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Past liking to lupus

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Past liking to lupus
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Past liking to lupus
Post # 1
In my beginning wonders on magic and how it proceeds I first found upon many spells to create thineself into my favorite mythological creature, the werewolf. I did try one, but as in my Christian religion, I soon remembered literally a few seconds after the spell was casted, that vampires and werewolves are considered demonized, therefore against religion. I found a spell breaker and broke the spell that I had casted upon myself under a minute later. That was the end of it, but, later I had soon discovered a few small strands of black hair that had grown from my body, ie, underneath my right arm thus shortly below its hand and shortly above its elbow are two strands. I forget if there are any other markings but yes, those are that. Those black strands of hair, as if weighted down by somthing, gently, but obviously to my eyes different from any other hair my body had or continued to produce. My age is 16 as I had conducted the spell at age 15. Its been a few months. Puberty? Not even, my nether regions are of a different shade of color matching my now brunette hair. Yet as I have heard, physical transformations are highly unprobable by magic, arn't they? As I say nothing is impossible, but surely for as I was a mere beginner in magic, nothing of that high ability should be able to happen. I also experienced some psychological troubles, such as senses being different (slightly) and otherwise, but this might just be me. Any thoughts on this strangeness, or simple, ignorance?
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Re: Past liking to lupus
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Maybe you should talk to someone on the site that has experience in this area.
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Re: Past liking to lupus
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
It is quite normal that sometimes a few "stray" hairs will grow;in the most unlikely places,very often a darker colour than the real hair. I am rather hairy over my body;but I am human, and cannot change into any other animal. It seems to me that you have learnt a word "lupus", and become fascinated with wolves, and the myths and legends surrounding these once "dreaded" animals. There are many on this site who are thinking as you do.There are no wolves in my country (England), but there is a descendant of wolves lying at my feet as I type this. He is my dog!
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Re: Past liking to lupus
Post # 4
Heheh, yes, well. I, whom live in southern california am more intellectual that most others in my class. I also have a child of wolves as a pet, my lovely chihuahua. The black hairs that had grown from my arm are as black as her fur, but yet seemingly more weighted that my other hairs. Its probably nothing though, yet it had always interested me since I never had seen such hairs before the spell but the day after.
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