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How to: Crystal Web

Forums ► Magic Items ► How to: Crystal Web
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How to: Crystal Web
Post # 1
This is a continuation of my original post on the Crystal web. Here I will show you how to make and use a crystal access point and use it.

At the end of the post I will link a video that will go over the basic layout of the crystal web and a revision of how to connect to it. If you have not read the original post on the crystal web I highly recommend watching the video.

For this all you will need is:
-A quartz crystal of any size or shape as long as it has been cleansed.
-A private place to bury the crystal.
-And probably some tool to dig with.

Start by digging your hole. The hole size does not matter but the deeper the better. (Note: The crystal has to be physically in the earth for it to function)

After the hole is dug start by raising a circle around you and the hole. If you are not in a public place or you are comfortable being seen raising a circle raise it as elaborately as you like.

Now hold the crystal in front of you in both hands. Above the crystal imagine a triangular pyramid of white light. Take time to fully visualize it in your head so it is as clear as possible. Once it is fully visualized, imagine the pyramid rotating clockwise.

While still visualizing the pyramid become aware of your heart chakra. Visualize it as a orb of white light. Once you are fully aware of the chakra, imagine a beam of green light from the heart chakra filling the pyramid. As the green light fills the pyramid it will slowly turn into a cube continuing to rotate clockwise.

Once the cube is completely full of the green light the flow will reverse. The light from the cube will now fill your heart chakra and slowly expand to fill your entire body as well as the crystal held in your hands. Let all of this light fill the crystal and it will begin to glow with green light in all directions like a green star.

Now place the crystal in the empty hole and cover it completely with dirt. Pack it down so it wont be accidentally be dug up. Place both of your hand on the dirt above the freshly buried crystal and focus white light into the earth and into the buried crystal. Now you are to charge the crystal, you will do so by chanting something like "Oh crystal, I charge you to become one with the web and it's energy". As you chant this you will imagine a smaller beam of light from the crystal jutting off into a random direction into the earth, This is the crystal connecting to the web. You may not see which direction the energy shoots off to but this is not imperative at the moment. Now if you are good with visualization you might be able to see the direction or maybe the entire web it self.

The crystal is now connected. You can lower the circle and ground.

Now to use the access point:

Imagine the crystal within a cube of white light. The cube will spin clockwise. imagine a beam of light from your heart shooting into the cube, as you shoot it into the cube it will turn into a pyramid continuing to spin.

Now the crystal is open and ready to use. You can put energy into the web or take from it.

Once you are done allow the image to fade and the crystal will return to its dormant state.

This can be done at a distance, you do NOT (But can) have to be at the site where the crystal is buried.

In the future working with the web you can make additional access points and use one or all of them. The more access points within the web will continue to magnify the energy within. So simply: The more, The merrier.


That concludes the tutorial over the crystal web :D
Here is the link I promised: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYFHQMTg-Ls

Good luck to yall!

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