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Steps onto Witchery

Forums ► General Info ► Steps onto Witchery
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Steps onto Witchery
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Maybe some people will find this useful when they are just starting out. I am just going to list some stuff that has happened to me and others when they went on the magick path.

The first step is that something makes you interested into magic. Something like a movie, shows, stories, or even you hearing or knowing about a witch. By witch I mean both men and women, but normally they will only see a witch as a women.

If they choose to act on their interest then the seconded step is research. Mainly online since it is open and free. If they get bored with the online field then they might buy some books about the subject. Now in this phase they will believe in mostly anything and everything. No matter how dumb it sounds they will believe in it in a degree. Of course this is with almost everything whenever someone seeks answers to something, the truth is indeed hard to find.

Now this step can switch with a different step so I will put these two steps together. Either they will join a website/coven online or they will learn on their own. When they join a site, like this one, they can get as much info as they please in a way. But sadly the knowledge is limited and only in words. So they won't get anywhere if all they do is read. On the other hand, if they learn on their own they might have a better chance in practicing. Books have their own words and it is sometimes only one person say (unless they have multiply books of the same subject). You see, in the online world there is too much fighting on who is right and who is wrong. There is also some false info and there is some stuff that people don't explain as much as they should. Of course, some of you would say books are not very useful as well, but they are published workings. That is if you grabbed the right books.

Then it is hard to say which step really does come around. From here they transform into whatever draws them the most. Which is the reason why we are all so different and not really the same. Which also gives us our uniqueness from the rest of the herd.

I have nothing against role players, but the reason why they are role players is because they are still in the beginning stages and not yet finished growing up. They just gotten into something and want to express how they feel about it in their own little way. If, lets say we, keep on ignoring them or trying to boot them or insult them... They might stay in that stage or get worse.

Trolls are different from role players. They are the kind of people that wants acceptance. That or they are tired of their boring dull lives and want something above the top. We already know that we should ignore them because they go on with their fight and enjoy it. The reason why they do enjoy it isn't mainly on attestation but because they finally get to say what they want to say. This shows that in their lives they are bonded and have been locked away by either themselves or from other people. They also dislike it when people say this because the reason why they are online is because they want themselves to look great or fine.

I only wrote this because I was bored and thought I should share this. Maybe someone will find this useful.
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Re: Steps onto Witchery
Post # 2
I did find it useful and interesting. Thanks.
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