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True Magic

Forums ► Misc Topics ► True Magic

True Magic
Post # 1
On here I have learned that a lot of people believe that magic is done a certain way. And it is for the most part. But these same people think that we can't control the elements or conjure a thunderstorm but why can't we? Even the bible says we were created in God's image and calls us "God-like." So why can we take magic one step further than we think it can go. Answer this for me: And answer this. 500 years ago the world believe that the earth was flat. That was pinnacle of science. Then they found out that it is round. You think magic is any different? We humans think we know everything but we can't. That is the only impossible thing in this world. We are always learning. So if you think that this is the pinnacle of magic why can't you be wrong? If those scientists were wrong about their craft what makes you think you have all the answers?
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Re: True Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

this isnt about whats right or wrong. its about finding others like you and getting help. also its a place to learn and find your own path.

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Re: True Magic
Post # 3
What do you mean by "getting help?"
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Re: True Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

People more often than not do say you cannot control an element, but that you can work with it instead. It boggles my mind as to why a person would think they have control over a force such as nature. As if it was a dog that can be trained with a few treats and enough practice.

That is one of the differences in magickal practice. There are those who think it is within their right and ability to control any and everything without much thought or respect behind it.

Then there are those of us who work *with* the universe and choose to flow with it respecting the beauty, force, balance and wonder of it.

I personally see no reason to "control" an element when it will give me what I need if I simply work with it respectfully. I see no reason to mess with the weather, when it's not my place to decide if it should rain in an area.

It's not about "having all the answers". For some, it is a matter of spirituality and understanding of the universe.

For me? I'll change my mind when the Sahara has a blizzard on the hottest day of the year. But when the only thing I have to go on is a person who lives in the North East part of the US who "made it snow" in January, I can't put much faith in it.
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Re: True Magic
Post # 5
I do understand your logic RashnuX but if the elements control us why can't we control them? Hurricanes that batter the coast and tornados that ravage the land. If they have that much control over us then why can't we do a spell to stop a tornado? I know this sounds really "fluffy" so to speak but to me reality is subjective and can be bent and even broken.
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Re: True Magic
Post # 6
many people believe it is against the will of the universe/nature. others dont see a problem with it.

i dont get why this is a conflict. its either you do it, or dont.

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Re: True Magic
Post # 7
because we are made up of nature. ever heard "every atom of you was once part of an old star"? yeah well thats because you are made up of the elements of nature. those elements are to be respected and not controlled because they are your very creation, and can be your undoing, as some believe.
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Re: True Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
We need the elements to survive. They were here before us and will continue on whether or not we are here.

It's not that they control us, it's that they simply are and will be.

Now you talk about wanting to stop certain natural weather situations, but why? Nature isn't doing anything that she hasn't for ages. Destruction and creation. Life and death. Clearing the old to make way for the new. Evolution.
The only difference, is now she's knocking over a 10 million dollar building instead of a forest.

The problem isn't the elements or that they are causing havoc and should be stopped. It's us, and our continuous need to feel superior and refusal to see just how small we really are.

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Re: True Magic
Post # 9
I have noticed something. Maybe I should start my own forum, on this one. I haven't been on this sight for too long, so I would like to say this, firstly: I don't want to go over anybody's head, as in council members and higher people, but I would like to respectively have my input, by addressing the acknowledgement of my elders. Some people have the courage to state the obvious, and it is this: between covens onto other covens, they seem to always be arguing amongst themselves, and that's OK. I have nothing against collaborating, and what I am saying does have everything to do with this forum. OK. cool. The people in it below are, in the covens, are the ones arguing, but the leaders always seem to see eye to eye. Every coven has their own emphasis on there workings, and there specialties. The leaders never or hardly argue amongst themselves. The one's in it below are like children learning. With that said it is true, "the one who never speaks knows." Bare with me, I am coming up with another theory that promotes all forms of magic. This is just a theory and theories are subject to change. If then the person who never speaks knows, and these coven leaders are examples of this, then all forms of magic must be true. I could be missing the idea of domains to ranges, by linking ranges to range. What I just said was that correlation is not always causation. What that means, not everything is complete law. I am surprised someone mentioned the bible here on this site, but I commend he for that. My theory proves somewhat of a point. Bare with me, even more. Now we have to go to the book of Enoch, when the Sons of God came down to Earth, in something, but they came to Earth and taught magic. This was one of the things that one of the Sons taught, was magic. There were seven of them. Notice how humans are referred to as children of god. I just had very bad dejavu. It is said that dejavu are dreams manifested from dreams, which are a forms of astral projection. Note, not everyone remembers their dreams, but when the time comes that these hidden memories come to life, it's called dejavu. Onto the subject, anyway. The book of Enoch holds the information of the seven Sons of God, which creates this foundation that magic and other things were taught to humans. Enoch was the son of Cane, which was the son of Adam. So if "true" magic is now considered this myth or legend, then there is just a chance that it is not. Considering,to assume that from which magic was taught was a long time ago, it would make sense that "true" magic could be lost, but not untrue. What this means, as time goes on, humans tend to forget things. One has to consider history and events. The rite of exorcism is thought to be eight thousand years old, and if this is considered total and old witchcraft, then there you are. How far back does Enoch go? What is "true" magic, it is really for the individual to decide, by practice.
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Re: True Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
brilliantly put, extremly well written and informative. thank you
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