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... A wrong start.

Forums ► General Info ► ... A wrong start.
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... A wrong start.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So I've been "into" magick for quite a long time now, but I started out the wrong way. I just started casting spells, without learning. Than I just cast, cast, cast and it worked, so I started studying about magick along the way with casting more and more spells. As time passed, I did learn more, so I figured out I was doing everything the wrong way-as I'd always cast spells to help myself deal with a situation and to push things, I'd always feel it was urgent, and I did it in a rush, with anger and fear- I wasn't calm, I was doing a spell for a minute, and than I would skip to another, than to another... Because there were so many things that I wanted, couldn't get and I wanted magick to do it for me. I know it's wrong. And of course, doing everything the wrong way, my magick stopped working-my spells did not function, and I was really, really stressed. How could they work? I see now that it's my fault, but at the time I just tought that even the universe gave up on me, so I stopped doing magick, I just forgot about it. But now, I think I should start with it again, but how? After all of this... How should I start? Can I do spells now, or I'm supposed to wait more time... Just what should I do?
I've been like 4 months without magick.
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Re: ... A wrong start.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
You must first understand what a spell is. It is a ritual wish; very much like a prayer.The difference being that a prayer is "asking" for help from a higher being, a Deity. A spell is a do-it-yourself operation. Most people have cast simple spells without ever knowing it! Ever blown out the candles on a cake and made a wish? Then you have cast a spell. Ever pulled a wishbone? That's another spell. Thrown salt over your shoulder for good luck? A spell.
These are simple spells. Very serious ones take a lot of effort and energy. They can be exhaustive, and this is why serious spell casting uses the enormous energy of the Earth; otherwise we would be very tired! Serious spell casting takes study, and time! It is not for everybody. I have been a witch all my life, and I don't think I have ever cast more than a dozen spells in over seventy years! And spells cannot change everything! Mostly they change the way we look at things; changes in ourselves; especially healing spells. It is well known that you can think yourself to be ill. You can also think the opposite. That is, mostly, what spell casting is!
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