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What magick can do

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► What magick can do
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What magick can do
Post # 1
Been seeing a lot of post from people wanting to turn themselves into vampires, mermaids, wolves, etc. so I thought I'd add my two cents.

Theoretically, and magickally speaking, anything should be possible. Practically, well, we're restricted by our human limitations. Our belief, our imagination, our will, determine what Magick can or can not do for us.

Humans are limited, but with hard work and much practice,
they can strengthen belief and will, enlarge imagination,
push back those limits so that much is possible. That's the
catch. Hard work and a lot of practice.

I've been studying and working with Magick for more than
forty years, and though I can do much, I still haven't
reached the point where I can transform myself into a
Dragon, or bring about world peace as much as I'd dearly l
over to do both! Boy, would I love to be a Dragon even for
a little while!

Those of you who begin this path who expect to do a little
reading and become an accomplished Wizard in a matter of
a few days, forget it, right now. It ain't happening!

Those who see Magick as a easy path to money, fame and
power, likewise. Magick is power. But power is dangerous. Bad
things can happen, using Magick irresponsibly!

Magick can give you great power, but with great power comes
great responsibility. What you can do is not always what you
should do.

Say you want to turn someone into a frog just for the fun of it.
Can you? Well, if you're a Magickal genius, or you've work at
Magick for say a zillion years, maybe.

Personally, I'd be very surprised to find any of my
acquaintances were Magickal geniuses! And I know of no one
who's lived that long. Do you?

Should you? Why? If this person is an innocent, you're doing
this for fun, because you can, the fallout for you, yourself,
could get very nasty.

They say "what goes around comes around." That's true.
You get what you've paid for. I'd hate to be in your shoes
when payback happens!

Of course, I know of quite a few people who I'd happily turn
into frogs, to teach them a dearly needed lesson. But why
waste all that energy on them?

There are easier methods of giving them what for, some of
them mundane. A mundane solution is usually easier than
a Magickal one. Magick is hard work, even for an accomplished

Will You? Only you can answer this question. If you have the
Magickal ability to do such a thing, (I don't, and like I said, I've been working at Magick for over forty years.) why waste it on something so trivial?

To summarize, what magick can do for you, is limited by
human limitations. Before you expend time and energy
on a spell, explore the mundane possibilities of achieving
the same goal. A mundane fix is usually much easier.

Magick is power and power is dangerous. Try getting struck
by lightning and find out!

In knowledgeable hands, Magick can be worked effectively and
safely. So before I walk out my door and see a bunch of little
frogs hopping around, and find myself wondering where all the
people went, I want to see you working, not playing, at Magick.

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Re: What magick can do
Post # 2
Okay ..makes sense .. although I'm not trying to turn anyone into something .. I know the rule of it coming back onto you..three fold...
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Re: What magick can do
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
There is no magic that works against Nature. Magic is all around you. The secret is knowing where to look!
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Re: What magick can do
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Wouldn't it be easier, to hypnotize someone into acting like a frog? Or doing a memory spell so the person thinks he/she is a frog? Although, I don't like curses, even on people I hate. I would feel awful if I used a curse and it actually worked and I'm not even sure it is possible to plant the idea into someone's head that they are, indeed a frog.
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Re: What magick can do
Post # 5
Bird you're not getting the point. The point is that you shouldnt be trying to solve every one of your problems with magick, which wot work anyway. Most of my fellow teens need to learn to crucify their need for instant gratification. But will they? Most won't. Though I don't see the magick society desperately in need of fluffy members. Do you? So I think that we should be spending time on those chosen few who show they want to do work for this great thing we call magick, and the rest can play their video games or cry about how goth they are.
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Re: What magick can do
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Thanks oraclewitch, I totally understand about not using magic for every single problem that happens in life. I've got a general rule that I don't use magic to fix a situation unless I have to. I've got a couple of rules about using the craft that aren't even in the basic rules about Wicca.
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