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Wish spells??

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Wish spells??
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Wish spells??
Post # 1
I want to make my story come true do you guys know any wish spells that WORK???
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Re: Wish spells??
Post # 2
Here part of my story

Chapter 11 Rhea POV

Tatianna was busy looking at the plane movie. “Avatar” was good but not her favorite so she continue looking out the window.

"Look there the sigh" she bellowed to Tatianna.

Tatianna ignore her and continue looking at the movie. The plane was pretty empty except a few Russian people. Rhea look at each face to check for any signs of an Erasers.

"Hey Anerys all clear", she whispered.

Anerys nodded. Rhea saw that they were now over the ocean. She saw people in the water, so she wave to them knowing they couldn't see her hand.

Rhea heard small boom outside. She look out the window and her heart drop. She saw...
MIKE?! He was a Eraser, evil, black hearted, a traitor. He laugh and Rhea saw his pointed teeth. Rhea notice he started to vanish. A minute later he was gone. Rhea sat back in her sit.

"Hey Rhea you okay, you look like you saw a ghost" Tatianna ask.

Rhea nodded her head and put her back toward Tatianna. She look for any sign of Mike. Nothing. She felt a tear creep down her face. Why him of all people ?I HATE HIM!! She decides that it will better just to go to sleep. Closing her eyes, she went into an unfruitful sleep.


Tatianna watch the movie. It was coming to the bad part and Tatianna felt Rhea sadness. Why was she sad? WAIT I FELT A PERSON MOOD!!!!!! Tatianna felt horror engulf her. She had felt Rhea mood and question Rhea about it. Tatianna try Eleni mood. Happy, sad, and.........No way!!! Shock and love? Why was Eleni giving this off when she was sleeping!!! Tatianna wish she had Hanna mind power and could find out. She put her ear plugs in and listen to "Take it off" by Ke$ha. The song remind her when her wings pop out in Art class. A static sound brought her back to the present.

Her I-pod was fizzing out. Darn! She heard a man voice in the fizzing background. Did a man sing in this song?
No. She listen carefully and her blood went cold. It was Dimtroy voice.

"I will find you Tatianna" he chuckled and Tatianna started to shake.
"No matter where you hide" and with that Ke$ha voice came back on but Tatianna was not listening now.

Did Dimtroy really just talk to her? No. That crazy, she must be tried after the battle two days ago. She close her eyes hoping she would wake up again.

Chapter 12 Eleni POV
Eleni felt her heart rage as she saw a familiar face. Anerys started to disappear with Silver her cat. Eleni couldn't move as they slowly turn into mist. The last to go were their eyes, they flash hate and anger, both a greenish brown. Eleni felt like sick.
"What did I do?” she screams. Her feeling of parsyis stop and she suck onto the floor. She pound the floor letting out of her feelings through them.

"You are going to do something" a voice she knows spoke behind her.

She turns and felt hater power her to stand. JB stood there semi-wolf cause he had ears, a tail, and muscles. He sports an evil smile and Eleni felt her hate of him build in her. She ran at him her fist bare. The first punch hit air. No JB there. Eleni look around, nothing. She crouch low to the ground and wept out, puddles of tears form below her.


Spencer saw Anerys being raise up into the air. Spencer heart stop as Zach big hand slowly rise to her neck. She had unfolded her wings and was kicking at him, slowly growing weaker.
"Let her go Now" he yells. He round-house kick Zach but Zach just laugh and grab her neck. She wasn't fighting any more just hanging there, tears flow down her birthmark. Spencer flew up and kick Zach head HARD. He bent in the pain and let go of Anerys but without giving her a bad slash across her neck. She fell to the floor with a Thud. Spencer holds her against his him. Slowly the land scrape changes into a hospital room. Anerys was cover in busies as while as Spencer. She poke Spencer weakly and laugh harshly.

"Got you" Her hand fell to the floor and her body went limp.

Anerys had just died in his hands, never to rise again. Spencer heart broke, but he did do one thing he poke her back.

"Poke too" he whisper.

Tears fall down his cheeks and he tilted his head up.

"Nooo, this isn't suppose to happening she just wanted wings". He look down and gasp.
Anerys wasn't in his arms anymore.

"It will happen and there nothing you can do about it,” a man laugh behind Spencer.

He turn around and saw a pair of yellow eyes stare at him. Had he been here the whole time??

"She will die just to save you" it chuckled. Spencer felt a pain in his arm and woke up with Hanna face close to his.

"Are you okay you were whimpering in your sleep" she asked.

Spencer shook his head and Hanna got the message and left him alone. The pilot voice came over the radio.
" Contential Airlines" he said.

Spencer remembers his lesson on Russian from teacher Anerys and his smart eagle brain remember everything. They were going to land in a few minutes. He saw that Anerys was waking up, her hair flat to one side. Spencer chuckled and pointed to her hair. Anerys puff it up and watch some TV. Her face look normal. It was hard to see it cover in scars and busies. Spencer felt his heart race when he thought about the dream and he knew what to do. He was going t protect her no matter what even if it cost his life. This group needed her the most. Spencer got settle with the whole protect her thing in his head. He look out the window and felt the plane decreasing height.

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Re: Wish spells??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I like your imagination. But fiction it is, and fiction cannot come true, no matter what spell you use.
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Re: Wish spells??
Post # 4
I look at alot of wish spells her and a few seen real....
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Re: Wish spells??
Post # 5
Think first about what it is that you really want. Be specific. Put it into one sentence. Make certain you want what you are wishing for. Make sure also that it is not an attempt to alter another’s will, as this can have undesirable repercussions. Think about all possible circumstances. Once you are sure, write it down. Keep that paper with you at all times.

Every evening, take out the paper outside, or by the window and hold it under the moonlight for three minutes. During this three minutes, visualize what you want and feel the joy of it, as if you already have it. Let this joy build an energy in you and project that energy outward from your aura. Do this for 11 evenings.

Once per day, at 11:11 (morning or evening, depending on what works for your schedule), stand in the mirror, and read it to yourself. Close your eyes for just a few seconds and feel the joy of this wish coming true. Do this also for 11 days/evenings.

At the end of the 11 days, draw a figure 8 over the paper and your wish three times without lifting the pen/pencil. Gaze at this figure of eternity and once again feel the joy of having your wish come true. Now burn it in the light of a candle flame and see the energies put into having the wish being sent out into the universe in the smoke. Fire is the element of change.

Blessed be!
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Re: Wish spells??
Post # 6
Thankss!!!!I'll try it :D
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Re: Wish spells??
Post # 7

src="http://www.real-wishes.com/images/wish-3.jpg" alt=" wishes " title=" wishes "/>

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