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help on elements

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help on elements
Post # 1
im natural a wind elementist but it seems that water calls to me more. i can wind better than water. only can create tiny ripples in the water. any ideas or comments thanx. also if any help im a thermokensis.
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Re: help on elements
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Magick isn't about physical manipulation of the elements. I'm sure great sorcerors of old could do a few parlor tricks, but really that's all you're doing...parlor tricks, not the entire encompassment of magick.

Magick is about energy and willpower.

Wind is easily stirred with magick because...well wind can be chaotic, it can stir with just about any tiny factor. The fluctuation of elements was never really controled it was meant to be observe.
Let me explain... Cast a powerful spell and the wind picks up, and it was the gods blessing the spell, not the caster's direct influence. Flames raised as someone chanted, and it was a sign the spell was working, not that the person raised the flame. Ripples appearred in the water and it was fae dancing or skipping through, a sign that nature spirits were near and watching. Its about seeking magick within and looking outward for SIGNS of the spiritual. This has been done throughout history despite the culture.

Instead of practicing parlor tricks to induce faith in your "power", why not try real ritual and get a taste of the true power of magick. It's about what we sense, not what we see. Water could very well be an element that corresponds to you best. Why not use water to calm yourself after a stressful day? Not the physical water! The ENERGY of water. This is TRUE magick.

I hope I'm making sense! =P
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Re: help on elements
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I believe this is why so many people have backfired spells or what they get isn't what they wanted. I never have that problem....

And I believe that I don't have that problem because I don't practice magick alone. I am a solitary witch, but when I cast, I cast with the powers of nature, the intelligent energies of the elements! When I am successful in a spell, I do not pat myself on the back! I thank those who helped me to succeed. I am grateful to nature for working WITH me. It isn't MY magick, it is the Lord and Lady's energy that gave us life to begin with! It is the source of life's magick.

In every magickal style, the magickal practicioner holds a life long goal to become as in touch with nature as possible. Is this just for giggles? No! It is to seal the bond between our life and all of life, to fortify our connection and strengthen our own practices. We are interconnected, and we must not forget that!
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