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herbal salves to heal

Forums ► Herbalism ► herbal salves to heal
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herbal salves to heal
Post # 1
i am an herbalist and have many remedies, spells, and information on herbal bonding, not like magic binding, but for example herbal salves for healing purposes.

ill start buy giving one and then id like you to share one of yours.

here is a real easy one

wheat germ oil and honey and apply to the sore.
this is generally used in a need now base.

one for a longer term:

you first need to make this oil:
it consist of
3 bay leaves
4 pinches of thyme
3 pinches of rosemary (yo protect the wound from infection)
boil the herbs in a half and half oil water base till all water evaporates while burning a white candle/ or blue candle. and a myrrh insent. after water is fully evaporated strain the brew. let cool.

in a double boiler melt the bees wax... (i use a glass liquid measuring cup with a hooked handle so i can hook it to the side of a pot of water)place the wax on either the top of the double boiler or in the glass measuring cup. melt it down while it is melting infuse your energy of healing to the wax. add 13 teaspoons bay oil you made then 6 drops rosemary oil and 10 drops 12000 i.u. vitamin E oil. pour in the jar your using for storage and leave to cool, lid off. when cool cap it. store in a normal temperature room.

now its your turn :)

if you have any question please ask
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Re: herbal salves to heal
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I know these aren't all salves. I don't always use salves, I find them a pain to make and when I'm out I can't always have them on hand. But most of my remedies can be made on site from most grocery stores and home kitchen cabinets.

I do use a double infusion of chamomile on hand for bumps, scraps, abrasions, slight burns, and bruises. Or I just infuse it for 6 hours if I'm lazy lol. It's really safe for kids so I depended on this when my daughter was a toddler. I never had to worry about her sucking it off her fingers and if she was squirming, I would soak the pad of a bandaid and stick it to her. I freeze ice cubes of it and keep some in the fridge.

For burns I use a paste made from baking soda and water. Cover the burn, let it dry, rinse it off and repeat until the "heat" is gone. Just don't use it on 3rd degree burns.

But I discovered the power of plain black tea when nothing else was working to alleviate the pain of a 2nd and 3rd degree burn from a lightbulb (don't ask, stupid moment). I was desperate and had nothing on hand. I knew the tannins may help. I never scarred and in 30min it was like I had never been burned.

A poultice or strong infusion of plain black tea. I carry a black tea bag in my bag and in my car because it works great to relieve pain of bruises, small cuts too, especially if you treat it asap after the injury. Just dunk a tea bag in hot water (you can use a facet if the water is hot enough) until the water begins to change color, let the air cool it (I wave it or blow on it) and then use it as a mini poultice. You may have to rewet it with hot water a few times as it dries out or can wrap plastic over it so that it retains moisture. If it's a larger area, brew the tea, cool it with ice cubes and use it as a compress.

My daughter slammed her finger in a door (nothing broken). I didn't have much on hand so I made a strong cup of tea and cooled it. I had her put her whole hand in the cup. In 20min you couldn't even tell she had been hurt. And for a four year old a paper cut is the end of the world, so that's pretty impressive!

For bad burns and cuts, I heat 4 parts coconut oil with 1 part comfrey in the oven for an hour on the lowest setting, then strain, put it back into the super hot oven proof ceramic and add in beeswax to my desired consistency. I have the beeswax beads that melt immediately. You just have to add it in slowly and stir well. If I have it on hand, I'll add a little benzoin tincture of gum while its still warm to preserve it. If there is a possibility of infection, the coconut oil takes care of it and the comfrey stimulates tissue cell regeneration at top speeds.

Alternatively you can use 1 part comfrey root and 1 part thyme leaves to 4 parts water. After simmering for 30min, strain the liquid and add slippery elm powder. Simmer until it becomes a very thick paste.

Other simple salves are plain raw honey. It kills almost every bacteria known to mankind! It reduces inflammation and it facilitates speedy healing. Its also been known to heal wounds that have trouble healing with any other method (western or natural)

I also use plain castor oil for bruises and sprains. Cover it because it will stain clothes and furnature permanently (learned that the hard way).

Equal parts of Calendula, peppermint, and chamomile heated with olive oil is a great one for mosquito bites.

And to stop serious bleeding, I know this sounds painful but the worse the wound the less it stings. So use it only when you really need it! Cayenne powder. Cover the whole wound then apply pressure. It can even be packed in. This bit of knowledge has saved people's lives! As long as it isn't bleeding from an artery, it will work. Just be sure to go to the emergency room afterward because no external bleeding does not mean there may not be internal damages or bleeding and some wounds will need debrie removed and need to be stitched up. If the wound isn't serious but was a big bleeder, and you used the cayenne powder, cover it and it will heal well. This kills infection, reduces pain, stops bleeding, and facilitates circulation that heals wounds faster. If your camping or hiking, always keep a container of plain cayenne powder in your bag with your first aid kit!
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Re: herbal salves to heal
Post # 3
wow that is awesome thank you for your response and i have never used black tea for pain before, i will have to add that to my cabinet. i find that making bay oil help heal scraps and cuts faster than any others ive made.
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Re: herbal salves to heal
Post # 4

I thought I would just share a few things I use to heal, also. I consider myself a herbalist too, been practicing herbalism for years.

I use this one for burns of all sorts, but not hugely major burns, although it will have a effect on the soreness.

- - - - - - - -

This is a ointment. Leave it on for 20minutes, and then after dip the affected area in cold water for roughly ten seconds.

You will need: Petroleum jelly, chamomile, base oil, beeswax, jasmine essential oils/substitute, calendula, eucalyptus oil, a tin.

Firstly, boil the petroleum jelly in a pan until it turns in to a soft, melted liquid. This wont take very long, about 1 minute depending on the amount you have. Make sure it doesnt evaporate at all! Keep your eye on it.

Okay. Get your tin, and add in the calendula and a lot of jasmine essential oil or its substitute you have chosen. Make sure the oil is covering the calendula. Mix it around with your hands a little, this helps. Next, grab your base oil of your choice. Any oil is fine, even sunflower or vegetable oil!

Make sure you have turned the pan with the petroleum jelly off. Leave it there on the stove until it needs to be moved.

Choose another pan. In this pan, melt your beeswax. As it is melting, add your chamomile and a good amount of eucalptus oil. Stir with a wooden spoon. Leave it for around five minutes.

Get your liquid petroleum jelly and your beeswax mix! Add your petroleum jelly into the mix, making sure you have more PJ than mix. Grab your tin with your base oil and calendula. Pour the PJ and mix over that (the tin of base oil and calendula.) Place in the freezer for 30mins, then leave chilled in the fridge.

When needed, apply over the affected area and leave for 20mins. Seal it with cold water for a better effect.

Contact me if you need any other healing remedies, spells, etc. :)

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