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Forums ► General Info ► threefold
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Post # 1
ok so i did some health spells -yeah i have ben chronically ill since
did a love spell ,am now completely alone
did a family spell - am now being beaten at home and getting no help
what did i do to deserve this ,im ten years at mgic and know what im doing
is this some sort of cleansing

Re: threefold
Post # 2
What was your family life like before all this happened?

Re: threefold
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
The threefold idea is rather new in witchcraft. However,the idea of "reaping what you sow" has been around for a very long time! I suppose a more modern term would be, "What goes around, comes around."

Re: threefold
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I'd say you maybe didn't do the spells correctly, if you know what your doing as you say then you'd know the answer to your question, and that the 3 fold law was introduced recently into the occult.

Re: threefold
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
If you're 10 years in magic,I think you're old enough to find own place. No beating if you do so.

Re: threefold
Post # 6
Conjuredoc I find your statement to be a bit funny, "the 3 fold law was introduced recently into the occult.". My reasons are simple, the term occult is derived from the latin word "occultus" which means secret or hidden knowledge. Whereas occultism is the study of hidden or secret (your preference) knowledge. To say that something that has been around much much longer than Wicca for example and possibly was referred to as hidden knowledge, [though common sense for most of us] is a bit of an oxymoron. An unknown ideal introduced to the unknown makes about as much sense as teaching a podiatrist how to correct flat feet.

While agreeing with Brysing completely, what goes around does come around as it has done for centuries before any of us were even thought of, whether you chose to slap the "3fold" name to it or not it exists. Another term for it is balance. As a practitioner of 10yrs you would be well aware that a love spell affects someone's free will. If the terms of the relationship were mutual on both sides, then obviously a spell would not be needed. When affecting another person's free will, the balance of energy is offset. Sooner or later that balance has to be made again.

I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time, but your question seems a bit off for a practitioner with of a supposed decade of experience under their belt. And I hate being one of the ones to remind you that Magick though when used correctly can be awesome, but does not solve every problem in your life. Some things can not be just "wished" away or into place.

And if you are being physically abused at home you need to contact your local authorities and report the abuse. Here's a website to help point you in the right direction as for trying to get help: http://www.boystown.org . If you truly are being mistreated at home, you don't need a spell, you need an intervention.

Re: threefold
Post # 7
ok thanks
I have never hurt anyone in my life intentionally ,so i find it hard to believe i deserve this ,if what you reap is what you sow supposed to mean.

Re: threefold
Post # 8
I have contacted the autorities and even the guards didnt believe me .
I think a lot of these answers havent been very nice

Re: threefold
Post # 9
that website doesnt work

Re: threefold
Post # 10
Brysing, I don't think it's logical (or even remotely humane) to tell someone "You are getting beat because 'what goes around comes around'". While I have no opinion on the rest of the topic at hand, this part kinda irks me.

That's like saying "Sorry 3 year old child. Mommy beats you to a bloody pulp everyday because you did something to deserve it".

Perhaps we should read and consider all aspects of the original post before telling someone who is saying they are getting abused that they did something to cause it.

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