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Help for blood Vampires

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Help for blood Vampires
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Help for blood Vampires
Post # 1
Being a blood vampire is not a laughing matter. It is not a fantasy. It is a very serious and rare medical condition called Porphyria.

Porphyrias are a group of extremely rare disorders passed down genetically. Whereby an important part of hemoglobin, called heme, is not made properly. Heme is also found in myoglobin, a protein found in certain muscles.

Porphyrias are life-long problem with symptoms that come and go. Some forms cause more symptoms than others. Proper treatment and avoidance of triggers can help reduce the time between attacks

Porphyrins are made during several steps of the Heme making process. Patients with poryphyria have a lack of certain enzymes needed for this process. This causes abnormal amounts of porphyrins to build up in the body. There are many different forms of porphyria. The most common type is porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT). Drugs, infection, alcohol, and hormones such as estrogen may trigger attacks of certain types of porphyria.

SYMPTOMS: Abdominal pain or cramping, numbness or tingling, photodermatitis or light sensitivity causing rashes and scarring of the skin, personality change and problems with the nervous system which can lead seizures, paralysis, mental disturbances and in severe cases coma. Attacks can occur suddenly, usually with severe stomach pain followed by vomiting and constipation. Being out in the sun can cause pain, sensations of heat, blistering, and skin redness and swelling. Blisters heal slowly, often with scarring or skin color changes. They may be disfiguring. Urine may turn red or brown after an attack. These
attacks can sometimes be life threatening, producing severe electrolyte imbalances, low blood pressure, and shock.

TESTS AND DIAGNOSIS: Blood and urine tests may reveal kidney problems or other problems. Special tests can measure porphyrins in the blood. Some of the other tests that may be needed are - Blood gas test, BUN or the blood urea nitrogen test, Creatinine in blood and urine,LFT or Liver function tests, Serum potassium Tests to measure the level of porphyrins, Urinalysis and a CBC or Complete Blood Count.

Some of the medicines used to treat a sudden (acute) attack of porphyria may include: Hematin given intravenously, Propranolol to control the heartbeat, Chloroquine, Fluids and glucose to boost carbohydrate levels, which helps limit the production of porphyrins, phlebotomy, Beta-carotene supplements, go on a hi-carb diet.

THINGS TO AVOID: All alcohol, drugs that may trigger an attack, avoid injuring the skin, avoid sunlight as much as possible and use sunblock when outside


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Re: Help for blood Vampires
Post # 2
I just saw some pictures of people suffering from this disorder. It is really sad. And all you chumps out there looking for spells to bring this disease on to yourself should google these pics and take a good hard look at them.

This disorder gives you no special or magical power, snap out of your Twilight fantasy.

Get real for crying out loud!
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Re: Help for blood Vampires
Post # 3
This is a theory. They never proved it!
It was an idea based off a biochemist.
I'm sure this biochemist would also say magic in general is fake.

There are very many theories related to vampirism.

The other theory is rabbies being a disease.
You foam at the moath, become vicious, it messes with your sleep thus becoming nocturnal. It makes you pale. Bats and wolves carry it.

However according to Slavic Faith which originated the vampire they are the dead humans that come alive as spirits and reposess their bodies if not properly burried. They fuel the bodies through killing others.
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Re: Help for blood Vampires
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
This is really interesting.
I agree with you, it pisses me off now a day with people who want so badly to be Vampires. They don't understand.
I do like your theory though, I'm not sure if its my case or not. but I will take your advice and see if the attacks stop or not
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Re: Help for blood Vampires
Post # 5
To Revelation...
Biochemist David Dolphin proposed a link between the rare blood disorder porphyria and the vampire folklore. Yes...that was theory.

But Porphyria itself is not a theory. Its a medical fact. There are people out there who are whipping themselves because they believe that they are mutants of some sort, half realising that they could have a medical condition which can be taken care of.

Yes I do believe that rabies is also linked to Vampirism and so is Celiac disease which can at times (though not always) cause patients to crave for blood.

To those who believe they are vampires...
My whole point of this post is to inform you that you are not a mutant, vampire or zombie, but a victim of a disease or a disorder. Please seek medical help first when symptoms appear before calling yourselves vampires and attempting to attack people or going to your neighbourhood blood bank for a swig. The former will only get you jail, instead of the medical help that you need and the latter will just lable you as a psycho. All you guys suffering out there, emotionally, physically and psychologically because of a medical condition are beautiful simple human beings with pure god given souls that no disorder can take away from you. May you'll find happiness and good health...

And To those who want to become vampires:
This post is an attempt to smack all those who want to become vampires because fiction promises immortality while fact suggests something else. Ask those who are suffering, they'll tell you another story.

And be careful what you ask for through magic or any form of prayer or wish. In your quest to attract immortality because of some stupid story, you just might invite a disease that may do just the opposite.

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Re: Help for blood Vampires
Post # 6
Also keep in mind most Vampires anymore are part of the subculture not idiot posers.
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Re: Help for blood Vampires
Post # 7
Also this is random but I did infact know it was a disease as well.
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