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Valuable Health Info

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Valuable Health Info
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hey guys! I've been researching natural remedies online, and I have had some recent success with some of them, so I would like to share some of this extremely valuable information with you now. I know this is not a health website, but I figured some of you would benefit from learning some of what I've learned. :D

First of all, I'd like to inform you of some amazing and fairly inexpensive ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. A few months ago, I had what looked like the beginning of gum disease. Even though I am only 19 years old, I was having problems with my gums. So I did some research and found out it was partially because of the way I was brushing, partially because of my diet, and partially because of what kind of tooth paste I was using.

I started taking calcium, vitamin D, cod liver oil, and coenzyme Q10 with my daily supplements. It helped somewhat, but I didn't stop there.

I went to the store and bought an inexpensive electric tooth brush, and I was AMAZED when, after only a week of using it, my gums already looked like they were building back up. However, it wasn't enough.

After conducting some research, I came to find that my hypothesis about fluoride seemed to be true: that it indeed IS bad for your health and it IS, in fact, a POISON. Why do you think that they tell you not to eat or drink anything for a half hour after you get a fluoride treatment at the dentist? Because it will make you SICK.

So, I decided to start using baking soda and salt as my tooth paste. You would not believe how clean my teeth feel after I brush with this mixture!! I think it's because baking soda is a base that this works so well; the base neutralizes the acids that can build in your mouth.

It is 3 parts baking soda, and 1 part salt. Don't put too much salt in, it's not good for your teeth, but a little bit is okay. Then, brush either with an electric tooth brush, or, if you can't afford one, use this technique. Brush DOWN on the top teeth, away from the gums, and be gentle, and UP on the bottom teeth. I read this online a little while ago; it will help your gums stay healthy. As I stated before, part of the reason why my gums were receding is because I was brushing them too hard. I changed my method, and it worked. Also, I just noticed about 3 cavities last week, and since I started brushing with baking soda, I've looked at them and they actually look better than before I began the baking soda remedy.

I would like to caution you as well; Although I brush every day with baking soda, I have read that the reason why it works so well is because it is somewhat abrasive. It could be rough on your mouth, so you might want to alternate between using that and possibly some other essential oil that has anti-bacterial effects. I have read that oil of oregano, or rosemary oil, can be highly effective.

Also, I floss (gently) with tea tree oil. It tasted really weird at first, but tea tree oil has anti-viral effects, and it helps to clean between the teeth even more than just normal floss. All I do is dip the floss in the oil and then floss like normal. Here is a link to the benefits of tea tree oil:


I have researched other ways to keep your mouth healthy, and have found that a method called "oil pulling" is very effective. You just take a tablespoon of oil and let it set in your mouth, swishing it around for a few minutes. spit it out; DO NOT SWALLOW. If you practice oil pulling about 2 or 3 times a week, you'll see great results. I have used coconut oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil. Oil pulling is effective not only in pulling toxins from your mouth, but also from your blood, I have read. here is a link to an oil pulling article i found:


You can also make your own mouthwash. Just google "homemade mouthwash recipes" for more information.

Now, on to skin care.

Did you guys know that some of the best remedies for skin problems are super effective AND inexpensive?

I have come to find that a great exfoliator is brown sugar. It's a bit rough on the skin, and I wouldn't use it every day, as it can dry out your skin, but it works EXTREMELY well.

Also, I just read online that baking soda can actually be a natural microdermabrasion for wrinkles. Haven't tried it yet, but I might, cuz I already have a few under my eyes.

a great natural skin cleanser is actually mashed cucumbers, or strawberries. I actually use Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream, it was $9 at CVS, but you only need a teeny tiny dab and its really minty, and best of all it doesn't dry out your skin. My tube should last at least 2 months, if no one else uses it. It has been really effective in getting rid of my acne, along with the brown sugar techniques and my homemade face cream, which I will give you the recipe for in a second.

Here's a link to a bunch of homemade beauty recipes:


Okay, about the BEST moisturizer for your skin, at least I have come to find, is organic avocado, or organic coconut oil. Coconut oil, if used in moderation, doesn't leave the skin feeling oily, and it soaks right in, leaving you feeling and smelling FANTASTIC. I love it. a $10 tub of organic coconut oil lasts me about 3 months. LOVE. IT.

Here's my sin cream recipe; I made it to reduce and possibly prevent wrinkles and skin damage.

1 organic avocado
1 tsp sweet almond oil
1/4 tsp vitamin E oil
1/2 tsp. eucalyptus oil

mash all ingredients in a large ziplock bag until they form a well-blended paste. store in the fridge in a jar.

this stuff, if you only use a little bit, will not turn your skin green, and it is AMAZING. It's just a simple recipe I whipped together; it only cost me about $20 bucks to make. If you can't afford the oils, a simple organic (be SURE it's organic; you dont want pesticides on your skin) avocado mashed and put in a jar would cost less than $2. Anyway, this stuff seems to soak into my skin really well. There's a small patch of flaky skin on my knuckle that has been there for years, and ever since I started using this homemade cream, it's been clearing up great.

Also, one of the best things you can do for your internal as well as external health is to get enough sleep, and try not to get stressed out. Tea and Yoga are great for calming down and relaxing. So is a good book :).

Well, sorry about the extremely long post, but I think you guys will benefit from knowing that home remedies actually work BETTER and are way less expensive than products you will find in a store (in my opinion). If you have any questions, feel free to message me or reply here. Thanks, Feysoul

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Re: Valuable Health Info
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
for anyone who cares, I have also just found that oil of oregano is a very powerful healer.
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Re: Valuable Health Info
Post # 3

Great, great work! Very interesting and keep it up. Make sure you site your sources you get your information from though. :)

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