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Servitor Modification

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Servitor Modification

Servitor Modification
Post # 1
So I have this idea, which I hope to try soon if I feel it is time, for the creation of a servitor-like thought-form. It would basically be made in the same way as a servitor, only instead of giving it a consciousness and a specific programming, have it be an energetic avatar for some other type of already existing consciousness. In this case I have a very powerful crystal that I plan on working with extensively, and it has communicated it's approval of this idea to me. I would program it to be able to house the crystals 'mind' and spirit and be able to channel any of it's energy and/or powers through this avatar. I will post on here once it's been completed. Any questions, comments, or concerns? I will be happy to respond.

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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 2
Developing an energetic avatar for some type of existing consciousness? A little more clarity please. But, nevertheless it sounds "heavy." Too much for some people.
Excuse me for changing your subject just a bit.
Have you ever considered developing a servitor to make "casino dice" come up with just 6,8 or, 9 exclusively? These numbers, if bet strategically and, not too often, would make someone very wealthy. I propose the shape to be a small glowing sphere of light that fits in the palm of one's hand, just conceiving some simple shape like that.
I play Casino "Craps" exclusively but, I only go about 4 times a year. I get extremely lucky, rarely, everybody does at one time or another.
I normally see gentlemen who start gambling with $100.00(I normally start with $80.00 to $100.00) or sometimes $500.00 or, $1,000.00 and most of these guys after playing from 4 hours to 7 hours, come out doubling or tripling their money. Of course, some folks lose all their money and then withdraw more out of their Debit Cards. Bad idea. I did that a couple of times. It's so hard to recoup losses, it's best just to leave and go eat at the Casino Buffet.
My point is, I would rather have a servitor that would not be too hard to program and, would make me some hard cold cash, and not make it hard on myself like say, try to develop one that chooses lotto numbers or, picks winning numbers or, tells you when and which scratch off card to buy. This would be extremely hard to program.
Anyway, this is just my two cents worth of comment from the peanut gallery section. If, you have any concrete, practical ideas or experience on how to develop one of these servitors of which I described, please, share. And, if anyone has ever developed a servitor like I described, they're not talking. You would be a rare individual if you think you can have any success at this.
Blessed Be, a paradise for you now, on this good earth!
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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 3
This certainly isn't a beginner level thing for the most part, though I say that only because the young and fresh tend to jump into things headlong without doing enough research to create one safely or control it. Sometimes they would try without even knowing how to meditate! You just need to have enough energy o create it, enough focus to see it through, and the details of exactly what you want this creation to be and do. To be honest friend, there doesn't seem to be many limits on what one can and can't do when programming energy, though taking something that is purely energetic and creating physical results tends to be rather difficult. Something that might help you quite a bit in this case is the book 'Creating Money' by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I found it very helpful. As for the servitor, You simply need to have in mind exactly how you want it to function when you make it. As I said, it can be hard to get physical results, especially since you'll be playing with numerous other people, likely in a crowded environment. In that atmosphere the energies, thoughts, hopes, and emotions will affect the outcome of chance. Because of this, I would stick to either programming it to help you know the outcome, and even how much money you should bet. Perhaps even better would be a game such as Black Jack, where the information could be communicated to you by the servitor whether you should draw another, bet X amount, ect. I could be wrong and I might be over-analyzing things, so anyone that knows better, feel free to enlighten.
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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 4
I agree, there aren't many limits as to what one can and can't do when programming energy for servitor "prime directives."
However, it I S extremely difficult to get any physical results. I know this. I have engaged others in this very subject. When I play Casino "Craps," I play 4 to 6 hour sessions. I totally realize the immense energy that emanates from that game and thereby influencing random outcomes. That's why I said; "You would be a rare individual if you think you can have any success at this."
But, your suggestion at programming the servitor to let me know the following outcome and even to guide me on how much to bet? Hmm, now this, is a constructive comment of the type I am searching for. I can work with this. I think.
Have you had any success with this last programming or, have you known of someone that has had any success with a "whispering guide" of this type?
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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 5
really! i've tried loads of servitor spells and n0ne ever works!:( any idea y?
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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 6
Well, don't look at me, Magicangel. I'm still trying to gather intel. to construct my second servitor. My 1st was a dud. You stated you have tried loads of Servitor spells? Really..., and none worked? Hmm.., Gee, I hope I have better success than you (no offense in saying this), and at the same time, I hope your next servitor creation will be a success. Blessed Be.
Anyway, I really am doing my research and taking notes to create the best rite I can come up with and not make any amateur mistakes, nor expect too much, nor program something complicated that the servitor would find difficult to perform. Oh well..,
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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 7

That sounds like a great project you have going krim :)

It sounds a bit difficult but it'll be worth it if you can pull it off.

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Re: Servitor Modification
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I find this extremely interesting,If I were to worship anything it would be energy. most don't understand how powerful energy is.
a Thought is very powerful,like a sigil.

remember it could manifest and have its own functions and torment you.
also I read that using metal is most beneficial for holding spiritual energy, you could make a talisman?
Crystals of course work too but metal is said to be primer.

what will you use your servitor for?
will it be all positive energy?
also have you though of what your serv will look like?
if you have a picture or draw a pic and study the features this will help bring him more to life.
also have you thought of a name?

This is very interesting to me, I will tell you a story about a man who created one for negative purposes, and it turned out real bad. take care

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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 9
To Lonestar: Youre welcome, and I hope my input helps.

To both Lonesatr and magicangel: The process i used to create these 'avatars' (I used a second crystal and made two of them) is modeled after Luzifers, an ex-member of this site. I will copy and paste the URL under this post. Luzifers process should be the 3rd post on this page.

To Maneater: In the case of normal servitors this is most certainly the case, as a servitor can grow out of control and become too powerful for the maker to handle, resulting in either a rogue creation or a necessary destruction of the servitor. In this case however the creations themselves do not have their own will. They are simply empty shells that a consciousness (my crystals) can enter and control, sort of like a puppet. As such they aren't likely to become dangerous. Even so, they were still heavily programmed to ensure that A: the possession of the shell by anything other than the crystals will result in an instant dismantling of the shell and then a reconstruction of the shell inside the crystal, as a piece of permanent programming. Also nothing negative can be projected through the avatar body to me without my express permission. If one knows what they are doing, one could create servitors with similar fail-safe's in place to prevent the negative effects of a powerful servitor.

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Re: Servitor Modification
Post # 10
To Taliesin: Thank you, and it has gone very well.

I now have two avatar bodies, one for my generator quartz and the other for my large chunk of black tourmaline. Each avatar is able to embody the energy, properties, and sentience of the crystal. They are made to be a semi-permanent (there unless I remove it anyways) programming, with the shell being fueled and maintained by the energy of the crystals themselves, and given a basic shape and form that can be modified by the crystal or myself at will. If the avatar is attacked by any energy strong enough to destroy it, it is programmed to reassemble the body inside the confines of the crystal. When not in use the avatars will retreat into the crystal to repair, rest, or otherwise be in idle. I still have to go back in and specify the ability to travel distances from the crystal and whatnot, as I forgot that one tiny detail. But that's where this project stands at the moment. Any Questions?
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