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Making Candles/ Incense

Forums ► Magic Items ► Making Candles/ Incense
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Making Candles/ Incense
Post # 1
Making your own incense and candles can increase there effectiveness in your workings and how they effect you in normal, daily use :)

Stick incense is fairly easy to make

Items necessary :
1 cup dried ground herbs, flowers, wood, resin, fruit etc.
1/2 cup pine resin or other burnable resin
6 long thin sticks/twigs
wax paper
Sand paper or file

Smooth out the stick with the sandpaper or file to make rolling/burning it easier. Mix all of your herbs you are going to use in a bowl to get an even distribution. Dip the stick into the resin, making sure to coat all but the last 1-2'' at one end. Let any excess drip off. Then you roll the stick in the ground herb mixture. When well coated, lightly tap off any loose powder and set it on the wax paper to dry. Within a few hours to a day, your incense is ready :)

Candles: Candle making is really fun. You can get really creative with the designs.

What you will need:
A few bars of wax, depending on the size and quantity of candles you want.
A pan
Toilet paper roll or paper cup
Duct tape
Crayons in the colors you want
Candle wicks (or small birthday candles if making a short one)
Ceramic, metal or glass tray

Melt down the wax on medium heat in a clean, dry pan. While it is melting, place duct tape on the bottom of your toilet paper or paper towel roll. Make sure there are no gaps on the bottom for wax to pour out. If using wicks, poke a tiny hole in the center of the cup or tape, and thread the wick through, then tape over it. If using birthday candles, wait till later. Place the tubes on the plate/tray. If you want a solid color candle, toss in a few crayons of the desired color into the melting wax. Make sure to take the paper off first! Once melted, stir it up till the color is thoroughly blended. If you want it to be multi-colored, you can make several colors, and then pour them in one at a time, letting each cool individually. You can also drizzle melted crayon wax on the outside to make a design. If you would like it scented, put in a drop or two of scented oil. Very carefully, pour the melted wax mixture into the tubes. Stop about half an inch from the top. If using the birthday candles, stick one in the center when the wax starts to solidify a little. Let the candle cool for a few hours. Test it by squeezing gently on the sides of the tube/cup. If it feels firm, carefully tear of the paper to reveal your candle.

To give your magic candles a boost, you can focus on the intended purpose of that candle while you are making it. I think of positivity, healing, cleansing, and peace when making white. With red I think of passion, energy, strength, love etc. For yellow I think of joy, happiness, friendship, imagination, and optimism. Blue I think of peace, tranquility, harmony, truth, security, water, order and confidence. For Green, I think of nature, healing, youth, good fortune, and the spring. For black, I think of power, sensuality, remorse, anger, mystery or fear.

These are just some of the things I associate those colors with.
Every person thinks of different things with each color. I like to focus on one intent for each candle I make, and write it on the outside paper. You should pour as much energy as you can into your candle when you make it. This helps to make your working more successful and stronger/longer lasting :)
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Re: Making Candles/ Incense
Post # 2

What does that incesne recipe do? Different incenses are for different things. :)

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Re: Making Candles/ Incense
Post # 3
The whole point is you can use any herbs for the incense. Pine resin itself has protective qualities, but like stated, you can use any.
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