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Psychic Protection Course

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Psychic Protection Course
Post # 1
Note: This guide contains both defensive and offensive techniques, the idea in writing this thread is not to encourage psychic wars but to educate individuals in ''fighting back'' i believe that both the shield and sword has their place and purpose and one cannot do without the other. However i have already anticipated misuse of energy even though i cannot regulate what people do i do regulate how much of the offensive information they can receive from me at one given time.

What is a psychic attack?

A psychic attack is when a person manipulates and directs energy at you to cause harm or distress, the attacks may also be committed via astral projection or sometimes committed via conjuring negative entities.

Tactics and reasons why you may be attacked

The Reasons why a person may attack you is not limited to this list

You left some kind of group affiliation whether it may be a church, occult group , company etc

A person taking revenger personally against you.

A person who picks on vulnerable targets

Tactics used by psychic attacker

*These people love to keep you in isolation away from family,friends or people in general so they do their best to keep you away from them or create situations in which you isolate your self from them.

*They like to project the idea that your are insignificant next to them, while having a large ego

*They want to project to the public that you are irrational or crazy ''no one will believe you'' situations. They have you second guessing yourself.

Symptoms of a psychic attack

These symptoms are not limited to this list nor having these symptoms mean that you are being attacked necessarily as some ailments may show these symptoms so please make sure by confirmation that you are being attacked.

*Unexplained headaches

*Second guessing yourself, having thoughts that don't seem they are yours.

*Feeling of being watched when alone

*Tiredness even after rest (they leech on to you draining your energy)

Defensive Advisory

Smudging, using sage,lavender,rosemary,cedar,salvia divinorum or any other cleansing herbs can remove negative energy and entities from around you and your home combined with a banishment such as the lesser banishment ritual of the pentagram (to be used only in severe cases.)

Cleansing Bath- using herbs in your bath such as vervain,rosemary,salt(mineral) sage or any other combination of cleansing herbs can help rid your self of negative energy.

Shielding Techniques

Basic white light shielding exercise

Get your self relaxed, ease all the tension in your body, clear your mind and focus your intent enter your sacred inner space and know all is well

while moving into this space, consciously focus on your breathing, understand that breathing is a great key to energy flow take deep breathes allow your stomach to expand on inhaling then contract on exhaling

your space can take any form you want it to, go with what you like

bask in its peace and remember all is well

well you are relaxed and certain you are ready, you moving at your own pace, visualize a bright intense white light appear at the center of your being let it be a small light, even though its bright you can withstand it, its your light..you heart's light

when you are ready gradually see the white light, mentioned before slowly expand outward and form a sphere around your body

gently keep breathing and feel the energy construct this barrier, allow yourself to devote your intention and focus on this barrier

the more focus you give it the stronger it can become

when you feel you have placed enough energy on the barrier you should see in your mind's eye a bright light sphere

you should now visualize its texture to be a little shiny if you can, but your main focus is to give the barrier a reflective quality

your barrier should be programmed to reflect energy sent at it.

finally, when finished with reflection, focus on the base of the shield and ground it for stability

Sacred Flame

Visualize your self focusing starting from the feet, a golden-red flame slowly rising up covering the feet until it reaches the head. When the head has been reached reinforce the programming of your energy to burn off any negative energy that tries to enter the flame. You can layer the flame how thick you wish and ground it to keep it stable if needed.

Another method is to light a white and draw the energy from the flame and use it to form the sacred flame around you.

Black Pyramid

Visualize a black shiny pyramid encompassing your aura, on the pyramid visualize the eye of ra and heru. Let the eyes see all danger that is coming your way before it reaches. Let this pyramid also be reflective. At three edges of the pyramid visualize 3 white obelisks with black tips that transmute negative energy into positive energy. Then visualize the black pyramid once more in your mind with the obelisks but now see the night sky, focus on the star sirius A (the bright star) and see its blue energy beaming down at the tip of the pyramid and flowing down the edges forming a flow of protective and positive energy which amplifies your senses and defenses.

Offensive techniques

Sacred sword of sealing

Take your right index finger touching the area of the third eye,and point it down between your feet.Visualize that length as your sword (use any sword you like for visualizations).

When the sword is ready, direct it at the person or being and seal the negative energy in a ball of light and send it down to mother earth for her to destroy. When used on a person, (use with caution) it can affect their abilities so be careful, karmic backlash can happen if used negatively.

vortex of protection

Construct a vortex of energy around your body or you home, by visualizing and shaping your energy into a spiral (like a tornado)and visualize it glowing and destroying all negative beings or energy that may be around. Stabilize the energy if you feel it wobbling by grounding the energy from the base of the vortex. When the vortex is fully constructed draw into it any elemental energies if you wish to add here is a elemental visualization for the main 4 elements.


Feel the air around you and the air you breathe, slowly focus on the base of the vortex and visualize it sucking in the air around it strengthening the vortex and speeding up its pace. Feel a cool temperature energy from the vortex when finished.


At the center of the vortex visualize flame in mid air, then see that flame dissipate into the vortex leaving spirals of fire on your vortex.


Visualize a lake or sea of water beneath you and visualize four streams of water spiraling rapid around the vortex hypnotizing anyone that tries to attack it.


Raise a mass amount of earth based energy and visualize it to act like sand in nature, then create a hard rigid casing around your vortex, however do it in a way that the earthy energy is not blending with the vortex but rather only acting as a shell to block damage to the vortex.
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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 2
Quick note for those confused about the vortex being offensive, it can serve a dual purpose, it reflects the energy sent to it (if programmed to do so.) you can add any other effects you wish.
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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 3
Please keep in mind this course is for people who already can perform basic magickal exercises
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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 4
Well done, Pure. Simple yet effective techniques. Good info.
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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 5
Very good work on this, I wish I know that the forum settings like bold [/s] , italic [/s] and the likes also applies here too, whew, now I'm thinking of rewriting and resubmitting my thread Guide for Newbies V.2, I find it really hard to read now haha.


Anyway, may I add something? Hmm, the shields you listed seem to fulfill one or two purposes only... it would be best if one casted an all in one shield/barrier as well, so mine is... I call upon my Guardian Angels and Spirit Friends to aid me here, and also if I'm not in training and wish for the shield/barrier to be more potent, I ask Goddess Gaia and Goddess Hecate as well, so the whole method is like this:

Call upon all of your Spirit Guides, Spirit Friends, Guardian Angels and the like, then call upon Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel (the same Angels that are called upon while using the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram), then call upon the 5 Major Elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Spirit/Void/Aether, and lastly (optional) call upon any deity/deities you want to work with.

After that, you have to "ask" them all telepathically to concentrate all of their energies in this Heptagram or Elven Star(I think) that you visualized to be in front of you, this magick circle is glowing in whitish blue color or... well any color you wish.

Then after you "see" that they already gathered all of their energies there (the deities you called upon included, if any), start adding yours, then see the energies swirling powerfully and condensing, then start programming it.

I usually program it to "banish all of the negative and unwanted influences, make me (or the person or place I chose) invisible Astrally", in some cases, I also program it to banish all the negative and unwanted thoughts or emotions especially if I need to attain and use the Mushin no Shin (mind of no mind) mental state during combat, playing fighting online games, martial arts etc.

That is dynamic, cuz it can mean any psychic attacks, magick spell attacks, astral plane attacks, unwanted beings creeping to your place etc., and the part where you ask it to make you or any chosen place, person or all of the above invisible astrally is to avoid being targeted by malicious people or mages/magick practitioners, and also has the chance for their attacks to miss, (yeah I know, I experienced this during my newbie days, Psychic Attacks and the like have horrible accuracy so making yourself and the likes invisible Astrally helps).

Then after programming it, my own version is to ask Goddess Hecate and Goddess Gaia to strengthen the potency of these condensed energies I programmed, then after I asked them and "see" them amplify it, I now visualize this Heptagram growing bigger and also the condensed energies in the center of it, then it will go down the ground and from here, you can program it to have the desirable radius you want, this is indicated by how big or wide you visualize the Heptagram.

After the radius or range calculation, see these swirling condensed energies spreading from the center, they spread while maintaining the 7 Pointed Pattern of the Heptagram, then visualize these energies splitting into up and down directions and then forming a barrier or dome from above and below the ground.

The first layer being a pure white light which will be surrounded by 5 shields, these shields symbolize the 5 Elements and the four of it symbolizing the energies of the 4 Archangels you called, the fifth shield will symbolize your own energy, after it, see the dome being covered in pure thick white light then add another layer of dome, this time it's made of Onyx stones, then see it with the 5 shields again symbolizing the energies I mentioned, then again, see it being surrounded by a thick white light.

Lastly, visualize or "create" another layer, this time it's created by mirrors that will render anything inside it invisible astrally (and will be visible only when needed, like crossing a road or something), and will also deflect any kinds of attacks, then apply the 5 shields again, then "see" the powerful wave of energy emanating from this dome or barrier after creating the final layer, symbolizing how powerful, solid and potent it is, then visualize these 15 shields start to spin around these three layers in an alternating clockwise-counterclockwise pattern, in the purpose of boosting the energies and keep it alive and running.

The advantage is, like any other energy manipulation, you can reprogram this anytime and anywhere you wish without having to go through the whole (quite long) process again, if you wish to add exceptions, or allow certain types of energy after casting it etc, it all revolves around your willpower, intent and visualization.

Hmm, actually that's the very first spell or ritual I created when I was a newbie, I named it Angelic Sacred Shield that time, but now I call it Draconic Seraph Angelic Sacred Shield (the name kinda long haha), to refer to the ones who helped me (and yeah, they are increasing in numbers as time goes by), and my Spirit Friends came from different races, I'm still in the process of creating a more cool and shorter enough name though.


And if you want too though, you can combine all of the shields mentioned here, create a shortcut of them then cast them all at once, making another improvised all purpose shields.


There is no shield that cannot be pierced... nor there is no attack that cannot be blocked, if your attacker is powerful enough, no matter what kind of shielding you do, he/she still has a chance of piercing it and harming you, my best advice is to avoid fights altogether as possible.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 6
Oh man, sorry for that, I kind of messed up the codes, sorry. XD

I'm quite groggy now, I think I should have some sleep.

Oh no, wrong reference.. I'm actually referring to the shields you listed in the Basic Magick Course haha, anyway, I think I should let my above post as it is, copy and pasting it here seems to create some problems like unwanted '?' marks etc. T^T
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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 7
i am glad to accept any ideas and comments any of you want to add, but i must remind you that when adding excersies we are deal with people who are of generally basic to intermediate levels and they may not be able to project the enegy needed with the use for advanced complex rituals. On top of that they need to remember this off hand of this guide. Hence we use concise but powerful techniques for them to use quickly and effectively in their everyday lives
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Re: Psychic Protection Course
Post # 8
Oh I see haha.

Actually that technique of mine was actually a... as I've said before, the first ritual/spell I made, so actually it was just nothing but a collection of light particles that is easily pierced by little impact of energy or psychic attacks (it appears like that if you visualize it or used remote viewing to see it like what one of my mentors did).

So a few weeks or months passed and my two friends here on SoM helped me fortify it, telling me instructions to put the Onyx + thick white light + mirror layers on it. So yeah, the basic build of that technique is very weak haha, but through visualization and additional energy manipulations I'm able to fortify it.

Same rule applies to any other techniques as well, the power of willpower+rigid thinking/belief that it will work+clear visualization+enough amounts of energy supplied, it will succeed.
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