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lucid dream very detailed

Forums ► Misc Topics ► lucid dream very detailed
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lucid dream very detailed
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
my dream was about me, 2 friends (who i haven't seen in years)
my ex boyfriend(who i also haven't seen in a long time) and a lot of dogs and cats!

it started like this i was with my ex-bf at the house of my friend parents(she is a girl)she was there with her boyfriend
what's weird is that i have been there before but what i saw in my dream was not what happened that night i went there with my ex

while i was there i saw my friend showing me a lot of diferent lamps and also turning the lights on! there was one lamp that looked weird like some kind of modern lamp he turned it on but
the light was dimmed!so were the lights of all the other lamps
but this lamp was the only one i got to see up close
btw he was the one walking with me through the house

then i saw my self standing at the door the one who takes you to the yard
by the door inside of the house i saw a cat then a dog
i walked into the yard and then i saw a lot of cats and dogs

i remember the cat's eyes first the one by the door then the ones outside! but they were all just sitting there
i didn't feel like they were going to attac me!this was not their intention

btw there were too many i can't remember how much but there were a lot cat's and dogs
i also remember the grass! the color was so green it looked like fresh grass!

(i am naming all the things since i feel these are important)

i remember being afraid and wating to wake up but this was not possible then when i woke up i still felt a little afraid!
after i got over it i went to bed again thinking maybe i can dream again and maybe get to see other things i didn't see!

but i dreamed about something else and as soon as i woke up i forgot about it!

also another thing this friend (the male) while he was walking with me thru the living room he was telling me something but this
i didn't hear i just know he was talking!
also i was the only one who went into the back yard after that i didn't see any of my friends! it was like they all vanished

i want to add that i kind of know the meaning of this dream
but posted it here because i want to know other peoples opinions

btw i haven't seen my ex of those 2 friends in years and
i won't go into details about them!
i can only say that they live a wreckless live and i am kind of worried!
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Re: lucid dream very detailed
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
i would also like to add those 2 friends i saw in my dreams they had a relatioship and lived together! the house i saw in my dreams was not the house they used to live in!
and also they broke up years ago!
that's all i know of them! since i haven't heard anything about them! lets say it has been a few years since i haven't seen them or hear anything about them!
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Re: lucid dream very detailed
Post # 3
my interpertation is that you have learned to go on without them but you really miss them and want them with you. you also have your spirit animal with you: a cat and a dog. listen to any message they give you and keep everyone close to your heart.
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