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Help me? :)

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Help me? :)

Help me? :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Would it be OK if I posted a spell I wrote on here, so you can read it and tell me is it OK, how should I change it if I should, and would it work? Thanks

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Re: Help me? :)
Post # 2
go for it. its a great way of getting peoples opinions on your work.
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Re: Help me? :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 3


So basically, three friends aren't talking to me for a quite long time XD So now I did a spell to push it. :D



Chamomile - to calm anger or upset towards me
Mint- to speed up the spell
Something blue (mine, personal tho) to wrap up into - to bring harmony
A white candle - because I prefer working with candles :D And white's good for this, right?
Something the persons touched and loved - to connect with them, and their positive feelings and toughts - basically it's a book of mine that they adored, and some their gifts to me during years xD
Their names and drawings on paper - well yeah. Names and drawings . More personal than a photo, cause it's by me. My drawing sucks but still it's more connecting since I draw it :D
Sugar- to sweeten up

The spell goes.:

Dear friends now I call thee
Forgive me all , make up with me
Come to me and nicely speak
'Cause it's forgiveness that I seek
Make up with me please do it fast
Before 24 hours pass
I offer what I have to share
We exchange positive energies through the air
Make up with me please do so
I'll be the best friend you can have to you
You my friends three
Make up tomorrow with me
It's my will
So please shall it be

Okay, don't laugh at me. Really xD
It's just how I felt when writing it and I know it sounds more like a poem, but I preferred writing it so whatever it turns out to be like, than using a prewritten one, because this makes it more presonal, and I believe that when it comes to relationships a spell should be as personal as possible. So don't laugh or insult. Please xD It's the best I could to, sadness doesn't make me a poet, happines does. :D

So first protect myself in my room, meditate for a bit. Than I light the candle, calling any spirits or gods that would want to help me.
I take the drawings and names and put some chamomile and say for what is it, than do the same with mint and sugar. I wrap it up and use some selotape to secure it (not spiritual, practical xD i don't want a mess)
Than I put it on the items, wrap the blue around it, Put it in front of the candle, and read the spell, imagining us happy after we made up.
Than I just put it in my wardrobe (personal? energies? maybe, but my main reason is so that parents don't find it - christians )
And I for a second get calm, imaginte a picture of energies affecting them, us making up and again happy after making up.
Btw, when imagining us I'll imagine us in some open white space, so that I leave where will it happen an open solution.

So, review. xD I'm just about a year seriously studying and practicing magick so I actually really wish for some help and guidance when it comes to magick. :D

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Re: Help me? :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Day would be today, actually this evening, between 10 and 11 pm. :D

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Re: Help me? :)
Post # 5
that sounds like a really good start spells are better when you have created them yourself.

however have you tried a non magical approach to making up with your friends? you could try talking to them or writing them a letter or whatever. perhaps you should try these first before resorting to magic. it could be a better way to do it. good luck with it. i hope it all works out for you.
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Re: Help me? :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

Thank you. I have tried and failed. :(

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Re: Help me? :)
Post # 7
you have done a great work on the spell. And I know that Brown candles are good for friendship spells, but white candles are just fine too. And maybe the chant is too long. I use to write my chants with 2 - 4 sentences, just to make it simple. Include only the most essential parts.
when I do spells, I can never be absolutely sure about the deadline. You have to be a very skillful witch/magician to have control over the time.
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Re: Help me? :)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
I think the spell is an excellent beginners attempt. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to create spells.

The one thing I noticed is that there wasn't any charging or sending out energy going on. Your spell is 100% sympathetic magick, and that's not a bad thing, but especially for a beginner, you need more imagery and meaning. What is tying and sealing these things together mean to you? That should be apart of your words. You may want to send that sweetening energy into the items connecting to those individuals and charge the items that surround them with the energies that they represent. Wrapping them together and sealing them representing your will to impress the influencement around them and keep it there.

I would also think about extending that time frame. Many spells done at night are said to come into blossom by the moon's cycle time, so 28 days. This gives the energy of the spell time to build with the moons ebb and flow. I find that slow building spells have more lasting effects than those that desire immediate effect. That is of course, not always the case, but when dealing with relationships, I would definitely consider it.

Otherwise nice work, practice makes perfect. When I first began my journey into the craft, I found it rewarding to study the spellwork of others, not to copy them but to get a sense of how spells are structured. After a while, you begin to see the pattern.
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Re: Help me? :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 9

Thanks. :D

Oh well I sent energy straight to the persons right after the spell and also to the items that I used, well they actually represent the spell for me, so I kinda tought that'd make it more powerful. ^^

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Re: Help me? :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 10

So you think it might work?

Oh and with this one I don't need long lasting results xD I just need to make up and I can be a better friend so we don't get into this situation next time. Lesson learned the hard way xD

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