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September Forecast 2011
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September Forecast 2011

previous month of August was effected by Mercury retrograde but of course this month of September there Is no such Mercury retrograde.


you could see more financial gains this month new opportunities will come up in early s
by the end of September that is not a good time to for any major action. you even could find new professional competitors at your work or school place


for love matters ,it's a good month for love matters. you may plan to rent, buy or sell some thing this month. Mercury is no longer retrograde as it was last month there will be some increase in money matters. you do need to take care of your health.


Family matters will remain stable you were already been dealing with some emotional dramas involving some of your loved ones so when the drama calms down, you are able to socialize more often
If you discover something that upsets you about the person you are dating, you probably need to realize no one can change his or her nature., you may be in a tough spot for a few weeks but you will be soon be able to maintain yourself quickly.


September will give you an average go but it's a good month for traveling. focus will be on your private life. You have been dealing with a great deal of responsibility at home lately, Income will be average this month


that is a good month for many actors and for writers they would be getting some awards for their best creations there are quite many creative peoples fall under category of Leo sign .after September 15th things may be little bit difficult . If you are in Leo and belong to journalism, this won't be easy because so much will be happening facts and reality will might be mingle .


stay realistic If you are involved in a legal case, try to settle it during this month. some times virgos are involved with important creative projects. If that describes you no more frustrating delays after September 15th. .
This month Virgo will going to have their birth days so celebrate the birth day dear Virgo with joy


Librans who are born near the end of September like (September 23 to September 30) their hurdles are almost over with planet Saturn. September-born Libras had to face a lot of circumstance in past three years. Saturn always isolates make you feel alone and bring you hurdles and challengers just so that you can learn most from the experiences for general matters you will get a job offer soon and might possible you will meet some one special this month you must take care of your health do care about skin matters including eyes disease kindly also try to attracted to your self to meditation.


You have many more advantages than you had previously. you should consider devoting more time to socializing .you have a wonderful long term love relationship but this month could be a bit tense


your love matters aren't going that well. you could be dealing with many financial issues that is also possible that you could sell or buy a house or you may have been relocated some where but still your trying your self to stay stable and adjust with in the new situation . try to avoid conflicts


your planning to go on some distance long trip its possible and foreign travel will be incredibly lucky for you now.
you are always attracted to high level positions you are ambitious and like to see career progress, but in job matters you could see some thin shocking but job matters will go good after the end of September and there will also be a good news about money .


about the love matters ,things could be bright in the first half, but very rocky in the second half.
Travel will be very disruptive and difficult. It would not be wise to start or testify in a lawsuit at the end of September there is possibility of some investment but think before you invest some where


if you are thinking the idea of making a commitment to a person you love that is a good month to do so. you could take a short trip soon or already been on a trip by now.
you are also encouraged to bring a more spiritual energy into your private life

Monthly Tarot card Picked

what do cards say about this month ?

The Death

Don't resist change may destiny demands transformation. You'll be a new person you could be get connected with new situations and new possibilities may appear.

P.s I wasn't be able to give month of July and August forecasts due to some reasons I was busy in other stuffs and still I'm busy but for peoples request I have given September forecast .
Thank you.

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Re: September Forecast 2011
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Thank you, absolute accurate :P
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Re: September Forecast 2011
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thank for the forecast. if only i had a love life! "sigh"
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Re: September Forecast 2011
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Thank you so much that was awesome how do you do that any ways ? if I wana learn how to calculate birth charts will you help me out ?
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Re: September Forecast 2011
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in astrology/forecast you don't have had only a love life miss aurorawhimsy ...obviously I may lack of time when I prepare them
these forecast are just short,brief n to the point lol and above all that Remember
you don't need to agree with me for the forecast i give I always try to provide help for readers !
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