looking for a coven

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looking for a coven
Post # 1
im new here and just wanna ask how to join in a coven...
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Re: looking for a coven
Post # 2

Part. IV Understanding The Covens/Groups

Covens are groups of people that gather in a private place for a specific purpose and/or for people who share similar beliefs, views, paths, and goals. Each individual coven is led by a High Priestess and a High Priest, although gender is irrelevant as some covens are led by two priestesses or two priests. In most covens there are secondary but important positions called councilors who represent and act as leaders of the coven when the Priest or Priestess is not present etc. They may have various duties that the HP's may assign. Each coven is unique and has their own forum, spellbook in which spells can be added usually by the high priestess/priest and by councilors only. When in a coven it is respectful and proper to keep personal Coven business and issues within the coven itself and should not be publically announced. Although informational/knowledgeable posts have been seen in both Coven and Public forums.

Many people ask or wonder about finding the right coven for them. As I have stated before they are all unique and are dedicated to a specific path, aspect or goal etc.

Tips on Finding and Choosing the Right Coven For You:

  • Each coven has a homepage that describes the coven and its purpose and goals in detail. Many people overlook this and don't bother reading it, but by doing so you will get an idea of what the coven is like and about.
  • Look at who you are, your path, associations, correspondences, aspects etc. and match those to a coven that is based to such similarities.
  • Ask or Talk to the Coven Leaders or Councilors and even members who are willing to share about their coven.
  • Use your intuition and Instincts to guide your choices and do or choose what you feel is right for you, do not be pressured or get stressed out, everything happens in its own time.

*Note* that when applying to a coven to follow their instructions for the application process. Usually by mailing both the high priestess and priest with you application questions. Note that also some covens do not have active leaders (High Priestess/High priest) and those covens function by members just posting within that coven's forum.

Currently no new covens can be created due to the fact that when users were freely able to create their own covens people took things like common sense for granted. People made ridiculous and unserious covens. People could not spell or use proper grammar, and or there was no or little activity for the coven to be worthwhile.

Taken from the SoM Survival Guide 1.1 in The Comments Forum

I Suggest you read the entire article/thread if you are new here.



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Re: looking for a coven
Post # 3

Well, before you choose to apply for a coven you may want to consider is it the right coven for you personally.

For example, some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

'Do I want a coven with lots of members or not too crowded?' (From my experience, smaller covens tend to be closer.)

'Do I like the sound of this coven, and can I abide by their rules easily?'

'What can they offer me and what can I offer them? Do I like what they stand for and teach?'

Along with a few others. As soon as I found my current coven, Second Sight, I found it was just right for me. I'm sure the same thing will happen with you. :)

To find the list of covens, click on the 'Groups' tab above. The covens are in order of member size, the ones with the highest amount of members being on top. Smaller covens are closer to the bottom, still in size order.

Then, click on a coven. After reading their rules and asking yourself the questions above, if you find it suits you, click 'Apply' near the top of that coven's page.

Hope this helped.

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Re: looking for a coven
Post # 4

Also might want to keep in mind if you want to dedicate yourself to the coven. If not, you may not want to join one. You also might want to consider if the coven is even active. If the priestess and priest have not been on since last year, I don't think that is a good sign. <.<

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