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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Incubus

By: / Beginner
Post # 1

can someone please help me get rid of them a while ago 2 incubus were in my room but i got someone to get rid of them but before they left they were like "this place is mine now" and i swear 2 more incubi have shown in my room and i can't sleep and i always feel unsafe i don't like the feeling can someone please help me get rid of them. they keep whispering in my ear and they follow me around my house and they mess with my light and they always try to attack when im trying to sleep. One of them has a clear aura and the other one has a red/black aura. ):

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Re: Incubus
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Should I believe you? Should I laugh? I'm absolutely sure that incubi are not real and therefore cannot harm you. And even if they were real which they are not then you would feel no I'll effects, and maybe proud that they chose you.
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Re: Incubus
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Incubus? Succubus? Is there no end to these ridiculous assumptions?
They do not exist! Got it! They do not exist!
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Re: Incubus
Post # 4
Ok. First off id like to say that Incubi are very real. And why should she consider it a honor? I think you should look up the Incubus on wikipedia and read what it has to say.

Now to respond to the beginning post. I never turn down anyone who appears they need help. I do not necessarily believe you are being haunted by a incubus but what i am about to explain will work for just about anything. I truly hope you know how to manipulate energy however because its the only way i know how to do such things...if not im sure someone else on this site(hopefully knowledgeable) can help.

Stand in the middle of the room in question, visualize your energy core, use visualization to bring energy to your hands, hold your hands outword and push as much energy as you can to fill the room, as your doing this think nothing but positive thoughts. Then when you have done this bring energy to your finger tips and walk over to your a doorway in said room, visualize the energy coming from your fingers and creating a filter of sorts in the doorway, as you are doing this think to your self that the filter will not allow anything negitive to get in. Do the same thing to all the windows and mirrors.

You will definatly be drained after this so meditate and pull from a energy source like the earth. Do this every 3 days for a month. Eventually you wont have to continue because whatever is there will move on to something else. Keep in mind also that if they do some back all you have to do is repeat these steps.

A more permanent solution would be to astral project when they are around(again, only if your skilled in energy manipulation) and plant what i call energy land mines around the room in question. I know it sounds far fetched but it works. This is dangerous though because its not 100% and if what is there is someones restless soul you are essentially wiping it from existance which has serious karmic effects.
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Re: Incubus
Post # 5
And brysing, i would like to point out that to a point you are correct, physically they do not exist. Astrally however is a different story and as we all know if something on a astral level gathers enough energy and practices enough they can manipulate the physical world in a real way.
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Re: Incubus
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

LOL if u haven't experienced it you can't really say you know they don't exist .__.

no they don't harm you physically they get you mentally and no it isn't an honor.

they grab u from behind and mess with ur mind they whisper in ur ear and say "you know you want it" trust me thats not an honor. im not stupid or wanting attention i wouldn't have made this post if i wasn't telling the truth. believe me or not i know whats the truth thank you to the person that actually help the others are just naive.

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Re: Incubus
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Smudge your room with sage, and Rosemary. Obviously, charge the herbs when you use them. Sprinkle charged salt around your room and at the corners. Do a banishing ritual or what ever you can think of.
Blessed be!
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Re: Incubus
Post # 8
I'll only say this once:

Not all Angels are "Good/Holy", and not all Demons are "Evil/Unholy".

Stereotyping a race of a soul is nothing but a proof that one is brainwashed by those kinds of specific religions that shall remain unnamed, souls and their races in the other hand are like humans, there're good and bad ones.

On topic:

Try NiteShade's method, and please, I suggest before you go ahead and question things, I like you to question yourself... why are you here in this site? To learn about the occult arts right? If yes, then study study study, especially the topics posted in the General Info forum.

Through learning of the occult arts, you can protect yourself against unwanted visitors.
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Re: Incubus
Post # 9
Brysing, I have had many experiences with them
myself. Some, were really nasty and I'd rather not go
into much detail. The mideaval Kabbalists recommended reciting psalm 91 before going to bed and psalm 3 upon wakeing.
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Re: Incubus
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
demon or not. If a spirit is scaring you, it is not a good thing. I'm dealing with the same problem right now and I'm scared for my life. It is no honor or something good. You feel like you're being mentally raped every day of your life.

I agree with the salt and incease/sage/rosemary comment. I'm probably going to try the same thing right now. I hope the things you see leave you alone. I know how scary it is.

Good luck and blessed be. xx
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