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Dark Arts: Protection

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Dark Arts: Protection
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

The Dark Arts: How to protect yourself and your family

Either you need help from a Witch that is after you or your just expanding your knowledge in spell crafting, you come to the right place! This is an lesson to help you understand and protect yourself and your family and friends from the unknown. First off, this isn't a way to pull you into Satanism. As that is another religion altogether. If you still think otherwise then you can walk away now.
Now that I said my peace we can start by understanding what The Dark Arts is even about? Well there are two to three types of Magick, the White, Gray, and Dark. Witches may keep their spells in order by labeling their spells in those categories. But how do you know which spell is what? You normally do, but it can change from person to person. Before I can teach you how to protect yourself in the Dark Arts, you have to understand which spell they are trying to cast, if any at all, towards you.
White Magick is basically spells that will help the person, not the caster. For example, if I want my brother to win the Jackpot, then I will cast a luck spell over him.
Black Magick, The Dark Arts, is when the caster wants to place harm to another person. For example, if I don't want my brother to win the Jackpot, then I will cast a Jinx spell over him.
Gray Magick is the most unbalanced title I heard. It is basically you using something that would normally call White (or Dark) and use it for yourself. For example, I know my brother is trying to win and he needs the money, but I want to win to buy stuff I don't need. So I cast a Luck spell over me. It can also work the other way, where I could cast a Jinx spell on him to increase my winnings.
Now that you understand a little bit about spells, you can know which one they are trying to cast at you. (Warning! There will be times when they won't tell you they will cast a spell on you. For this matter you can normally tell by the way they are acting around you. This is if you know they are into Magick. For starters, are they keeping a close eye on you? This also includes asking questions if your feeling alright or if your sick when you look fine. Another way to tell is if they have been walking around your house, or even somehow got in! This can be found out by asking your neighbors or people that normally walk around your house. You may even find something on your doorstep! Rarely, they may act normal but not talk to you very much. For whatever reason, if they are acting weird or getting too close then you maybe under or about to be under a curse.)

Now, as one of my friends Draco and Lifeless knows well about me, is that I never gave away my info. On the spells of magic I never gave away my name, age, where I live, who I am, or my life outside of Magick. This might sound far fetch and over protective, but when your entering that kind of site, where anyone can grab a spell and cast it, it really isn't. I had tons of people on that site that hated my gut and tried to curse me without any info of who I am. I can tell you this now, to this day I have never been cursed because of it. The reason is because back then in Egypt people had false names. They never told anyone their real names and it was an insult to call someone by their real name. The reason is because their were people that was willing to curse someone for payment. All they needed was their name and maybe their birthday. If they have the false name, then the hex/curse won't find them. Sadly, this also works if someone is trying to send you some healing energies. (Hint: This is very useful online. In real life it is hard to keep your name hidden now a days. But don't worry, there are more ways to protect yourself from the Dark Arts!)

I heard this way works well, maybe not to break the spell altogether, but to weaken it down. When your feeling oddly down or sick for no reason then all you need to do is laugh. Simple and easy, maybe too easy so what is the catch? The catch is you having a good time and laughing. The reason and how this works is simple as well. Dark Magick works on - energies. So the more you feel down and sick, the more the spell takes its toll. When your hanging out with your buddies and having a good time, then you are adding + energies. That will weaken the grasp and maybe even break the hex/curse your under. If you do know who is doing the hexing then make sure they know your having a good time and feeling like nothing bad is happening. "Once you cast the spell, do not speak of it for 24 hours" that basically means don't cast something and tell someone about it. Because the more you think about your spell, the more thoughts you have of it not working. So if the caster sees you all well and playing football then he will think his or her spell failed.

The other things is starting to get into using symbols, salt, herbs, and words. So if you don't feel right about reading and doing then you don't have to read the rest. The ones above will do, remember knowledge is power!

A good way to protect your home and your loved ones inside is by burning Sage. There are other herbs out there and ones you can mix, but I find Sage the best to use for a simple task. When you burn Sage it cleans out the air, leaving behind a clean vibe if you would say. When it is all fresh and new then you can have a little party or game night to fill that air with good energy. When someone does curse you it is normally not on you but where you live, sleep, or spend most of your time at. If you are still feeling ill, then it could be your sick. If you don't think so then you can bath in hot water with some sea salt and Sage. If this isn't working then either it is really strong or your not really cursed.

"Black Salt isn't enable!" Salt itself has its own strength and is useful for your foods. In movies it is used to keep away Witches and Warlocks (Warlocks is a bad title, something you really don't want to be called. Yes in the movies boy witches are called warlocks, but the real term is that your a traitor to your religion)! Sadly, Witches use salt to cleanse an item or an area. Sea Salt is even stronger since it comes from the vast ocean! Most Witches that live near the ocean will collect the salt water and dry out the water so they will get the most purest of sea salt. But the one that I use the most out of them all is Black Salt. Yes, you may never heard of it and it sounds like to should be used to cast those Dark spells, but it is used to keep those out! Black Salt doesn't cleanse an area like salt or sea salt does. All it does is reflect curses, hexes, bad vibes, unwanted guests, and even nightmares I heard. So if you fear that someone is about to send you some trouble you can throw some salt of the ground (you can clean it up later) and then leave a thin trail of Black Salt (either inside or outside, but inside is better) around your house. That way the spell will not effect you while your in your home.

This is more of a spell but yet it really isn't. You don't have to say words to put it into effect, tho it may help if you want to. All you need to do is get a jar that has a led with it. Clean it out good. Now there are two ways you can do with the jar, the rice jar or the Witches Jar. I may as well tell you about the Witches Jar if you don't know about it yet. What you do is you fill it half way with needles, iron nails, thorns, and anything that is sharp. Well done, now time for the gross part. You have to pee inside the jar. I don't expect you to do this at all, I just want you to know something that is gross but has been around since the 1700's. After you pee in the jar you close the led and you bury the jar as far from your house. Somewhere in the woods so no one can find it. If it is found and opened then your no longer protected, if it is too deep and the weight of the soil breaks the glass then your no longer protected. The reason is because your pee has your trace so when a curse or a hex is looking for that trace it will go inside the jar and not to you. Now the rice one is my favorite because it is simple and easy to do. All you need is a jar with a led and some rice. That is right, no pee! Clean the jar. Then fill it halfway with rice. Close the led and put it outside your doorstep. Throw out the rice (by in the grass, burn it, or even send it back to the one that is trying to curse you if you want to be evil). Never bring it in your home! Also never eat it! Rice is pure and it loves to suck up energies! So when a curse comes knocking on your door, it will get absorbed by the rice. Oh and if your enemy does eat the rice then they won't be feeling 100% alright, because the rice also sucked anything else that was bad floating around.

One last thing, Brooms! Witches in Harry Potter can fly Brooms and that is all they are used for. In real life we use them to clean our houses. No joke. You can get a old bamboo looking broom like me or get one that is used to clean dust on your wooden floors. There are a few spells and tricks where you use a broom to sweep up the bad vibes, but later on you have to burn it and get a new broom. I say that is a waste and there is a more simple and cheap way on using the power of the broom! You can hand a broom over the front door, in your room, or just on a wall. The reason is because the broom will sweep away the bad vibes even tho your not sweeping it! It keeps out the energies. For a curse or a hex it may only reduce the effects by half, give or take.

I hope you have learned some useful tricks and ways to protect yourself! Please comment if you can!

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Re: Dark Arts: Protection
Post # 2
I my self would recomend useing a Hexenspiegel also known as a witch mirror the hexenpigel is a mirror necklace that will reflect jinxes cuurses hexes or even the evil eye! it can be made with a simple ritual used here
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