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Deep Arts

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Deep Arts
Post # 1
Currently Deep Arts is accepting members who are serious and interested in learning.

The old 18 years of age minimum has been removed and members of all ages can join. However let this be said about those who wish to apply:

If you are not serious you should not join this coven as this is a serious learning environment. Yes, we mess around and joke, but that isn't what the coven is made for. Covens were created so that individuals could join a coven, a group, on SoM in order to learn in a more orderly manner. This way you could join a coven about Gypsy magick if you were interested in learning that, or a coven about elemental magick if you were interested in that.

This coven does contain some things that some would consider "unethical", but these are based on a centralized morality, one that does not come into play within this coven. We learn of the old and new, and we come from many different traditions, backgrounds, and lifestyles. It is our practice and our wish to learn new things that brings us together.

We do not care what your religion or path is, in fact if you bring in knowledge of your religion or path we will gladly welcome it with open arms. This coven is about learning and being all we can be, magickally (and otherwise).

Because of all these factors we need to know our members are responsible and serious in their practice. That is why we have an entrance exam which I will post below for anyone wishing to join the coven to mail to me.

- [ Entrance Exam : ] -

What is you age?


What is your personal belief/religion?

How long have you been studying magic?

What fields of magic do you find yourself most interested in?

How active are you in magic?

Do you have any set quest or goals in magic study?

Why do you wish to join us?

What do you plan on bringing to the coven?

How often should we expect, and require you to participate in the coven?

Please list all other covens you currently belong to on Spells of Magic website.

Anything else? Perhaps a bit about yourself and/or other interests...

I would like to add that while most of the coven's current members have practiced for over 2 years that beginners are welcome, if and only if they can show a wish to learn and responsibility with the keys that will be handed to them.
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 2
I would also like to add that Dark_Drechen is on his way off the site and currently his account is sitting as a placeholder so if anyone wishes to fill the priest position the requirements are below.

You must be a member of Deep Arts for no less than two weeks.

You (your account) must pass an inspection by myself, the former priest, and former priestess. (I say this because I have asked them to advise me in picking out a priest.)

You must be council for at least a week (if you cannot handle council then how can I expect you to be able to handle priest?)

To pass this inspection you must show that you are active on SoM (both through chatter and through examination of your forum posts), that you have enough knowledge to run a coven on SoM, that you are not a roleplayer, etc.

If you wish to fill this position please mail me.
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 3
I would like to add that the Priest doesn't have to be a man. >.O
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 4
lol I agree, we shouldnt discriminate against gender differences when it come to helping out our coven. Thou the person do have to put on their profile that they are male
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 5
Yeah, but they don't have to keep it that way. Lol. It would really only be long enough to boot them up without booting myself down.

I just thought to add that today when one of my covenmates was talking to me. Lol. ^_^
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 6
Correction in the former post:

The Priest has been changed to Tempus.

I put him as Priest for various reasons, most importantly that I believe in him.

I both believe he will do well in this coven and he will do well for this coven.

Thank you.



I ask forgiveness of anyone who read the original former post who took offense at its wording. I am truely sorry.
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 7
Our leaders have yet again changed, but these two (Neorsa, and Draggsters) are in a more permanent situation.
We're shooting for more stability with the turn of events and for DA to remain a great coven for learning; which I can't tell you how relieved I am.

I really look forward to serving my new leaders as part of this long-standing coven, I retain exceptional respect for the both of them.

Just thought I'd introduce our new leaders...
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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 8

And introducing the current leaders Mara and Nefermaryn ^__^

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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 9
(A post from a former deep arts member.)

I love them all and would not go to another coven, DA for life.
The forms are active and the people are great,
Its a place to take your serious workings and go deeper than
ever before. As the name suggests its about going
deeper into the unknown and known magics and
understandings, of forgotten and new magic nothing is to taboo.
Its one big family.

When I can find the time I will go back.

Mara/Neffy lots of love to you both.

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Re: Deep Arts
Post # 10
Where do I send the "entrance exam", Rikka?
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