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Burning spells

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Burning spells
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Burning spells
Post # 1
I have a question about fire. I like the element fire, I think its very powerful.
I do my own spells. When I feel inspired I usually do them impulsively with simple tools. I rarely plan my rituals several days before. Sometimes I use paper and simply write down my wish or intend. I whisper a rhyme and then I burn the paper over a flame. For me it feels like a chemistry occurs in the air.

But if I do a lovespell, does the fire destroy the love then?
If I burn a flower, does it destroy the beauty?
Does it give positive or negative energy to the spell when I burn something? Must fire be something destructive?
Im neutral and open to all opinions!
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Re: Burning spells
Post # 2
From my novis view, burning releases the energy helping it to go wheat you direct it. Thus candle magic, burning wish cards, and things of the sort.
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Re: Burning spells
Post # 3
Altough it sounds lame, stupid, and like what a fluffy mixxed with a five year old would say, on that movie, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, they do say that fire isn't always destruction of all in it's path, it's the creater of light. I like to think of it as a sorce of light, power, warmth, and in small doses, life. Your body does need to stay around 97 degrees F.
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Re: Burning spells
Post # 4
Fire is the pillar of emotion, to give the spell a firey dose of emotion and by extension, love, really helps the spell in my view
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Re: Burning spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Elements –Fire
The element of fire
Constructive, destructive
The bright light of fire
The slight of fire
The all consuming fire
Does not exist
In its natural form
Exists by consuming
Another form
It transforms from one
Form to another form
Fuels our passion
Leaves everything ashen
Duels the darkness
Heaves on compassion
Fire, constructively destructive
Fire, destructively constructive
Fire, living death
Fire, dying life

Create Date : Friday, September 19, 2008 Update Date: Monday, September 22, 2008
Anand Dixit

I found this on poemhunter.com a long while back. Its inspirational.

Fire is creativity, it is passion, it's knowledge. Fire is life force!
It can destroy but through destruction, like the pheonix itself, birth occurs (Change). Nothing ends without something else beginning.

Fire is not to be confused with love however! Unless it is the romantic kind of love you're looking for. Fire is sexual and very passionate love...some may even use the word "lustful".

Fire can give you fuel to drive your determination! The "fire in your heart" is a strong one that can push you just a little harder to achieve success.

The smoke that is let off when something burns transforms the energy from fire to air. After entering the air, it sails on the wind (or fills a closed off space).

There is a story that plato wrote that I've always loved. Its usually named "The Cave" and it is a wonderful metaphor for light (sun/fire) meaning knowledge/intellect and darkness meaning ignorance. Its an allegory and a philosophy favorite of mine. You should google it.

The wonderful thing about fire is that it has a lot of freedom. You can create light (knowledge) or cause shadow (ignorance or mystery).

But when wind can change direction at will, and water will always flow in the direction it is guided, and earth can grow and develop, FIRE is wild and free. It is almost always coupled/controlled by one of the other three elements to prevent it from becoming...overzealous =P

Fire is creativity! Its time to get your imagination going because there is quite a lot to do with fire. Its all about gaining all the knowledge you can about its nature (scientifically), its metaphorical uses (in literature, music and art), and its metaphysical associations (deities, colors, planets, symbols, herbs, stones, etc). No need to memorize the associations. You don't want to limit yourself by memorizing useless information. For instance, you don't need to know that cinnamon is fire, you want to know WHY cinnamon is fire. Because then you will truly understand your element.

When you do this you'll notice that certain coorespondences (in books) you will disagree with! My best advice to you is that once you have a solid grip on what fire is, never ever doubt your own instincts as to what it can do and where it can lie.

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Re: Burning spells
Post # 6
I liked the poem very much!
I have a feeling that fires chemical reaction is stronger than you think. It becomes like an echo through time and the magic feels more alive.
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