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May Forecast 2011

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► May Forecast 2011
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May Forecast 2011
Post # 1
May Forecast 2011

Due to some reasons I did not have time to prepare April forecast .How ever here is the May forecast highlights .


you don't need to agree with me for the forecast i give I always try to provide help for readers !


You now find yourself in your very best period ,be out as much as possible you could meet new people. for all kinds of good things could develop, even in the romantic sense if you are single .If you are in an established relationship, be sensitive to your partner career will be in growth phase. Avoid your self from unexpected expenses.

Belated happy birth day dear Aries


you will need to have your goals, desires, and priorities clearly set in your mind. much will be offered, but you will need to use your time well long term plans for career should be made ,business related opportunities will be offered to you so keep in touch .even before you reach June, you will feel the excitement building this month. If you've been dating seriously, you may feel ready to get engaged or married.
This month Taurus will going to have their birth days so celebrate the birth day dear Taurus with joy


keep an eye on your health matters if you do have some ,your career should be doing well by early June. life will move ahead very fast. work hard on all opportunities that come your way .In the second half of May, get as many obligations as possible done, Avoid controversy at all costs


focus will be on career this month & you are about to score a huge professional victory this month , your love life will also get a big boost too in this lovely month you can do something nice for yourself in terms of health or fitness.


your focus will be on your career & month of May will open the door to an incredibly important career opportunity while end of this month there is a possible three day vocation is on the board.


In my previous forecasts I have mentioned that you do have your focus at money matters. In the month of April you had some probable delayed which have caused you much grief. In this month of May still there are issues in joint projects and partnerships due to your aggression and short temperaments, money matters will be average this month.


for you it will be easy to recognize other peoples feelings and emotions
there will be a new business opportunity available to you soon annoying financial conditions will soon come to an end. this might possible you will get alone with a new partner or with a new friend this month . a trip is also possible
Now it's time to focus on those projects you have in play with others


some clear and good changes are expected in your career or work stay focus and you will meet with several opportunities love and family matters will stay sound .How ever avoid
aggression and stubborn attitude.


If you are married, and hoping for a baby, you could hope for a baby soon this month will also help you to improve your spiritual growth , after 15th may you could help & prepare your self to give up a habit that has been harming your health such as intensive smoking and etc


half of the month will be so much busy with social activities such as meeting & interacting with peoples, you will be with friends enjoying a party.
you can expects better news about your career progress .be creative and share your ideas at work place after 10th May new cycle for romantic life will begin for two year . If you are going through a divorce re think again try your relationship with new light & peace & enjoy your life with your love ones


career will be positive and investment will be good quick short trips may be possible.
If you would like to sell ,buy or give some property on rent it's a good time to handle these stuff ,romance will be better for you in June


This could be an exciting month for you with few your house of income, savings could happen ,you will also interact with peoples via emails & telephone

Monthly Tarot card Picked

what do cards says about this month ?


Analyze your life so your perception in order not to be deceived by external influences. you'll have new experiences after the change you will innovate and decide upon the course of the future, devote more time to yourself, show your self esteem your energy.

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Re: May Forecast 2011
Post # 2
nicely done :)
mine is accurate
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Re: May Forecast 2011
Post # 3
I like this read
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