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Psi Balls

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Psi Balls
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

This is more of a data entry on my own experience on psi (chakra, energy, inner light).

About four to five years ago, I started training on how to make psi balls and move the wheel. I have to say, the wheel is a lot more tricky because you never know if it was the wind or you. In fact, every time I took a jar to block out the wind it never moved. Not saying its a fake, just it is way too hard for anyone just starting it out. The psi ball on the other hand, is very good on starting out on your training. The first thing I have done was some research on the matter. I found a few ways on making a psi ball, tricks to help it, and some facts. The more you know of the matter, the more your likely to get what you want. In fact your already doing it by reading this post.

Psi balls can be tricky on starting out, because you won't see a ball at all. In fact, it really isn't a ball at first so it is more like your training on psi cloud (not sure if it is a real term, if not then it is now one). An psi cloud, from what I learned from pratice, is your energy flowing out of your body. It is just like an aura, but your feeling it and, if any good, can control it. Think about your hand right now and picture a cloud of pure energy flowing out of it. It won't be falling towards the ground, but floating around your hand. That is the first step in making a psi ball. Psi cloud sounds kinda useless, I mean all it is is your energy flowing out with little or no control on it. But you can still feel it and if something else touches it, with strong reaction at first if your new, then you could get a weird feeling. I still use this for other things. Behind my back is a big fat psi cloud so when anyone tries to sneak up on me they can't.

Now that you have a better understanding on what your trying to get you can start with pratice. Before I begin, you have to pratice at least 3 times a week. Now I heard the best way to start out is by rubbing your hands together until warm. Then you put them side by side and focus on that warm energy and the space between it (an in. apart). You could, but don't have to, picture energy flowing around your hands. You don't want to flex your hands, arms, or legs just relax and focus on your hands and the space. After awhile you should feel something odd about your hands. That is your energy flowing!

Chakra Burns is another thing I found out back then when I was training on making Psi Balls. Again, not sure if this term is real and if not then it is now. What is a Chakra Burn? Well it is what it sounds like, where you basically burn yourself with your own chakra. This doesn't mean your doing it wrong, just that your putting out too much chakra out of your body. When ever I had a Chakra Burn it was always on my finger tips. It was a circle that was about 1 cm long. It also made a impression in your skin and when you get it, and trust me you'll know, it feels like your skin is burning. Don't worry, it isn't going to be a scar or anything like that. I had myself a lot of burns and all of them healed within a week. I mainly get them on my fingers, but they can happen anywhere on your body. The reason why you'll mostly get them on your fingers is because your trying to make a psi ball with your hands. Also, those burns shows where your chakra opennings are at on your fingers so it is fun to learn something about yourself.

Alright, back to pratice! When you get the feel of the energy and believe your doing it right (since I am not there I can't show you every step by hand, your just going to have to trust your gut like what I did). You now get to move on to the next step, pulling your hands apart just another In or two. You should also curve your hands now, like your holding on a ball with your hands. Do any warm-ups if you feel it is needed, then you focus on your energy and try to control the psi cloud to stay in the area between your hands. The goal is to keep the energy from leaving that area. It shouldn't take long to learn this. The way I tell if I am doing it right is to have another person with you. Make the little psi ball and have that person stick their hand in that area. If they feel something then your doing it right, if not then keep trying(In fact you may want to go back to step one if they can't feel anything at all).

The true Psi Ball. When you got that taken care of you can move on to this step. This is a lot harder then any of the steps above because your trying to get total control. This is where the psi wheel comes in. The psi wheel, as I see it, is a trick to learn how to control your energy. That is why your trying to make it spin. I am not going to explain it because there are so many examples as well as videos that can do a better job then me.

Once you got that under your belt, you can see if this works for you. First you make a cloud (or you can just start by cupping your hands like your holding a ball) and cup your hands. Fill it in until you get a good feel of it. After that, compress that energy into the smallest ball you can make. This doesn't mean you should move your hands closer, they shouldn't move at all, it means you need to control that energy into compresing into a ball. I have never made a ball that you can see with your eyes, I am sure people that can see auras can see them maybe.

And there you have it, simple steps on making a ball. Any questions would be lovely.

P.s. this has been proven by myself and a few of my close by witch friends in the area.

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Re: Psi Balls
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Nash! I am surprised at your difficulty with psi wheels! We used to make these for fun when I was at school, sixty years ago! It is not the wind that spins the wheel, it is the heat from your hands! The cries of wonderment from younger kids when we sent the wheel spinning in the opposite direction was really funny! Yet,it is simply moving the hands. Palms up the wheel will spin clockwise; palms horizontal, it will spin the other way. It's a trick! It is not magic! As for psi balls, I am quite able to "think" myself warm; especially my hands. But I have never made a psi ball in my life! I've never known the need to do so!
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