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Oh, I see, thanks for some info as well, I actually don't know... on why in some situations like this, information always enters my head, actually what I posted was... just out of the blue, like my brain processed the concepts it knows then condense it to make the post that I posted previously, similar to automatic writing effect in case you don't get my point.

Anyway, regarding the topic, hmm... I dunno on how should I explain this, it's hard to interpret what I know in words, but I'll do my best:

Regarding your first paragraph, there are some points I don't quite get so imma slice the data and tell you my interpretation:

"HOWEVER, unless you are 100% in touch with your entire spiritual existence, which is AGAINST the whole concept of being incarnate (in a physical body), then you are not capable of conceiving what you will be like when you die."

What I do understood is, if I'm not well aware of my spiritual existence, I will not be able to distinguish myself in soul form when I die?

Well, if that's the case, I know about my journey and mission here in this biogenetic experiment program, and I'm well aware of both of my existences, how should I put it... 50% in the spiritual existence and 50% in my physical, or 100% on both.

Me, as a chaos magician, always have this principle that, what works for me; works, and I'm also on a quest of finding concepts and etc that are useful to me, collect them, and use them at appropriate times and situations I'm in, so in this case, being aware of both of my existences wouldn't hurt, I tend to surpass my limits.

And also, I tend to discard some concepts I don't need in the current situation I'm in, for example, you said that if I'm 100% aware of my Spiritual Existence, I will be against the concept of being an incarnated soul right? But, as a chaos magician, I just tend to use the "Just do it" method, if I see that a certain concept is in my way, it's that concept's choice whether I will go past it, or through it, if a certain concept proves to be not of use to me at the current situation I will just have to discard it.. I dunno what makes it so hard for others, then after I'm done with my agenda, I will return everything to normal, simple as that.

You can also put it this way: in some situations I can become 100% aware of my spiritual existence and 0% on the physical, and vice versa, I tend to change my views to fit what situation I'm in and what circumstances is what I'm in at a current time, that's (in my opinion) on how the Aether works as well, always ready to fit in according to the situation and surpass the current limit...

(Well, that's how I can explain it, it's kinda hard for me to explain these in words).

"You could very well be an entirely different person spiritually. Spiritual beings know this, which is why no spirit to physical relationship is ever whole heartedly embraced, even friendship."

Not to mention, I actually have a bunch of encounters with my higher self in my dreams (or even possibly accidental astral projections), I know I'm not quite sure but, during those encounters, it always allows me to conceive my form, qualities and etc as a soul... as a whole, and using the data that my brain gathered during those encounters, I can always change myself, if needed, into what I saw as "me" in some situations, then after the agenda is finished, I'll just return to my old self, simple as that.

What I don't understand is... if I'm a very different person spiritually, will that make me repulsive enough for my spirit friends regarding romantic relationships... and even friendship?

Further more, I don't know but, basing on Buddha's quote: "He who loves 50 people has 50 woes, he who loves no one has no woes"

So, if there are 50 people who wholeheartedly embrace this idea of spiritual to physical relationship, there are of course, 50; more or less people who are against or dismisses it, that's the law of the universe, the force of Yin and Yang.

I know for myself that I have an adventurous spirit, I actually want to make a bunch of friends, physical and even spiritual, my question is, does it really hurt to have a friend who is a spirit?

I understand that (according to my observation to your sentences), you generally dismiss the idea of having a relationship (romantic or just pure friendship) with a spiritual being, because of people like us, who accept such ideas, that is the law of the universe as stated by Buddha's quote, but my question is, why would you want to dismiss such idea?

Isn't it good to be friends (or have a romantic relationship, even though we are limited by the physical plane and the astral plane) with a spirit being? Or you're just merely limiting yourself into the physical just because you are living your physical life right now?

Me, as a chaos magician, realized that the sole purpose limits exists is for it to be surpassed, and through surpassing it one can achieve experience, and possibly enlightenment and ascension, this planet for example is in it's 3D and is limited by it, but by the time 2012 and beyond comes and this Biogenetic Experiment Program ends, it will soon ascend the physical plane and become a less of a material plane... it will soon ascend into the 4 Dimensional Space like the Astral Plane... and by that time, I foresee, relationships between spiritual beings and humans (at soul level for the least) will soon be more accepted (not achievable because it has been achieved by quite some people, including me).

I love my spirit friends not because of my emotions by this physical vessel, I love them because of the emotions provided by my soul, I love them at soul level, not on the physical level, so, if I have a soul mate and we met each other here in the physical I will love her evenly as well both at soul and physical level.

"This life has an expiration date (your death) and when you die, your spirit will move on. It MAY take with it many bonds you have made in this life, but there is no guaranty. "

Yes I know, but you and I have different views on death and the destination of the soul, I for one, believe in the existence of Soul Families, when this vessel of mine dies, my soul shall travel the Astral Plane, and possibly, purify my karmas in Hell, after the purification process there, I will be ready any time to reincarnate as a human again, or I can choose to have a little more adventure in the Astral Plane, visit my Soul Relatives, and of course, is it not possible to make a vow to my spirit friends to follow each other and never leave each other's side wherever we go even after this vessel of mine dies? BTW, that vow has been made between my soul and them, not by this vessel and them, and as a chaos magician, I know I can surpass such limits. And by doing so, we can see each other once again in the Astral Plane after this vessel dies and work hard to achieve ascension or godhood.

I also believe that the bonds I made in this life will stay in me (my soul), as long as my soul doesn't return to it's original form, which is pure energy, in other words, death of a Soul, and BTW, I also believe that the emotions of the people I have bond s with, be it either love or hate, will help keep the bonds, whether I like it or not.

Now regarding the 2nd paragraph, yes, I agree with you, I know for sure (and through meditations as well) that I have a spiritual love and we incarnated together (perhaps, this is what they call "Soul Mate"?), I can feel it, but as I've said, I don't love my spirit friends physically, but I love them at soul level, so I don't have any problems actually.

I also understand that spiritual loves, in which the other partner stays in the Astral Plane are like that, they don't want to interfere, but, I for one, think that Astral Projection has so many uses, it allows one to communicate with his/her spiritual love through the soul itself, not the physical, so... go figure.

Now regarding that, I'm a firm believer of a soul, having so many possible "Soul Mates", so, if I ever finally encountered my Soul Mate here in the Physical Plane, that means I finally met one of the possible soul mates I have, of course some people will think that circumstances regarding who to choose will arise right?

But now, I don't have that kind of problem, I for one, dismisses the concept of Polygamy being forbidden, especially if one is a spirit and one is a human, why have one if you can have them both? I have the ability to split my love evenly, 100% on both/multiple sides, for me that isn't very hard at all.

"When you overstep the boundaries of spirit to physical laws, by attempting to create a romantic relationship with a spiritual being, you can be setting yourself up for a very bad situation when you pass over the veil (die)."

I may be getting repetitive, but as I've said, I love my spirit friends at soul level, not through my Physical Body, so in my view, I'm not overstepping any boundaries, so once again, I don't have any problems.

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Re: I'm in love with an a
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Hmmmm. Ok, a couple of things here. First of all, I would just like to point out that angels don't have genders. Some choose to take on the form of a male or female but in essence, they are genderless. Another thing, many people claim that their gaurduan angel is a powerful archangel. Ok, one of the most basic concepts in modern angel studies is that there are 9 choirs of angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominons, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. Gaurduan angels belong to the lowest rank, Angels. Each of the different ranks has their own purpose and jobs. Therefore, a powerful archangel would not belong in the gaurdian angel category. Just google 9 types of angels and you'll find many in depth sites. What exactly is your Gaurdian angels name? Archangels names usually end in the suffix El for example Michael, Gabriel, Raphael etc. There are indeed many stories of humans marrying spirits from jinn in Arabia to kelpies in Scottland but really, it's just not right. I really don't believe any of what the original poster is saying but whether or not he's doing this on purpose is what I'm trying to figure out.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
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Yes I know that in essence as well, but, as one of my teachers said, the love, and anything related, when it comes to the astral plane, doesn't really matter on what gender you are, whether you have one or not, I'm not really a fan of generalizing and stereotyping things, maybe I will find out the answer once I learn how to go to the Astral Plane anytime and anywhere I want to, and look for the information about it in the Akashic Halls of Records.

For the mean time, I would still like to stick the the fact that my past mentors told me, that, love, friendship, sexual relationship and etc, at soul level, is more pure than what this 3D life is capable of, so pure that it transcends gender orientation, blood relation and etc., in fact, and I also want to base my philosophy regarding Yin and Yang and their influence on almost anything and anyone on the universe.

Yin and Yang corresponds to Light and Dark, Male and Female to name a few, so, if this force encompasses all, it would be kinda impossible to not "know" that spirits, and other beings in the Astral Plane have their own genders as well.

Well, that's what I think for now, maybe the other astral being already unified with their twin soul, regarding the twin soul concept or something like that, but, as far as I can understand about that concept (too lazy to read the other long details), one's soul shall be split into two, and those two have different genders from the other twin, that happens when a soul chooses to take experience a life here, or in other words, chooses to join this Biogenetic Experiment Program everybody calls life, or the Third Dimension (3D), for one of the purposes like having some adventure, finding enlightenment, enhancing their abilities while using becoming a human life as a medium, to learn and to experience things, and many more to name a few, and after one finally "escapes this matrix" or fulfilled his/her goal (or ascends through Psionic and Magickal practices), and finally reunited with his/her twin soul through marriage of their physical vessels, of meeting in the astral plane or something like that, the twin soul will finally become one and finally ascend.

But I also once read in one of the post in the General Info that, twin souls return to their twin soul state as well... I'm still not sure so I have to study there more, eitherway, that's the least of concern in this topic of Spirit level love so save the twin soul concept topic for later.

I dunno if that's already the point of godhood, and I also dunno on what happens if a deity decides to incarnate itself and live the life of a human, whether their soul splits into two or not... well I still don't have any knowledge on that.

Now regarding Guardian Angels, one of my mentors too, the former priest of Spirit Seers Coven as far as I can remember, named Ragnorok, I remember him saying something to me like, no matter on what "choir" your guardian angels belong, he/she still chose to guide, protect, and be with you in this lifetime, even the Seraphim are of no exception, he himself claimed to have one, and usually, Seraphim guards the family not just the individual, and yes, the name of his Seraph Guardian is as far as I can remember also ends in the El suffix.

You will have to forgive me for I now forgot about the name of that Seraph, but yeah, he also accepted the fact that me myself have a Seraph Guardian too, who knows, maybe I'm friends with them while I'm still in the astral plane, or maybe a past lover from our past lives, and etc, I still dunno about the full details because I still lack knowledge regarding my past life, but while I'm still at this state, I will just accept, collect and condense information and take it for myself.

My Guardian Angels actually have names different from what you've stereotyped, they do not end in the El suffix and all of them (from the current friends I have) doesn't even have that two letters "El" in their names, well, "He who loves 50 People has 50 woes, he who loves no one has no woes" so if there's 50 angels whose names ends with the El suffix, there are of course, in essence, that 50; more or less angels would have a name who doesn't have the El suffix or that two letters.

Though most commonly, they give their names to the person they chose to be with, in my case, that's what happened, I dunno if that's their real name, but I will find it out soon when I finally learned how to astral project at will.

Well, regarding people marrying spirits in Arabia and so on, you're inclined to your own opinion, if you see that as "not right" there is always a possibility that one person view it as right or "ok" too... "He who loves 50 people has 50 woes, he who loves no one has no woes"

In the end, we'll just have to acknowledge, respect and accept each others' opinions, beliefs and etc, even though we disagree with some of it, life in this third dimension have so much things to learn about.
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Re: I'm in love with an a
Post # 14
Oh boy... Face palms.

I don't know what to say. This is just unhealthy. Please see a shrink as soon as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love angels as well but I know the difference between the physical world and the spiritual one.

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Re: I'm in love with an angel
Post # 15
Regrdin the earlier statement that after physical death your soul will be a different personality is no offence, White Rav3n, is b.s. if I want to stay who I am after death I will. And acsessdenied follow your heart. I mean you have free will use it. I've had past lifes where I wasn't human, and can only remember the big picture in them, but all I know is you don't know until you try. And What's your G.Angel's name.
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Re: I'm in love with an a
Post # 16

Spirits like angels dont "truly" have genders. They can appear and seem to but they are neither female or male.

Even if she was indeed truly female, it still wouldnt quite work.

(I may be wrong and don't have proof to back this up but my thought on the subject is that after humans die we no longer have a need to feel that burning love for that one other "special person" theres so much more to "life" then that, we love but much more then what anyone living can dream and thats why "she" wont have that love for you...but those are MY thoughts :) and I'm sure people have better things to tell you.)

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Re: I'm in love with an a
Post # 17
@Sheolfear. I said high ranking angels end with El. Those of the lower orders do not for example Talihad, Arduc, Phorlakh and Bethor do not. I suggest you study traditional Kabbalah to improve your knowledge.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
Post # 18
This sounds too much like the book "Hush Hush" and "crecendo" by rebecca.... I cant think of her last name.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 19
I'm ignoring SheolKing's posts, not because they are not well thought out, but because they are long and have misinterpreted most of what I said. I don't like having to repeat myself just to clarify. I suggest rereading what I wrote. I make an effort to write as concisely as possible to avoid confusion.

YinYangKing, all I will say in defense of your opinion that it is "bs" is this. If you remember your lives can you honestly tell me that your personality in each has been 100% identical? We grow and learn, and each life alters us in a small or dramatic way.

Between each life, as a spirit we have a mixture of influencement from every single life and experience we've ever lived. We do not look the same spiritually as we do physically, and many times we have quite a lot different within our personalties. There are "similarities" but they are not exact. I have observed people who have learned of their past lives and connected to their spirit on a deep level and trust me, they change, sometimes almost becoming an entirely different person. Why? Because when we enter a life, we enter into a clean slate. The majority of incarnate souls do not remember who they were previous to the life they are living right now this instant. They pick up on the nature and nurture of this life that shapes who they are and who they will become! Nature vs Nurture...a basic psychological concept. Look it up and learn about how our personalities are formed.

Study psychology, and you will understand how much our childhood and DNA shapes who we become. This is not about spiritual influencement of the soul, this is about physical occurances and how we interact in our lives that shapes much of who we become and why we act the way we do.

This is undeniable once you've observed it for yourself. Are you to tell me some cosmic influence causes us to interact and live exactly a certain way just to shape our personalities into what they are spiritually? That's ridiculous. Then what is the purpose of life? If not to grow and change and learn without the restraints of our spirit's already set ways? If we were born and lived exactly as we exist spiritually, what would be the point of reincarnation? We do not take everything from a life, or change completely into who we were in this life. We take bits and pieces and continue on to live again, or ascend.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
Post # 20

i am sorry, however, your love can never be.

You are dealing with something that has nothing in common with you.

With us for instance, most of my interest in human beings is rather short lived.

this has a name: infatuation.

And this is pretty much the same with angels and humans.

And from what I saw, this led to disaster--not to mention you getting dumped by her when she finds somebody else more of her speed.

And the reason your love with tis angel can never be is because she will risk becoming a fallen angel by being anything more than a guide.

Plus let me put it this way.

she is so much older than you, that to her, it would be like trying to date one who is underage at best-----which is as disturbing as it sounds.

so with all said, it is a very unwise thing for you as a human to date an angel.

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