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Why the Basics?

Forums ► General Info ► Why the Basics?
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Why the Basics?
Post # 1

People Today

It has come to my attention that many young and some older, people who have just decided to take on the path of paganism , mainly now want to access things "the fast way".

The most things i ever see from their mouth is the word "spells" , no one gets back to understanding the foundations of magick and the real deep questions. What i really wish people grasp is that going coming into and growing from these foundations expand and accelerate your magickal practice, rather than some superficial understanding of what magick is all about. Magick is not just about casting spells, cause all spells are is placing your desires into the universe by using ritual to create a focus zone for your mind to work at a high degree thus being a catalyst for such an action.

The mere fact that i see on this very site piles of misinformation on basic magickal info when we have tons of threads right here giving you the information baffles me a slight bit, but then again shiny presentations catch the eye much quicker.

I am not writing this to bash people or insult,this is rather more of a wake up call to people who think they can waltz in and say a few lines or read a few books and think they are experts. Reading is only one portion of it, that theory, there is a practical part which involves living the magickal life, working with the energy of nature in everything you do, whether its cooking or simply planting in the garden. Mundane tasks can be magickal in essence. A simple task as sweeping is magickal, you rid of negative and stagnant energy in a room or area, many people now can't see past the physical and what we try to get you to understand its the energy behind it.

Starting Magick

When starting magick people are met with so much information some valuable, some not very close to the truth, its hard for young people to find rich magickal in common areas. This is where patience and the gift of discerning comes in. Most people now come into the craft searching or expecting something that is not always right for them at the given moment. We tend to get ahead of our selves wanting to practice advanced part of the arts, but what is advanced magick?

simply this: "Adavanced magick is more complex forms of the basics that has been expanded,expounded and revitalized for even greater magickal work"

It is these same basics we work with at a macroscopic level, so to you newbies , you are missing nothing, just wait and take your time cause magick is like a ladder, every step higher you take the tredder below it acts as a literal foundation for you to propel higher. Without it you would fall (technically fail to grasp the totality of the concept and replace it with a superficial one)

With that said, i hope i have evoked some food for thought , share comments feel free to voice your ideas on how this path of magick is going nowadays.

personally i don't think the new comers are "doomed" but rather misinformed and misguided, of course not all young casters are misinformed many of them are very skilled and can contribute.

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Re: Why the Basics?
Post # 2
well i'm a newbie too, but i am searhing about different mythologies about 2 years now. Now i am just reading reading and reading .... have done 2 rituals. ( idk how to feel the success of it... but in once i felt happy and calm , in the other i felt nothing ). Well my position is that many people fall into the stereotypes... Magic can give you power , can give you luck!
omg you are goin to be a harry potter!
these stereotypes from movies are going into teens minds ( like meh too :P ) but they make us fall into the idea of magick is something that doesnt need work , just to do what you want. I think that as everything it needs to try , practise and of course want it. That will make you a good practisioner. Well generally i follow Paganism and the celtic pantheon.... ( i'm a neopagan ) and i think that someone generally is better to select this path because extremely in magick ( that is nature energy ) it will be more effective ( to the practic minds ) and paganism gives freedom in heart , in mind and give a peace in heart that you are in the nature. So thats why i wanna join or make a coven too. I would love to share same ideas with other people and do all these things , magick , rituals to the nature , to our gods... Well thats my position
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