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Deep Arts~Revamped

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Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 1
Yea my apologies to the one that made the crack on the Priest being male, but I am male. Not really sure how a masculine title fits on a female but whatever floats your tushie.

As Zea has stated this is a more permanent solution to the ongoing issues within the Coven. The thought was to get things going right again then have Tempus slide back in, but apparently he loved the Coven so much that he wiped. I guess I might as well start hanging up pictures on the walls.

But on a better note, yes Neorsa and I have talked for hours on end, and have decided that the best thing for Deep Arts is to put it back together somewhat as it was before all this...swapping of people. Which I apologize for as my original plan was to leave the site permanently. In making those plans I had not realized that the Coven would become such a mess and make so many unhappy. So I apologize and I am here as long as I am needed or wanted.

That brings us to new beginnings, half of the rule list you have seen in previous posts is gone. Use common sense and follow the rules of the site. Its simple, respect, be active, no plagiarism, no role play, and have fun. Though one thing that will toss us in a different category is that we ask that you are not only active within the Coven but also the site. Whether it is helping people in the site chatter or it's forums. Everyone is good at at least one thing or area, even beginners. So all we ask is for people to give back to the site that gave to you.

What do we share, teach and study? Good question, and better answered with what do you study? Deep Arts is similar to COK and other Covens in that we try to be as diverse as our members would like to be or need. If we do not cover something that holds your interest just let us know. We will darn near bend over backwards getting the information you want or need.

Classes are not currently on the agenda, but we do offer open discussions. Which many have found to be much more appeasing as you get to gain information as well as share your own thoughts. Though I believe we will start scheduling some of these discussions to take place in the Coven Chat at scheduled times.

Everyone is welcomed to join, including beginners. There is a short questionaire on our Coven page, this is not to judge if you fit in as it gives us an idea of what you practice and what you'd like to learn. The more we know about each member then the better we can serve the entire group. Keeping in mind we are a very diverse group, with all coming from many paths and traditions.

The Coven itself is ran by a culmination of factors and people. This is in no way a dictatorship, the P/P do not hold their word as law. We are in place to ensure the Coven remains a safe haven for those who choose to reside there. We try to keep the peace and order within the Coven, help guide members along their paths, and make sure the members are getting what they need. We are here to serve the members, without them our positions would not exist.

The Council is in place to help keep the Coven forum, spell book, and ritual book straight. Aide members with any issues they may have and also help guide them in the right direction. Together the P/P and Council work as a team to provide the members with what they need, and as far as our abilities can what they want.

The ultimate idea is to have and run a Coven with the family oriented atmosphere that Deep Arts once held. One based on unconditional love, understanding, open mindedness, and respect for one another as equals. Family whether by blood or by common interest alone is undeniably one of the greatest learning environments possible. An openness to share, teach, learn and grow together.

So if this sounds like the place for you, just let us know. P/P and Council are online daily.


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Re: Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 2
"Perhaps you could've been nice enough to tell me what was occuring before I'm kicked out of my position overnight and informed by the Priestess via mail." -Tempus2

Yes Tempus, I should have warned you beforehand, but you were not on that night and I wanted to get the changes done that I thought were needed as soon as possible. I had actually waited a day or two for you to show up with the decision on my mind on whether to promote Draggy to priest or keep you.

Draggy came to me and told me that changes needed to be made in the coven, that the reason many of the former members of the coven left was because they saw the actions of the former priestess and priest as uncaring and selfish. He said the former members were both willing to come back and wanted to come back, but not with the at that time leaders (Kataki and yourself). We discussed this for a few hours if I remember right and what I should do to correct the mistakes of the past so that the members would return to what they considered home.

I sat down, thought for a whole day about what he said and waited for you to show up so I could speak to you. You didn't show up that night. I then told Draggy to give me time to talk to you about it, but that by tomorrow night something would be done about it. I said this not only to him, but also to the former priestess Ginny. When I said that I meant it. I wanted to get things fixed before the damage became any more permanent.

When you didn't show up, the next morning I took and switched out priests as I had told both Ginny and Draggy I would. When I did so I wrote two things, one within the coven which explained what I had done and why, and one to yourself that I sent through yahoo im.

I left you as council because I had talked to Draggy previously and he had agreed to show you how to be a better priest and help you out. We had actually had this planned from the beginning and if need be I'll send you printscreens of his conversation with me.

Honestly, this is not a matter for public forums as this is coven issues. Sure, he shouldn't have called you out on it for the same reason, but you didn't need to do the same.
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Re: Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 3
I do apologise for my sudden outbreak but the same situation has occured one too many times for me. I would like to apologise to the coven for my lack of leadership and give Draggy the best of luck in bringing it back to it's former glory.

I will be leaving SoM as I need a break from the antics and drama that occurs. Be Well and Safe All.

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Re: Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 4
Isnt there a better place for all this ..... uh, whatever you call it. This is a magical site for most people, not a soap opera for Covens.
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Re: Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 5
-_- That is why I said it was coven matters and should not have been brought up in public rilke.
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Re: Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 6
Deep Arts seems to really be doing well again.
I give my best of wishes Draggy and Neorsa.

~ Theta
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Re: Deep Arts~Revamped
Post # 7
Thanks for your support Theta. It is really appreciated. :)
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