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"Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
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Well hello everyone! I placed this thread in order to somehow clarify those who are new to magic on what should they do to start their journey..

"Here is some piece of advice"
Want to cast spells? Nah uh! uh! spells should not be the first thing you must think of doing. It's just like firing a gun without bullets! You must understand first what you are doing. Understand your craft(wicca) first and then learn its basics.You should follow a step by step order to draw you closer to what you really want to be..

Bellow is the list of the "basics" that I"m saying.
*Creating an energy ball (psi ball)
*Moon phase

For now I will not give so much of explanations about the basics. Instead I would just give its definitions and its purpose. The simple (for beginners) exercises of each basic above is still on the process of transcription. It is written in our native dialect I'm still translating it to English. I personally made my own process of meditating, grounding,balancing, centering,psi ball, and shielding.
Soon I will post it in this thread for beginners and for those who are experienced mages to try..

Thank you and have a wonderful journey!
Blessed be!


A self-directed practice for relaxing the body and calming the mind. Most meditative techniques have come to the West from Eastern religious practices, particularly India, China, and Japan, but can be found in all cultures of the world. Until recently, the primary purpose of meditation has been religious, although its health benefits have long been recognized. It is now being further explored as a way of reducing stress on both mind and body.

The purpose of proper grounding technique is eight-fold . . .

It helps you shake off the daily troubles, and be present.

It begins the magickal work of shifting consciousness.

It raises some energy to work with.

It creates a container within you for energy to be held and directed.

It acts as a lightening rod, so excess energy can flow freely without damage to your conduits.

It protects you from taking on harmful energies.

It helps ensure that you send out only beneficial energies.

It unifies the group energy.

Meditation Visualisation Grounding And Centering

Seat yourself on a chair or on the floor. If you sit on a chair make sure your feet are flat on the floor. If you are sitting on the floor make sure you have your feet arranged so that they are not crossed at the ankles as this inhibits energy flow.
Visualized your spine as an antenna. The top is at the crown chakra, the bottom is at the base chakra. Straighten your posture and shift your body until you find your alignment with the earth. It may take only moments or you may have to work with it as you learn to attune yourself with Mother Earth. Take your time.
When you are ready to proceed with the meditation take two or three deep, cleansing breaths. With each breath out, release any pent up tension or anxiety in your body.
Imagine yourself confined within an acorn. Buried beneath the surface of mother earth, you can feel the top of the seed covering pressing against the top of your head. Your knees are against your chest, your arms around your knees. Your base chakra is pressed against the bottom of the acorn.
You feel the warmth of the sun on the moist, warm earth above you. It is calling you to join in the dance of spring.
Your base chakra puts out a small feeder root that descends from the bottom tip of the acorn. It wends its way between grains of rich, warm, damp earth, stopping every now and then to sample a delicious bit of pure, clean water. Soon the root comes upon an underground stream of remarkable purity and sweetness. As it sucks it up you feel the coldness of the water. It invigorates you and your fill the acorn to bursting.
Father Sun is beckoning you to join him. The top of the acorn bursts as a shoot emerges from your crown chakra. It pushes its way up through the earth, emerging into the warm sunlight.
The gentle breezes brush the little tree, encouraging its tiny leaves to unfurl.
Deep in the earth, the root divides growing in all directions, providing a secure base for the young tree. Each time nourishment is sucked into the tree the sapling grows larger.
Now the sun is warming the little tree. Its leaves fairly glow as sunlight is absorbed and turned into energy. The tops of the leaves are warm, almost hot, as the fire of the distant sun rains down.
Branches form, leaves erupt from new buds. The little tree grows higher. Its roots branch out further. And with each breath you take, the tree grows larger.
The gentle wind ruffles the leaves. The sun beams down. The water beneath the tree provides cool nourishment and the earth provides stability and minerals needed for growth.
The tree continues to grow until an inner boundary is reached. Perhaps the tree is a large sapling. Perhaps it is a giant oak. Or a world tree. At some point this tree has reached its ultimate. The water continues to pour into the tree from the large root system.
Now there is more nourishment than the tree needs. The crown chakra opens and a fine blue mist rises from the top of the tree. Water rains to the ground around the tree, soaking back into the earth, returning to the land from which it came.
Beneath you, solid and protective, Mother Earth provides the base upon which your tree exists. Feel the way your roots have sunk deep into her body. Taste the elements that rise to nourish your body.
Experience the feeling of being filled with energy. All your needs are met and there is energy left to spare. That which is not needed pours from your crown chakra. From this you can fashion all things magickal.
The trees leaves quiver as the wind trembles through them and the water is lightly buffeted by an addition of air. You can combine air and water, creating a bubbly fountain.
The sun heats the top of the bubbly fountain and a steaming cloud rises into the sky. Water, air, and fire have met and combined.
Continue to cycle energy through your tree body. Feel the effects of earth, water, air and fire.
Then, when you are ready to return, begin to withdraw your roots. First a few, then more. You find the energy that shot high into the sky from your crown chakra soon is just that which you need. As the energy continues to diminish, you begin to shrink.
Your branches pull back until your arms appear. Your roots contract until your feet stand upon the ground.
You stand alone upon the field where once a mighty oak stood. But you have changed. You are no longer the tiny acorn. You have experienced the power of earth, water, air, and fire.
At any time you wish you can return to this place. You can reach deep into the earth for nourishment, take long drinks of pure water, feel the touch of the breeze and feel the strength of the sun. And from each you can weave a creative power.
Plan on spending 20 - 30 minutes the first time you do this meditation. The more often you do it, the faster it goes.
My hp / s had me commit to doing this once a day for a week. The following week I did it twice a day. The third week I did it three times a day. I was not spending more than a few minutes at a time on it by then. My next assignment was to do it as often as I could remember to do it, shortening the time to a breath.
The goal is to learn to be grounded and centered at all times. If you work at this you can eventually achieve a state where you will no longer notice that you are grounded and centered. You will, instead, only notice when you are not grounded and centered.


If you've spent any time in the metaphysical or Pagan community, you've probably heard people use the term "shielding." Shielding is a way of protecting yourself from psychic, mental, or magical attack -- it's basically a way of creating an energy barrier around yourself that other people can't penetrate. Think about the Star Trek series, when the Enterprise would activate its cloaking device. The magical shield works much the same way.

Remember that energy exercise you did when you learned how to center? When you ground, you push excess energy out of your body. When you shield, you envelope yourself with it. Focus on your energy core, and expand it outward so that it covers your entire body. Ideally, you'll want it to extend past the surface of your body, so that it's almost as though you're walking around in a bubble. People who can see auras often recognize shielding in others -- attend a metaphysical event and you may hear someone say, "Your aura is huge!" It's because people who attend these events have often learned how to shield themselves from those would drain them of energy.

When you're forming your energy shield, it's a good idea to visualize the surface of it as being reflective. This not only protects you from negative influences and energy, it can repel them back to the original sender. Another way of looking at it is like the tinted windows on your car -- it's just enough to let in sunlight and good things, but keeps all the negative away.

If you're someone who is often affected by the emotions of others -- if certain people make you feel drained and exhausted by their very presence -- then you need to practice shielding techniques. Also, be sure to read about Magical Self Defense.
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Thank you for this post! It was very helpful! Btw, is there anyway to activate your third eye chakra without meditation?? Thanks! Blessed be!
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Re: "Peace of advice!
Post # 3
Please cite your sources when the work is not yours.
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
oh sorry for not citing my sources I was in a hurry when I post this thread..
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
the sources of the above info..
For the grounding purposes.
for the shielding definitions..
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Meditation,Visualization, Grounding and Centering
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
there is such a thing were you can activate your third eye without meditation,, But you wouldn't like to have a near death experience don't you?..
The eye to see is within our self but As I've said before, it is dormant.. Meditation and psychic training exercises could help..
I teach individuals about the basics of magic(wicca to be exact)..
We are still on meditation.. Might wanna catch up?
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
or you can enroll to a class form our coven.. If you want to learn something about the craft...
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Re: "Peace of advice!
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
“My Personally Made Meditation Exercises”

Exercise #1 (Element of water)
This should be done near a body of water (beach is a perfect place). Sit near the shore facing the sea, sit in meditative way. Close your eyes and start to breathe slowly. Breathe the way you are taught in the basic meditation. Feel yourself being relaxed, feel the air around you. Smell, hear, and taste it. Then Visualize yourself standing (stand only on your minds eye, do not stand physically). Slowly walk towards the shore, feel the sand in your every step. Continue walking until you had reached the water. Feel the water. Is it cold? Is it warm? Stop walking when the water had reached your knee level. Still in your minds eye, see your whole body slowly changes and become part of the sea. See your self become water and explore the sea. Feel how is it like to be water. After five or ten minute of exploring the sea in your minds eye go back to the shallow water and build your body again. See yourself coming back to your original form, and after that, walk back to where you are sitting and sit back facing the sea. Then slowly open your eyes and feel your body. You can do some stretching if you want.

By: Aqeil

Exercise #2 (Element of fire)
Light a candle or sit at the front of a bonfire to start this meditation. Sit comfortably in front of the fire element (and just like the normal meditation, relax and feel your body becoming lighter). Fell the energies around you specially the fires energy. If you are fully energized, visualize yourself glowing with yellow-orange light and make it burst like a flame around you. Then see your body burn and become the flame. Be a flame, float like a flame. Feel its lightness, feel its power, continue burning like a flame in your minds eye. After several minutes extinguish the fire in your body and feel yourself cooling down. Slowly open you eyes and feel energized. Then you extinguish the candle or if it is a bonfire just lat it burn.

By: Aqeil

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