A Novice Experience

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A Novice Experience
Post # 1
First let me begin by saying I would probably fall into the category of "novice" although I have explored wicca for well over ten years now, only recently taking a more serious interest in the craft. I am also what would be called a solitary practitioner, mainly because I prefer to be solitary and also due to the fact that I live in a rural area where witches are shall we say, in short supply.
The purpose of this post is to relate a recent experience I had. We have been under a drought in this area with very little rain and extremely hot temperatures. Two weeks ago as I was exploring this site, I came across a very simple spell to call rain. As I firmly believe the craft is to be used for good, not evil, I thought why the heck not try. If it rains great, if not, at least I tried.
I memorized the spell and the next afternoon as I was off work, I sat outside and focused on the clouds and spoke the spell. Uncannily, as I finished the fourth chanting the following happened. It got very still, close and hot, a few minutes later (approx 20 minutes) a breeze began, not a strong one, but a nice one, then the frogs began in the woods behind my house and the cicadas began calling. The breeze continued for around an hour and a half and then lo and behold it began to rain, a light, but blessed rain that lasted for around half an hour. Needless to say I was profuse with my thanks, yet at the same time I felt that the magic I cast was weak (call it instinct). Sort of like having a skill and trying to use it after a long time only to find you are now rusty. Also being analytical, I decided to try again the next time we had clouds in the area and somehow I felt that I should also wait a few days, as it wouldn't be exactly polite to beg the deities each day for rain.
My chance came again about a week later, as I was out walking in the evening I noticed faint clouds in the distance, so I decided to try again, this time as I rounded each corner of the neighborhood I chanted the spell again (under my breath of course, I can only imagine the reaction of the local rednecks if I had done it out loud). This time I felt the working was bit stronger, still not where it should be but better. The reaction was the same, it got still, close and hot, soon a breeze began blowing stronger this time, and then a very good downpour! Incidentally I should state that the weather bulletins only gave us a 10% chance of rain that day.
Still analytical, I decided third times the charm as they say. My third chance came today around 5pm. Once again I noticed clouds in the distance, and began the chant again. This time, I had barely finished the chant when it again became close and still, and then the most amazingly fresh breeze began, with rain following soon after and still continuing. I still feel the magic is not as strong as it should be, but all in all I am satisfied with my experiment.
I also welcome comments and or suggestions regarding this (reasonable comments and suggestions that is, I've noticed that some on here are under the impression this is a role-playing and game site) So to clear up any impressions, I do not role play and am not interested!
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Re: A Novice Experience
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I do not doubt that you are serious about your rain spell. Many people believe in such spells. Depends on your beliefs! In my opinion it would have rained anyway.
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Re: A Novice Experience
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
As my husband always tells my daughter about anything she does "practice makes perfect".

In order to fine tune your skills in magick, you must practice it vigilantly! Cast everyday! Even if its just a protection on yourself. When you're stressed, instead of just drawing a hot bath, make it a cleansing/healing bath. There are millions of ways to incorporate magick into your life. Now fire up your imagination and start doing it! =)

Later, when you're satisfied with your ability to cast, then you can be more lazy about it, and only cast every few days or once a week. But personally, I couldn't imagine a day without magick involved some how, or some way.
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Re: A Novice Experience
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
For half an hour every day,morning and evening, I meditate at my altar. I don't cast many spells these days! Well, I never really did cast many! I have always meditated,visualised, and grounded. But just as WhiteRaven, I see and use magic everyday,all around me.
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Re: A Novice Experience
Post # 5
I don't cast anymore, simply because I realise that it is impossible to account for all variables in a casting, deeming the act to be somewhat irresponsible. I do use ritual, and personal exercises. :)
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