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Gag Abuse?

Forums ► Comments ► Gag Abuse?
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Gag Abuse?
Post # 1
I really think mods on this site (some not all) are abusing their gagging powers, and when anyone speaks up about it, they too are gagged. Why is this?

First Time: I had made a profile here, Living_Death, and I was gagged from chat due to hitting my caps lock and typing out "there" in all caps. Nothing else was in caps, yet I was gagged for that mistake without any warning. I thought my computer had messed up over it til I found out I was gagged from a fellow user. I had been there for a week and hadn't broke any rules at all, except this simple accident anyone could make caused me to be gagged.

Second Time: Back as LivingDeath, I had been here for almost a month now with no problems, then tonight, lindacash420 gagged me for no reason at all. A member came asking about luck spells to help her mentally ill sister, and someone in chat claimed they needed a priest to exorcise them, and I simply said no, they could have this simple issue and I would recommend a Psychiatrist over a priest. Suddenly, I'm chat gagged, on the basis of "refusal to change topic", yet everyone else in chat was discussing it too, somehow I'm the bad guy here who deserved the gagging for answering a question directed at me.

Now, why does it seem that innocent people are being gagged yet when ignorance pops into chat in the form of trolls everyone ignores it? My friend, Red_King, was also gagged for asking why I had been gagged inappropriately. I'm sorry, but I don't believe I deserved the two gaggings I had received, and I seriously think either someone needs to revamp the rules or get new mods.

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 2
Ever since those new rules came, the strictness was up'd to the point that it was ridiculous.
I agree with you fully.
There shouldn't be so much gagging in the chat. Activity overall on this site has dropped, highly. And this is not simply because of the internet wave.
The original basis of the chatter was, fairly bad, with the online dating and such, If the rules worked to keep away this sort of thing, people wouldn't be so afraid to ask for help.
If someone is asking for help, you do not simply tell them to hightail it. The chat already has plenty of non magick topics, why should Helping Someone be any different whatsoever?
The moderators need to learn to keep back they're temper, or Pet needs to control his hounds.
I doubt he cares, although.
Compared to the sites I've moderated on, Been an admin of, Or have been a general member of, this is ridiculous.

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 3
hi pzz tell me which questions to mark yes to get into the chat

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 4

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 5
Oh I know, I Mod on 4 sites, admin on 1, and own my own which I fully admin. This is ridiculous. Asking for help and answering with an answer shouldn't yield a gagging

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 6
Rules are rules, and this site isn't public domain. Mods don't gag without a reason, and are often required to explain it to the admin. Deal with it, and follow the rules, especially the ones about not arguing with the mods or discussing gags.

I've had my fair share of gags for a variety of reasons. Suck it up.

Re: Gag Abuse?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7

I mod on 4 sites, admin on 1 and own 1.

And yet, it is here that he chooses to spend his time. That says a lot for the quality of the other sites does it not?

Time and time again, people try to act like they know what they are talking about. Kamakazi gives his extensive resume of all the sites he's modding on, and yet he chooses to be here.

He choses to be here.


Does he truely go out of his way to find the most opressive website to join and then complain about it?


Does that make sense to anyone?

It doesn't to me.

Perhaps, just perhaps he has so much time to come here and get gagged and start posts about it because all these sites he's involved with have no traffic? Perhaps no one uses them? And since no one uses them there are no need for rules.

Perhaps if he had any experience with a real website he would know that the mods here do a very good job.

If you don't like it, join one of Kamakai's many sites.

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 8
First of, it's SHE, which goes to show even further since you can't take the time to figure out your members gender.

Secondly, this is the only magic site I frequent. Are you telling me you want me to leave and not be apart of this site? Is spending my time here really that big of a deal?

Thirdly, my sites receive traffic daily. Just because my websites do not have mods who abuse their powers doesn't mean there are no rules. I'm actually a bit shocked that I bring up an issue and the Admin has to attempt to degrade me over it. Bottom line, it's an issue that should be addressed. Trying to sling mud is pointless.

Re: Gag Abuse?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I do agree to this. Whether you like it or Not, this site has a problem with management. Sling mud, and call this a negitive thing, But you cant take away the members Willingness to keep bringing this topic up Over and Over and Over. Why? because we wish to put a positive light on the matter...If we didnt Care...we Obviously wouldnt be saying anything about it.

You can ignore the problem, but that doesnt take away the problem.

Re: Gag Abuse?
Post # 10
I understand that IF I WRITE IN EXCESSIVE CAPS I will be gagged and the gag will not be removed.
Use caps only when grammatically responsible. CaMeL cApS and words all in caps, or any attempt to sneak caps into the public chatter will result in a gag.

~It says nothing about a warning.

I understand that the public chatter is designed for magic talk and website help only. Discussion of other topics may lead to me being gagged and the gag will not removed.
There are coven chatrooms and an online mail system to discuss other topics. You can also use the /pm functionality to have a one on one discussion with someone on any topic. Keep coven discussions in the coven chatrooms and do not advertise anything in the public chatroom. When no one has magical or website concerns to be asked other topics may be discussed, but not at the loss of magic. Mods may choose to end topic discussion of non website/magic talk at anytime.

~It says nothing about a warning, and you do not have access to know if anyone else received the same result of breaking this rule. You assumed.

I understand that the Moderator's decision is final and if I argue with a warning or other person's gag, I too will be gagged and the gag will not be removed.
Moderators do not gag members at random. If someone was gagged it was because they broke the rules. If you get a warning the moderator is being extremely nice and arguing will just get you gagged.

~That's your friend's own fault.

Bottom line, you agreed to rules. Strict rules. Did you complain before you got gagged on the unfairness? Probably not. Have you complained when someone else was gagged that you were annoyed by? Probably not.

People seem not to mind the rules until they break them and suffer the consequences.

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