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A spirit in my house?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► A spirit in my house?
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A spirit in my house?
Post # 1
I feel watched at times, at night. Like someone is watching me from the door, not exactly maliciously but not really kind either. My brother, who sleeps in the room across the hall, feels it too. Whenever one of my cats is in the room when it happens, their fur stands on end and they run out if the room. It all makes sense. Except the house. Our house was built in 1980. We've lived here 13 years and are only the third owners. We know the other 2 owners and no one has died in the house or even close to it. My brother and I are the only ones affected by it(aside from the pets) My parents feel nothing and my other might but he's mentally handicapped so there's no way of knowing.Any ideas?
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Re: A spirit in my house?
Post # 2
It's probably just a wandering spirit. Perhaps someone in your family died and that could be them. Or it could just be your imagination. Try communicating to it. You will only know if you talk to it.
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Re: A spirit in my house?
Post # 3
It may be due to high EMF(electromagnetic fields) coming from the electrical wiring it could that it's not been insulated properly.
as you say it's coming from around the door which is where you would get a lot of the wiring for lighting switches and sockets.
A high EMF will give you feelings of being watched and paranoia can also cause dizziness and feeling sick, the effects just depend on how sensitive you are to high EMF(also pets will pick this up aswell).
If you only feel watched from that particular spot of the house go to another room away from the area or go outside if you feel better alsmost straight away, it may well be the electrics in the house.
If you can get your parents to get the electrics checked out by a qualified electrician and they find everything is insulated properly, then you can start to address the fact if it may be a spirit of not.
Personally myself I feel its an electrical issue.

Love and Light
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Re: A spirit in my house?
Post # 4
I listen your problem first you and your brother had to do like this spell

this spell is to trap a spirit in a stone or Cristal. i will take you step by step on how to trap a spirit.

Items you will need

* a natural stone or Cristal
* will and focus
* Abel to sins spirits and there power

Casting Instructions for ' Trap A Spirit'

first you must fined a spirit you wish to trap. Thin hold the stone or Cristal in your left or right hand. your arms should be in a 50 degree angle with the stone or Cristal that you are going to trap the spirit in in the hand that is the top part of 50 degree angle. now hold the Cristal or stone with your three fingers: pointer, middle, and thumb. with the two fingers that are not holding the stone or Cristal. fold them down. now with the other hand that is not holding the Cristal or stone use to focus the spirit you wish to trap, it should be at the bottom of the 50 degree angle and use your two fingers(pointer and middle) and lightly place them on the spirit and focus the spirit being sucked in the stone or Cristal until you sins the entire spirit trapped in the stone or Cristal.
I will sure this may help you
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Re: A spirit in my house?
Post # 5
the worst think a human can do its to trap a spirit. There is no need to do something like that and its extrimly difficult.try to comunicate with that but no in a physical way.Use meditation call it and let it talk you in your mind. you dont have to afraid something a spirit has no reason to harm you
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