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Candle Meanings!

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Candle Meanings!
Post # 1
Hello peoples :D I'm back with another magickal topic! I've looked around and noticed that there's not much forums going on about candles! So I've decided that I was going to make yet another forum about what the colors of the candles represent and whatnot. So enjoy and dont forget to comment!
Basic Elemental meaning-
A candle is a self-contained magickal system and it represents all basic elements of magick: Earth is represented by the unburned wax of the candle, Air is the smoke, Fire is the flame and Water represents the melted wax. I myself generally found this interesting ^_^

The yellow candle-
The yellow candle stands for the Air and the East, dawn and spring.
Air represents life itself, logic, mind, communication, health, new beginnings, travel, learning, yang and the male god in the form of Sky deities. It's a good element to invoke if your seeking change, when communication is getting hard with either an individual or an organization and to clear negativity of thoughts.

The red candle-
The red candle stands for Fire and the South, noon and summer.
Fire represents light, the Sun, lightning, fertility, power, joy, ambition, inspiration, achievement and also destruction of what is now no longer needed. This is indeed a powerful color, although so are all the others.
Like Air, Fire represents the yang, male god in the form of the Sun deities. Fire rituals are good when you need power or you have an important issue that needs energy. They are effective against drought, global warming, all pollution caused by burning gases or chemicals, forest fires and the ‘slash and burn’ policy in rainforests. Again, very strong :)

The blue candle-

The blue candle stands for Water and the West, dusk and autumn.
Water represents love, relationships, sympathy, intuition, harmony, healing and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, natural evolutions from one stage to another as opposed to changes made consciously under the watch of Air. It is also potent for fighting floods, cleansing seas, lakes and rivers of pollution, in campaigns to provide fresh water in polluted places, in all initiatives towards world health and the care of whales, dolphins, seals and endangered sea creatures.
Like Earth, Water represents the yin, female goddess in the form of the Moon Goddesses.

The green candle-
The green candle stands for Earth and the North, midnight and winter.
Earth is the element of order, both in nature and institutions such as the law, politics, finance, health and education. It also represents yin, the female, nurturing goddess aspect, Mother Earth, the home and family, as well as money and security, and is a good element to invoke when you have matters of property or money that need attention. It is also a focus for all rituals against famine, deforestation, land pollution, devastation through unwanted human destruction or building, and for caring for animals and their natural habitats.

And these are all the other, less important (but still pretty important) candle colors :)
The white candle can stand for peace and calmness. It can be used anytime.
It is best used in such magickal subjects like love, peace, offerings, calmness, banishing any negativity and mediation (although scented ones work neatly)

The silver candles can remove negativity, promote inner stability and bring to the fore your hidden potential. Silver candles are excellent for scrying, especially by the full moon, and for all magick involving the female life and for female fertility.

And there you have it :) now you can know what the candle stand for and which ones to use! Again, I hope I've helped and that you've learnt a few things from me :) blessed be!

P.S be on the lookout for even more of my forums please! and don't forget to leave a comment please :)

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Re: Candle Meanings!
Post # 2

Everyone has their own personal meanings for colors. I use the meaning given to each as a template that I changed to make it personal for me and my practice. Same way with Chakras.

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Re: Candle Meanings!
Post # 3
yer its alright to have your own meanings for things :) I dont judge, but this is just what they are called by alot of my friends and the true meaning so yer :)
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