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i need help!!!!!!!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► i need help!!!!!!!
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i need help!!!!!!!
Post # 1
is there any way to create a mental barrier? i need to block someone from entering my mind for a while. mostly during the night.
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Re: i need help!!!!!!!
Post # 2
Try a binding spell or a protection spell... or write one to suit your needs.
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Re: i need help!!!!!!!
Post # 3
You could try shielding work. It's using psi energy to create a barrier often times used to protect one's mind and energy.

A simple way to do it is by letting your energy surface to spread over your body. Visualization can assist in this. Close your eyes and allow yourself to see what's happening. Once the energy has surfaced, push it outwards just a bit, and begin thinking about protection, no trespassing, fortifying your mind, and such ideas. Hold the energy where it is for a few minutes while you get the feel of keeping it there, then gradually relax so the newly used energy holds its purpose and shape. Then just before you go to bed, charge the shield a bit with some fresh energy, and then meditate. Meditate on once more, protection and mental safety. Expel all doubts from your mind, and then turn in for slumber.

This of course is not the only way to try shielding, there are so many methods out there, this is just an easy one I could up for you. So if you still have doubts, don't hesitate to look for another alternative.

Good luck, and sleep well.
~ Nallius
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Re: i need help!!!!!!!
Post # 4
Hi Sabata i'm grandpaben a newbie,
Before you retire to bed try to unblock your mind from all clutter and worries, you need your mind and soul clear, this will help your inner mind to control your fears. I know lavender oil, and other oils work very well, I dont have any spells charms ect you will have to ask about for them.
If you tell yourself you are in a room, with no windows or doors,
totally inpregnable to anyone or thing even the most poweful spells canot reach you, you are to visulise a comfy chair to sit in, with controls, one red main switch to let you out, the rest will do things for you ie blue to calm you ect, then press a button to bring down a large screen to give you an image of your most peacefull places. But still remain in you room safe from harm. draw a diagram of your room and chair with its controls.
Remember the clearer your mind and soul the more at ease your mind will be to protect you, it may seem a strange thing to do but your self conscience will protect you.
If you feel threatend in your room press a button for your helper
this can be anything you imagine an animal friend ect.
If you can conjure the room in your dreams with you in it, you are more than blocking them out you can reach to them from within. try not to think of the person who is harming you, think of them as a bug or somthing small to crush, if you see it in your dreams crush it.
Try to concentraite (sorry for any misspollings)and meditate as much as you can on these things. I have in the past and it worked for me, now i can control my dreams, who i see and who i dont want in them. no one can penatrate your mind when you are in full control.

sleep peacefully friend. :)
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Re: i need help!!!!!!!
Post # 5
thanks everyone. and grandpaben the person doesn't harm me, she just annoys me while i'm in there.
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