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Love Spell

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Love Spell
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Love Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have a couple questions:
1. I did a love spell(Not on anyone particular)and after I finished it I was laughing and thinking about how funny it would be if a certain guy in my english class asked me out since he is kind of an idiot.(no offense to anyone and I would have said no)Anyway guys in my english class started paying attention to me and complementing me and my work.Then the spell started wearing off does that mean that the spell has attracted someone?
2.Also one of the ingredients I used and left there fell over and broke when I tripped over it, but only the hinges on the lamp broke and everything else is intact.(I just have a wierd feeling about it) and it reminds me about some of the words I used in the spell since it was more of a combination of a love and attraction spell.Is that a coincidence?
3.Oh and I gave a specific deadline for the person in the love spell to ask me out and we had a snow day on that day and were snowed in on that day as well as the next for days(that's never happened before where I live)does magic make an exception?
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Re: Love Spell
Post # 2
Why, why do people have to go and use love spells? I wish love spells would disappear off the face of the earth. You cannot mess with a persons free will by using a love spell on them. Things could go wrong sometmes with them even if you did it right. They are just a bad vibe.

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Re: Love Spell
Post # 3
Lunar, I understand where you are coming from and why you frown upon it but its up to the spellcaster really and their intention.
While some people are certainly looking to bend the will of others, in truth, most spells are simply spells in which a person opens themselves up to the possibility of love, generating positive energy so that they can attract the love they want into their life. This love that you then gain is pure since you had the purest intentions and desire .

Now I wouldnt put a hex or a curse on anyone. That is bad.
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Re: Love Spell
Post # 4
I'll leave the lectures to everyone else and just answer your questions, keep in mind I'm basing this off of my experience and by no means am I an expert in anything magic, parking my car, etc.
1. Yeah, I would say that counts as an attraction and you could be attracting a lot of others w/o realizing it. Just b/c someone doesn't even bother to say hi doesn't mean you haven't attracted them.
2. Not sure a/b this, depends on if it happened before or after the spell concluded. I've had a candle holder explode on me, not exaggerating, power outages, other stuff. The opposing forces were strong, spell either didn't work or barely worked. Re-evaluate, your intent may not have been bad but maybe you overlooked something, and might have just been spared something nasty.
3. Can't answer, I've never given my spells a deadline, didn't think you could. It's suppose to ripen in its own time. Don't take this the wrong way but the deadline seems demanding. We say 'so let it be,' but its still a request.

-Again, I'm not a guru of any sorts and I'm sorry if I've offended.
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