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Wine for the Godess

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Wine for the Godess
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Wine for the Godess
Post # 1
So I know that many people on here are tired of hearing a bunch of fluff(I am to) and I realize that the fluff in the air originates from the media. Unfortunatley this question does also :/ Sorry to any that find it annoying. But anyways, I'm reading this book that the chracters in center their religous views and practices around a very wicca type religion. In thier cerimonies they always have a table set with foodstuffs in offering for the godess and explain that not only is it for her but also that it represents the bounty that she offers her children. The Godess they worship is Nyx. Among the foodstuffs they supply they always have wine. My question is, does wine have any significant purpose in wicca in relation to tradional cerimonies and rituals that worship the Godess? If so, what is it? And is it tradional to have wine at the cerimonies?
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Re: Wine for the Godess
Post # 2
I'm no expert on Wicca but wine can represent many things, and is commonly used in rituals to symbolize things such as the bounty a goddess gives her children.

The House of Night series, I believe that's what you're reading, I noticed was incredulously accurate when it came the ritual set up (set up, not necessarily the immediate effect it sometimes had).

Regarding the ritualistic practice of offerings to gods, even in Wicca gods enjoy the concept of an offering, it shows initiative, and true devotion to them, and that the performance is not just for show. An offering requires thought, if you consider it special, then your deity will know. They will take into consideration your desire to please them. Wine is such a widely used symbol that it is what you make of it.

Also it is very traditional to offer wine, it's been a habit in rituals for centuries.
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Re: Wine for the Godess
Post # 3
Thanks Nallius :D And yeah, that is the series. I liked how accurate it was too on the way they set things up. I can understand the symbolism of the wine in the book, but seeing how I am not a vampire I can't really think of any special symbolism when it comes to the wine other then just a drink for offering. I knew that the Catholics used it as "the blood of the savior" or something like that(sorry to anyone who might be offended by my ignorance xD) but I wasn't sure if it had a place in Wicca and other related religions tradition. Thanks again.
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Re: Wine for the Godess
Post # 4
i love that series, its very pagan/wiccan inspired and i love that i can relate to that about it~
anyway, wine is found in a rituals "cakes and ale" ceremony or used as an offering. wine has been around for a very long time, and is a symbol of love, a good harvest life and well being. from what i know, wine is a very old time tradition in ceremonies but these day it can be substituted with something else such as pomegranate or grape juice. if i were to guess, wine would be a symbol of sharing love between the goddess and you, though the offering. im not sure though if it has any other significance, but it has been used in many cultures for many years~
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