come come come to your brother/sister

now at this second at this moment at this hour come come come smell my Incense and it's smoke .. I need to ask about something come come come ... If you are here give me a sign on my left arm and Raise it up..

well if they raised ya hand up you will have to say Hello and welcome and ask them if they would help you at anything you want or not..

and they will answer you by raising your hand up

for example:

Would you help me to make my spells more powerful..if its yes raise my left hand up and if it no don't raise it and make it heavy..

sometimes you will feel that someone is knocking on your arm or your back or your leg (( the left side of your body )) if ya felt all this you will have to say (( hello and welcome my brothers or sisters ))

Try it and tell me what happen with you to give you another practice to know their names and kind and how they can help you and alot about your Djinn Servants or siblings...

if you are scared to do this just give me your full name and your mother name and i will send them to you if you want but you gotta try to do it yourself better..

Respect from the land of the pyramids
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Re: How to order djinn and Sp
Post # 2
By the way you might feel that you wanna sleep , so go sleep and you would have a short dream about 5 or 10 seconds dream and you will see the djinn servants in your dream and they may tell you their names and tell you how to call them..they will come to you in human not in their real look just say hello to them at first don't say hi or wassup lol they would kick ya back hahaha
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Re: How to order djinn and Sp
Post # 3
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Re: How to order djinn and Sp
Post # 4
I felt a strong need to reach out to you. I have been with my djinn since October of last year & have been unable to contact him. The person I bought his amulet from said that I may have offended him by insisting that he show himself to me & couldn't understand why humans must see to believe things.. I have tried giving him his favorite incense, I've spoken to him ever time I get a chance to converse because he is my friend. I've tried meditating & only had one dream since I've been with him. I've tried your chant & nothing happened. I must say I am worried, but I don't want to offend him.. I just want to find a way to help him be comfortable with me so that I may communicate with him & know for myself that he is happy here with me...
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