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Omens: Meaning/Myths
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Omens can have different meanings to them. The main meaning of an omen is for one many folklore say that an omen can for tell the future. Sometimes it represents of a change coming into place, this new kind of change can be good or can be bad depending on what kind of omen it is.

Omen myths have been around for many centuries. Omens come from many different cultures including Ancient Romans. There are many different symbols that are based on omen.

Here i will list a few omens that have different meanings.

Arrow - Symbols of Desire and virtility

Arrow Heads - Worn as an amulet to ward off evil

Bees - If a bee lands on your head dose not sting you, means you will big success, also barriers of good will and symbol virginity

Bells - Bells symbolizes peace and non violence, used to word off evil influences, and it says that demons can not bear to hear the sound of bells

Balance - Symbolizes Justice

Bore - Symbolizes evil

Broom - If a broom falls in your home, unwelcomed company will come to visit you

Cats - Cats worn on a branch or amulete, where brought bring about good luck, seeing a black cat or black cat crossing your path will bring bad luck.

Cracks - Step on a crack will break your mothers back

Crane - Symbolizes bird of the sun

Crossroads - crossroads symbolize dark magick and where packs can be made

Dog - A Dog following you home brings good luck

Dog Howling - A dog howling will fortell a death of someone nearby

Dove - The emblem of purity a dove also represents holy spirit

Drums - smybolizes of fertility and sexuality

Eagle - Warn as an amulet for it wards off harm

Eagle Feathers - wrong to bring prosperity

Eye - symbolizes intellegance and spirituality

Find Money on the Ground - Good Luck

Find a pin on the Ground - Good Luck

Fork - If a fork falls in your home, it represents welcome company will call

Garlic - is used for ward off vampires

Goat - Smybolizes the devil

Hand - Was warn as an amulet and protects against evil

Horse Shoe - Brings good luck

Moon - In lore is concidered dangerous to point at the moon anytime

Moon Eclipse - Is a bad omen of for shadowed evil force prevaling

Meteorites - Falling to earth is a good omen

Mirrors - In myth to break a mirror is said to give 7 years of bad luck

Owl - Symbolizes Wisdom

Palm - Smyblizes Victory

Pig - Good luck talismen for some and others is concidered to be bad luck or taboo

Pine Cone - A powerful amulet against evil

Phoenix - In myth it is said that a phoenix dies it is reborn its in ashes and represents recarination

Rainbow - to see a rainbow means good luck also represents to be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Rabbits Foot - prosperity and a good luck charm

Salt - It wards of protection against evil spirits

Shooting Star - In lore when seeing a shooting star one who makes a wish and that wish come true.

Skull - It symbolizes as a warning sign and represents mortality

Spider - If a spider lands on your clothes its to be good luck

Three's - In lore Things happen in three's

Tiki - A Tiki represents good luck charm when warn

Toad - An anumlet that protects you from evil

Triangle - Symbolizes of life and the Holy Trinity

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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
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I enjoyed reading through this. Thanks for posting it.

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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
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Your welcome Nox

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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
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I wonder if this could be an omen:

Once a year or so ago, many bees day after day had been lying dead on my patio floor, this happened continuously for about 3-6 days. And only a few days ago i noticed a couple bees dead once more on the patio flooring. Could this be an omen of sorts?
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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
Post # 5
there is a thing to be said about owls, blood purifiers and mirrors, and vampires.

Owls are said to see what is unseen at night, or they do what most cannot do or see at night, so yes they are wise, in a sense. Yes owls are wise, but in what way is the question. In my opinion they are very secretive gatherers.

Garlic is a blood purifier, and like almost all the other herbs that are associated with warding off evil, so that one could live with good health. Did I say evil, I meant "evil." Sorry. Intuitively speaking, what does this say about vampires? If there are such things.

So it seems that things are all too symbolic, which gives further reason for their magical uses, protective or offensive, or what other categorizations there may be.

Mirrors, in old times were said to reveal a person's soul, but not quite. Mirrors provide reflection, in my opinion. This reflection, I think, is really the key behind the symbolism of mirrors. A bowl of water has a reflection. In old times, when a person died, and in the home of the dead person's body, all of the mirrors would be covered and all of the pots would be emptied. In folk lore, people used to put pots filled with water in grave yards to capture "evil" spirits. It is believed that when a spirit sees its reflection that they are then trapped in that reflection, until the reflection is no more. In this case, a mirror loses its reflection when a mirror is broken, and which makes sense that a person will have bad luck for breaking a mirror because a mirror, in symbolic theory, may and will have spirits residing in them. When these spirits are released, well, it depends on whether the spirit(s) is of a good nature or not.

As for a pot or bowl of water, being put in cemeteries, and intuitively speaking, a bowl is feminine. It is receptive; it receives. It would make sense to put some sort of container, filled with water, so that there is a reflection, so that in theory "evil" spirits are captured. Then I would guess that the containers are periodically exorcized, and dumped somewhere far away. I know I do it to keep my home spiritually clean.

There is a thing to be said about vampires and their reflections, intuitively speaking, and that it is that they do in fact have a reflection, as real people do, but it is that they see their soulless eyes, when they look into the mirror. It is as symbolic as it is real old facts are, in some way, actually true. Intuitively speaking, when a person looks into the mirror, they see themselves, and it is a reminder of who they are because the/a mirror actually portrays this image. For instance, it may be a reminder of how beautiful one is, or how cunning one may think of themselves, and more. It is overly said that the eyes are the window to the soul, but that is just belief, but what is belief when one has to prove such a thing.

I know. Belief is proven by coherent, predictable and promising results, from that of text and action. Coherence provides predictability; predictability proves promise. Belief is real, yet to others it is fake.

That is why what I state what is as either "intuitively," as "in my opinion," as "I think," as "I believe" or as "it is/once said."

Source: self.
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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
Post # 6

Thanks for adding that very interesting also.

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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
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Wow atleast post your resources, because i know where you got that information at.
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Re: Omens: Meaning/Myths
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Bed.-If the head of a bed is placed towards the north it foretells a short life, towards the south a long life, the east riches, the west travel.
Bush.-To have one's garments caught up by a bush or briar when out walking is a promise of good luck, involving monetary gain.
Coal.-To pick up a piece of coal that has fallen in your path is generally regarded as a sure promise of success and good luck.
Door.-If a front door does not face the street, ill luck will attend the house. You should always close a front door with your face towards it.
Fish.-When eating a fish, you should begin at the tail and work towards the head.
Glass.-To break un coloured glass in any form but that of a mirror or a bottle is a fortunate omen; but if the glass is red, future trouble and anxiety are implied. If green glass is broken, bitter disappointment will be your lot.
Hair.-To attract good fortune one's hair should be cut at the new moon.
Hand.-If you knock your hand accidentally against a piece of wood or a wooden article, it is an indication that you are about to have a love affair. If you knock your hand against iron, however, it must be taken as a warning against treachery.
Horseshoe.-Finding a horseshoe is an assurance of good luck, but if you give it away or throw it away, your luck will leave you.
House.-If after leaving your house, you turn back to fetch something, you must sit down when you get indoors and count backwards from seven, in order to avoid ill luck. It is unlucky to move into a new house during the months of April, July, and November.
Knife.-Crossing two table-knives by accident portends bad luck. The dropping of a knife foretells the visit of a man friend in the near future. If someone lends you a pocket-knife, return it in the way in which it was given; that is, with the blade open or shut, pointing away from you or towards you. It is unlucky to make a present of a knife or any other sharp instrument unless you receive something in exchange.
Ladder.-Ill luck will attend those who walk under a ladder, unless they cross their fingers while doing so.
Lease.-It brings ill fortune if a lease or any contract is signed in the months of April, July, or November.
Lucky Days.-The days of the week on which it is considered most lucky for women to make any important decision or to undertake any great tasks are Tuesday and Friday. For men the fortunate days are Monday and Thursday.
Meeting.-It is very lucky if, by chance, you meet the same person twice when you are out on business. It is even luckier if you encounter him once when you are setting out and again when you are returning.
Mirror.-Breaking a mirror portends seven years of bad luck. It is also extremely unlucky to receive a mirror as a present.
Nail-cutting.-There is an old rhyme concerning nail-cutting which goes as follows: Cut your nails on Monday, cut them for news; Cut them on Tuesday, a pair of new shoes; Cut them on Wednesday, cut them for health; Cut them on Thursday, cut them for wealth; Cut them on Friday, a sweetheart to know; Cut them on Saturday, a journey to go; Cut them on Sunday, you cut them for evil, For all the next week you'll be ruled by the devil.
New Moon.-It is unlucky to see the new moon for the first time through glass. Upon seeing the new moon you should turn whatever silver you have in your pockets or handbag, and thus ensure prosperity for a month. New enterprises will be fortunate if begun at the time of the new moon.
Picture.-If a picture should fall from the wall upon which it is hung, the death of a relation or friend, illness, or a sudden stroke of bad fortune to an inmate of the house who is about to go upon a journey is foreshadowed. If the glass is broken in the fall, the force of the omen is intensified.
Plate.-Breaking a plate is an omen of misfortune, especially if it had not already been cracked.
Purse.-If you give anyone an empty purse he will never be blessed with riches. Place a coin inside it for luck.
Salt.-It is universally considered unlucky to spill salt; if both salt and pepper are spilt at the same time, the force of this ill omen is doubled. If you help a person to salt, you will help him to sorrow.
Shoe.-It is unlucky to put on the left shoe before the right, and it is worse still to put the right shoe on the left foot, or vice versa. This belief dates from classical days, and it is related that the emperor Augustus nearly lost his life at the hands of assassins after putting his sandals on the wrong feet. New shoes should never be left on a table, or ill luck will descend upon the house. If you do not present a new pair of shoes to a poor person at least once during your life, you will go barefoot in the next world.
Sneezing.-To sneeze to the right is a promise of money, but sneezing to the left foreshadows a disappointment. Other divinatory meanings connected with sneezing are contained in the following old rhyme, which is traditional in some parts of the country: Sneeze on a Monday, sneeze for danger; Sneeze on a Tuesday, kiss a stranger; Sneeze on a Wednesday, sneeze for a letter; Sneeze on a Thursday for something better; Sneeze on a Friday, sneeze for woe; Sneeze on a Saturday, a journey to go; Sneeze on a Sunday, see your lover to-morrow.
Stairs.-It is unlucky to pass anyone on the staircase.
Stumbling.-A very unfortunate omen. If a person stumbles when leaving his house at the beginning of a journey, or trips or stumbles more than once during the course of the journey, it is advisable to postpone it.
Table.-It is unlucky to sit on a table unless one foot is touching the ground.
Umbrella.-It is unlucky to open an umbrella in the house.
Water.-Never pour water into a tumbler which already holds some, for it is an invitation to evil spirits to visit you.
Whistling.-Women should not whistle, for it encourages evil spirits to visit them. Remember that a whistling maid and a crowing hen are neither fit for God nor men.
Wine.-Spilling wine is an auspicious omen, if it is done accidentally; while to drop a glass of wine and break the glass is a token of a happy marriage and enduring affection.
Wood.-If you should be congratulating yourself upon avoiding some form of ill fortune, you should always touch wood when you do so, lest the averted evil should come to pass at some future date.
Words.-When you are talking to someone, and if you should both happen to say the same word or sentence at the same time, you must each clasp the other's little finger and wish. Then, if you do not disclose your wish, it will be fulfilled. I hope my info was also useful to u
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