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Psychic Imprinting

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Psychic Imprinting
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Psychic Imprinting
Post # 1
I wrote this up a couple days ago, it's a collection of notes and short tutorials i wrote myself to remember my procedures i've developed over the years.

The Phases of Psychic Imprinting/Remote Magic
The host is the person reading this, and the client is the person they want to imprint.

Psychic - Adjective:
Relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena apparently inexplicable by natural laws, esp. involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

Imprinting(Animal sense) - 1. rapid learning that occurs during a brief receptive period, typically soon after birth or hatching, and establishes a long-lasting behavioral response to a specific individual or object, as attachment to parent, offspring, or site.

-You need to want this connection. Not just believe. This will grow your will power also.
-Regular practice of meditation.
-Regular practice of psychic abilities(even if subconscious).
-Picture with eye contact of client.
-Acceptance of client. (See note 1)
-Meditative space.
-Chocolate or favorite grounding consumable/object/activity.
-Perform at night preferably. (See note 3).
-Write down personal emotional status. (See note 4).
-Write down goals for imprinting.
-(Optional) Determine remote spell.
-(Optional) Determine remote ritual.
-(Optional) Determine remote healing procedure
-(Optional) Enchant objects attached to client.

Phase 1 - Initiation.
Choose meditative space wisely, once this phase is completed, your body will feel foreign and shakey. You are technically in multiple bodies at once so your limbs will feel different, length and strength wise. Your mind will have separate thought development. Control over the mind is most vital so that the influence of the client will not be effecting the host.

Alright, to begin, look at the picture of the client. Make mental note of clients eyes. Close eyes and Meditate on clients eyes specifically. Feel as if you are pushing your energy into there body so that you are becoming part of the client. Imagine that there is a pulse of energy that comes from your third eye, and is being received by the clients third eye.

Imagine your energy being released in bursts. Repeat for several minutes while client inadvertently absorbs the hosts energy through the morphic field. (See note 2). Repeat until chosen amount of energy has been released. The more energy the host sends - the faster the information is sent from the client to the host.

You can repeat this step to send specific energy which can influence the client if he/she so requests. Or you can move to phase 2 to initiate imprinting.

Phase 2 - Imprinting.

Once you feel you have established the energy transference and completed the amount of energy you chose to transfer. You can begin imprinting.

To begin imprinting, you need to ask yourself. "What exactly do i want to feel/learn/experience from the client?" This is extremely important because IF the host requests EVERYTHING, that is exactly what the host will receive. Starting with the conscious. Finishing with the subconscious. **Warning** This will overwhelm and drain the host immediately and may cause more harm than good in the long run. All implications of this reception are true, what the client thinks of the host, clients current emotional struggles, active personal issues, and so much more. It is best to not request everything! EVER! But it is available for the strong and stable minded psychic.

Once host goals for imprinting have been established, continue below.

1. Meditate.

2. The hosts mind is currently active in multiple locations, so begin asking questions of the client which relate to the previous goals mentioned. Meditate on these questions.

3. Let the answers come instinctively, the host should recognize the difference between their thoughts and the clients thoughts. (See note 5).

4. Stabilize remote energy re-fueling. You have several options here. You can meditate and provide more energy to your connection that you have established, you can use the elements for energy, the universe, their are so many ways to fuel this energy. Only limited to your imagination.

5. Wake
Come out of the meditative state. Stand and feel your body. Let your mind relax and think randomly so that you can begin to understand your clients attributes that you have chosen to replicate. I typically choose energy shape, and the perception of the clients environment, and the position of the clients body in that environment, more on that next.

Phase 3 - Usage and management.
You are now connected to the client, and you have established your goals and completed them. I label this as imprinting because it can be a massive amount of information all at once, depending on how much you request, and it only occurs after you attach and link to the client, or the birth of your connection. Now, use your energy. Learn from them, heal them, read them psychically, talk to them telepathically(this requires practice by both host and client) it is only limited to your imagination. I may write some more on this later.

As mentioned above what I typically do is know the environment and the clients position in that environment. I do that so that I can tell my energy to leave the clients body. Once I've left the body, I cast a circle in the environment. So that I can begin my magick. I've performed healings, rituals, readings, telepathy, and some more advanced psychic techniques that I've developed.

To maintain this connection, all you need to do is spend time in it, meditate on the fact that you are still with this person and revisit your goals.

To break this connection. Stop wanting it, meditate on bringing back in the energy, and you may find that some is held by the client, it is not untypical, just be patient, and they energy will come back while you focus. Most importantly, you will feel different, as will the client, because you have both been exposed to something different.

In my experience, you must PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. it is a serious commitment connecting to somebodies thoughts, and it is nothing to be taken lightly, or taken with a grain of salt. If you do abuse this, it can completely shred your emotional strength. Use wisely.

1. Psychic Imprinting with non-accepting clients has resulted in host infusion of unwanted emotions of the client. Avoid unless being called/requested telepathically.

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Sheldrake#Morphic_field

3. Night is preferable because you are shifting your conscious to include anothers conscious. In my experience and according to several books i've read, magick is better at night because the area is peaceful in your location. Giving the universe a special light to your energy.

4. Regularly check your emotional status while you work through these phases. Make sure you are not being influenced by the client. It is not their fault or yours, it is only natural for the mind to grasp something new.

5. People typically believe that random thoughts are random thoughts, but if you look into any psychology or neurological example how the brain functions, we are completely dependent on patterns. You think typical thoughts, you feel typical ways, it is already set in stone. So when some random thought comes in, that doesn't seem to mix with your feelings and thoughts to well. Yup, that is the client. As times go on, and you continue to focus on separating these thoughts, soon the difference will not be an issue.

6. Also another reason to do it at night, using the clients physical energy to empower yours is beneficial in that you can mold your energy in the client. Then utilize it to perform the optional magic or psychic works mentioned above as (Optional).

7. Emotional energy is overwhelming, in a world full of emotional suppression and as the world is separating into individuals rather than groups, emotions are at an all time high. Be careful when moving towards the clients emotional energy. Emotions are always more than they seem.

**Also** Tips on connecting to psychic vampires. Psychic vampires in my experience have a black hole for energy. How do you resist a black hole that you are entering? Well, this took me a while to figure out. What I eventually found was that by manipulating my beliefs and convincing my energy that this psychic being could not hurt me. It formed a shield for all of my energy. And they have not had access for years.

I hope this gives some insight into the capabilities of psychic magick. I don't want to seem forward, this is what I've used and what works for me. I thought I'd share it. I don't expect everybody to believe or fathom. I would appreciate comments, questions, constructive criticisms.

Namaste :)
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Re: Psychic Imprinting
Post # 2
Very interesting. I'm curious though about your shield to psychic vampires. Seeing as I am one, I haven't run across a shield, I have run across those that are harder to feed on, for lack of a better term. The strangest case however is when I went to feed, and the girls connection was out of whack; I usually empath when I feel, but she was almost an empty hole with the emotions, but I still felt her energy. I would like to test your shield out if at all possible.
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Re: Psychic Imprinting
Post # 3

Whenever you would like, just mail me and we'll figure something out. I've handled energy for a while now, and it is always showing me more and more brilliant examples of why it's a huge concept to fully grasp.
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Re: Psychic Imprinting
Post # 4
Alright, I've never done this over a long distance so this ought to be interesting and mail you on the forum or email?
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Re: Psychic Imprinting
Post # 5
Forum mail please, anybody that wants to talk privately about anything psychic, also feel free to mail me this way.
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Re: Psychic Imprinting
Post # 6
Hhmmm can u have more than just one imprint?
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Re: Psychic Imprinting
Post # 7
Definitely, and the moment you successfully imprint on someone, even if you break that connection, the second time you connect will be so much easier. Its like your energy finds a path and everytime you travel that path, you find a quicker and more indepth way to navigate through it. This is the same with every skill we develop. But works especially well on psychic connections. But with every practice of supernatural forces, it requires belief.
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