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Ways to practice?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Ways to practice?
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Ways to practice?
Post # 1
Hey, I was wondering if there are any other things I can do, for a bit of variation, besides psi balls, as practice as a bit of a beginner. I just want some other things I can do so I'm not repeating the same task over and over and over again.
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Re: Ways to practice?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Why are you beginning with psi balls? Practice grounding, centering, charging, channeling energy, meditation, etc. Do cleansings, especially on yourself. You'll feel the difference when you do them right. Make a protection amulet for yourself. Try some simple kitchen recipes and spice it up with magick. Chant protections and shield yourself every day. My daughter says a protection of all four elements that I wrote for her every night before sleeping. She used to have night terrors at least once a week, now she sleeps peacefully. And she's five years old! I'm sure you're quite capable of it =)

I started out with gemstones. I was an avid collector since I was very young, and I would clear new ones or ones I was totally altering, cleanse, charge, and seal them with whatever I needed from them that day. At first, I'll be honest, I sucked at it. I started when I was only a child, but I was a pro by the time I was twelve! I would also make sure to take care of them by feeding them energy (moonlight, sunlight, burying, annointing etc) when they became low. It's really important not to let them go "dead", its very difficult to get them back to normal after that, sometimes impossible. I like to program gemstones to transform energy instead of just emitting their own, they need very little work this way, only cleansing from time to time.

My stepfather's touch would deaden my gemstones. I think he was an unconscious psychic vampire because they would feel empty afterward. So I would never let him touch them! He ruined one of my stones and it took me weeks to repair its energy. I was so angry! Lol Now, I never let just anyone touch them. And if I must, I shield them before handing it off. So keep that in mind! If you do start using gemstones, don't let everyone touch them. And if they do, cleanse them.
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Re: Ways to practice?
Post # 3

Actually, Psi balls are a good way to practice energy manipulation as well as getting a feel of energy flow..

If you're looking for ways to incorporate your practice, I recommend setting up a daily schedule. You could be mindful of everything you do; For example, while cleaning you affirm to cleanse unwanted energies. While eating you can incubate it with affirmations for a healthier digestion or while working out you can visualize yourself toned the way you want to be.

Other things could be Meditating everyday, doing energy work for a certain amount of time, taking a walk in nature and communing with spirits there, daily offerings to deities(if you worship), etc.If you're more the ceremonial type, you could do the LBRP along with the MP ritual everyday as well.

Keep in mind this are just suggestions, how you want integrate your spiritual life with your mundane is up to you :).

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