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Post # 1
The thing I am going to say and ask is also the description in my profile, but i will post it here so i can actually get some helps.

3 years ago i was here, young and stupid,lost in love and immature, felt in love with a guy who only want me to be friends with benefit. As a beginner, didn't really did any meditation,straight to the curse spell to him.It worked,but then i realized that I hate him because I love him and I helped him went through bad time after that,casted spell, made him felt in love with me.

3 years later today,we both love each others,but he broke up with me because of many unspeakable reasons.

In those 3 years,We barely have a peaceful day, lack of money, no jobs, bad lucks, losing things, sickness. Bad things just keep coming, they were so bad, that I can actually write them down and make a great movie.

After all those bad things happened, my mum found 3 different psychics to check what was happening to me. All came out the same answers, I was haunted by 2 ghosts. Now they said they fixed it, kinda. but still need to wait for 3 more years to stop them completely.

Today, I am here to look for a way to save myself, a way to save my relationship, a way to find out the truth.

Who was the one actually making those 3 years unlucky? me? for casting spells and backfiring myself? or him? the curse worked? or neither? Just me somehow got haunted?

I casted a curse spell, and 2 love spells.

And now, I don't want anythings, even my life or my soul. I just want him back, I just want us to get back together as we both love each others deeply but he can't make up his decision to face who he is and what he really want, can't love me as who I am even after 3 years of relationship.

I just need spell to fix all these. If i can't do it, I want to find someone powerful or reliable to cast it for me, do you guys know where i can find someone like that in Los Angeles? If comes to the end there's no way out, then I will summon demon and sell my soul as i have the Literatures from 100+ years ago teaching me how to summon them... I was gonna do that, but I want to look for helps here before I actually do it...

So please...help me if you can?
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Re: Help!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Please do not even attempt to "sell your soul", or give in to any "demons". Write a letter to your loved one,explaining how you feel. Just remember that love and hate are opposites of the same coin! My wife,who was against my witch beliefs, would often say, "I love you, but I don't like you very much!" It is ever thus! Often you cannot bear to be away from the one you love. Other times you can't stand the sight of them! There are arguments and rows, always. The secret is never to go to bed without resolving the argument.
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Re: Help!
Post # 3
We are going along fine, and we both love each others too. but he can't stand up and face the truth of he love me and shouldn't let others rule his world. I explained, but he don't understand. I just want him to take me back and understand....Love is real, no matter who you are. there are more reason why these are happening, but i just can't open my mouth to tell. As not many people accept it. and I am already half way to hell. so selling my soul to full fill my life is a fair deal to me, we only live once.
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Re: Help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Never do anything like that. You may think that your life is horrible now but who knows in a couple years you might feel better.Everyone goes through rough patches in their life so don't do anything rash and find a friend,family member, just someone to talk to these feelings about. Just out of curiosity what kind of curse did you cast? That could have some kind of effect on what's going on now if you have seriously broken the rule of three and if you cast a curse and then a love spell, I`m not sure of this but maybe both those different spells some how molded together to create that undesired effect. I`m still not sure it's possible, just a hypothesis but maybe you should focus on all the good things in your life instead of all the bad and again talk to someone about your feelings, trust me it helps tremendously. You could also keep a diary to write those feelings down, not sure if it will help but you can always try and try not to see this as a disaster, try to see this as a learning experience.On another note never try to summon a demon, so many things can go wrong and you could possibly be seriously hurt. Try to find another way and remember magic can't fix everything. Hope this helps.
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Re: Help!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Sounds like BS to me, I'd keep away from those psychics, the fact you cast two spells doesn't mean ghosts will haunt you.

What I would do is bathe in a bath of water & salt, rubbing down from head to foot, praying that it removes negative energy from around you.

To sort your situation out I'd go with a simple love spell, the problem may be that your love spell has ceased, they don't last forever and you need to keep up the work.

I'd go with a love spell every 90 days, or go with a honey jar spell that can be found by searching on Google, they last a long time and are effective.

Do not trust spellcasters full stop.
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Re: Help!
Post # 6
Maybe he can't accept that he loves you because he doesn't actually love you.

You've already said you cast a spell to make him fall in love with you...so it was never love by his choice. You forced him to be with you.

Perhaps it's not that he's not accepting that he loves you, perhaps the spell you did to force him into feelings he didn't have is finally wearing off and he realized once again that he doesn't have those feelings.

Kinda sucks when you're so self absorbed that you don't care about someone else's feelings and happiness and it comes back to bite you in the rear, doesn't it ;)
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Re: Help!
Post # 7
errr, why do you guys doesnt understand?

ok, I am a guy, ok? it's forbidden love. Does it make sense now? His family forced him to break up with me by giving him stresses and threats, so he have no choice as he is a big wuss who is not dare to stand up for himself.

3 years ago, we met, and he only uses me as a sex tool,and I thought we were good friends the whole time, so when i found out his real purpose I cursed him, and then when he began to get into troubles, he suddenly told me that he actually have feelings to me, but he is unsure about being in a relationship with a guy. so I cast the spell again to make things happen, as i also love him a lot.

And those spells, the curse and love one, are actually the same spell, the wishing spell from this site. I casted it, first, cursed him that he can never be lucky and suffer in pain. and then second time, I casted me and him can stay together forever.

the cursed one worked straight away, the love one made his feeling to me stronger, and 9 months later we finally got together.

and that's the complete story.

Now we are actually still love each others so much, still sort of in a long distance relationship until he come visit me in LA, he is in Australia, my visa expired when the broke up happened, so i have to go back to the States. And now he moved back to his parents' house to reset his life financially, and we have been hiding about our love and relationship from his family and everyone at the moment. and it's really painful, and I just want him to learn to stand up and face to what he really want, understand that if you love someone so much, you shouldn't let go just because others told you to.

I hope you guys understand what i mean?
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Re: Help!
Post # 8
It doesn't matter if you are a guy, girl, monkey or a slug - it doesn't matter if the relationship is public, discreet, who is or is not in the closet, ect.

You still forced someone to care for you without giving a hoot as to what they really want. You decided that you were better at making decisions for them, that you knew what they really felt and thought and that you should make them do what YOU think they should.

That's a lot of "you's" and very little room for anything about him.

Everyone has their own opinions on love spells.

Mine is that you're getting what you deserve.
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Re: Help!
Post # 9
I agree with Rashnu. Obviously "karma" is teaching you a lesson about free will.
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Re: Help!
Post # 10
Magic is not something to trifle with. It takes a lot of study, self-reflection, and maturity to cast an effective spell for good. When you first cast a spell it wasn't for good; it was a curse. Then you compounded it with a love spell for a specific person. This is never a good idea. When we cast spells in a reactionary manner, based on emotion, not on what is good for us or for others, disaster can and will happen. Please don't now make matters worse by summoning demons.
I don't know that this relationship can be repaired. There are so many issues! It started out the wrong way, with deception on his part. It has been 3 years of problems. That is surely hard to overcome. Another concern is the "forbidden" aspect of your relationship. I am not referring to the fact that this was a same sex relationship, but to the fact that you think of the relationship as forbidden. Please search out "the law of attraction" and you will see why this is also causing trouble for you.
What I would suggest is that you take time to work on yourself.
You must love yourself before you can truly love another. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. All of us have made mistakes. We can only learn from them and move on in our lives. Please take some time to meditate. Work on being in touch with your spirituality and getting in touch with the Divine. Work on being the best person you can be, so that you have something good to offer this person or someone else who may come into your life.

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