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Basic Spellcasting

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Basic Spellcasting
Post # 1

Basic Spellcasting.

Before jumping into spells you should study and practice what we call "Basics" for a Year and a Day.Magick is not a game. It requires a lot of determination , hard work,patience , persistence , and studying . That's why most people give up when they see how many stuff they need to read before attempting their very first spell. But that's how it is. Take it as a challenge, see your limits, and try to improve yourself. Chin up and keep practicing. Magick is serious business if you ask me. If you don't know what you're doing a lot of not -so good things can happen, so you need to KNOW what you're doing, before attempting to do a magickal working. So, have you learned your Basics efficiently?

- If No, then you'd better stop reading this, and work on your Basics. Without learning the Basics you won't go far in Magick. So, let's see:)

1)Before casting a spell you need to ask yourself some questions. What is your intention ? How do you expect your outcome to be?What do you want to earn with this spell? Everything must have a reason before you do a magickal working. Magick is to be respected. State your intention in a positive way, and avoid negative words while you're writing your spell.

2) Spiritual/Psychological preparation . 1 week before your magickal working, it's good to visualize the outcome of your spell, every single day, as if it is Real. Use all your senses to do that. It's very important to think positive during your preparation, inside or outside the Circle. Before casting a circle we need to get rid of all the negative energies, because they can mess up with our magickal working.

3) Ask-the Universe .It is better-to be clear , honest and realisti c about your-intentions-on your magickal working. What does that mean? We ask for 1 thing at a time. You should focus on only one thing at a time. And the wording of the spell has to be clear. If it's not then how do you expect from the Universe to bring you something you're not sure about? During the preparation before you cast the spell, it's recommended to meditate daily on the outcome of the spell. Use all your senses. Literally all of them. Know it's real. Know it's there. Know it's possible. Trust yourself, trust your magick, believe in yourself.

4) Select the right timing (moon phase, Days,planetary hours) for your spell.Every-cycle of themoon, every day-of the week, each-planetary-hour is attuned to a specific kind of energy. Therefore, it's beneficial to perform your spell at the right time in order to attune with this energy. , depending on what kind of spell you're going to cast. Decide what tools you need for the spell. Make the spell "suit" you. You need to form a strong bond between the spell and yourself. Ask your God/Gods/Divine/Universe/Yourself. Talk to the Divine, talk to yourself before casting the spell. Is this what you really want? Will the outcome of the spell be beneficial for you? If yes, in what way? Contemplate on the spell. Is it necessary to get that which the spell is about to bring about? Can you achieve the same thing in any other way? If yes, how?

5)When we make our own spells it's good to keep the wording, simple. Use simple words, words that you comprehend fully. You can also use rhymes if you're good at it then by all means go ahead and use rhymes! While making the spell, visualize the outcome , from all the aspects.

6))Free will. If you go by the rule of Karma/Three fold law, watch it. Do not cast any spell that can affect the other person's free will. We're all One. We have to respect each other. We're the only species that has Free Will. For some, our free will is a divine gift. Let's respect it.

7) Meditate . Meditation is very very important in magick. Its benefits are literally countless. Be completely relaxed while casting your spell. If you don't know how to relax yourself completely, here are some tips: Light some incense, light some candles, put some relaxing music on. Focus on your breathing. Be completely relaxed . Relaxation is the one of the keys in this whole process.

8) Concentrate . When we perform a spell,we shouldn't have anything else in your mind. Your mind must be 1000% focused on the spell, and only on the spell. Concentrate on the desired outcome of the spell. Concentration is one of the most important factors which we should take into account while performing a magickal task.

9) Cast your circle . The circle keeps wanted energies in, and unwanted energies out of it. The circle is also great for protection. You don't want any mischievous entities/energies within your circle while performing your magickal task. In addition to that ,the circle accumulates the energy that we're about to send to the universe for the manifestation of our wish. Concentrate on your feelings. Know that you truly want , with every particle of your body, whatever you want to achieve with a spell. Call upon your spirit guides, invoke the Elements, use something to represent them. Example: Soil/dirt for Earth, Water for water, incense, or a feather for the Element of Air, candles for fire.

10) While we're in the circle, we raise the vibrations. How to do that? With dancing, chanting, drumming, music, repetition of a specific phrase,etc.

11) Cast your spell, and seal it with a phrase like" So mote it be".

12) Believe. . Know that the spell has worked. Be 1000% sure that the spell has worked. Have no doubts in your mind. Be self-confident. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Know that the Universe has heard you, and It will respond to your wish. Once again concentrate on the outcome of the spell, and know that the result might not be as we expected it to be...so be careful. Know what you're doing. Reject any negative thoughts.

13) After you've casted your spell, you've released your wish to the Universe. Keep silent. Do not talk about your spell. Besides, you know it's worked. Do not tell anybody about your spell for they might influence the outcome of it . Thank the Elements. Thank all the Entities that have helped you through this. Respect them fully and leave them some offerings.Dismiss the circle. Make sure you return the offerings to Mother Earth after you're done with the spell.

Hope this helps:)

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Re: Basic Spellcasting
Post # 2

Very nice post gena very helpful for beginners a spel should be your personal thing written by yourself.

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Re: Basic Spellcasting
Post # 3
vr helpful thank you!
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Re: Basic Spellcasting
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

very well put and helpful for newbies .Well done ,darling !

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