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whats a thoughtform

Forums ► Misc Topics ► whats a thoughtform
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whats a thoughtform
Post # 1
I heard it in a comment and i couldn't find it on the internet can someone explain to me what it is!
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Re: whats a thoughtform
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Wicca.
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Re: whats a thoughtform
Post # 3
It's also called a tulpa or egregore. Basicaly it's a spirit that was created using willpower. For example, if you wanted to create a thoughtform of a cat, you would mediate and feel it. Making a cat on the astral plane with your own energy. Untill it became real.
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Re: whats a thoughtform
Post # 4
What is a thought form?
A thought form is an energy construct created for a specific purpose (i.e. protection) but has the form and reactions of an astral being. This is a being designed to have an impact on the physical world.

Something one needs to know about thought forms is that they are NOT to be taken lightly. These entities can stray away if not shown proper respect. When they are programed they are best programed with pure intentions, and specifically those that are of positive influence as this gives the thought form it's general ''personality''. After this form is created, it can work independently from it's creator, which is why such precautions should be taken into consideration. Don't forget to maintenance your thought form about once a week once it's created either, as like a computer, regular maintenance is very helpful in keeping it working properly.

Thought forms don't need to be difficult to create or use, but certain important rules do apply: you must act with a pure heart as purity of motive will color the thought form (as stated earlier) and it's own behavior, as well as you must treat your thought form with respect, you must not create a thought form and forget about it. A way to show respect is to give a basic offering (the most basic being a lit candle) about once a week if you intend to use it for a long period.

There are differing views on how a thought form is actually made of. The main one being that it's created of ambient energy around an individual and the person giving it existence by an act of magic and dissipating back into ambient energy when it's purpose is fulfilled. Another method of creation that is believed is an actual separation of a small section on and individuals soul, personally I don't believe this but to each their own, when it's finished like any other soul, it goes on to another existence. Still, there are some who believe that thought forms are spirits who are just looking to fill a job for a time and is of no new creation of all.

There are many reasons for a thought-form to be created such a fetch and retrieve, for information. Most commonly though they are used for guardians. A guardian can be used for protecting a house, a person, a family member, etc... Thought-forms can be used for a few hours to as long as they are needed by the creator.

When creating a Guardian (which is what this whole section will be on) you will need an image or token of the guardian (a token being for those who create the image themselves in their minds rather using a picture, so as the guardian has some sort of link) as many candles as you think you will need, and of course a small offering of a candle, or milk, or even incense, or cornmeal.

This really is best done in a circle, as the circle is designed to enhance an individuals energy and allow for greater focus.

You will cast your circle in the usual way, making sure that all objects needed are within the casting area before hand. Summon the elements and Deity. Charge the image/token in a similar fashion to this:

Imagine a column of light coming up from the earth, beneath the image, and form a ball of white light around it. Imagine all the energy of earth, strength, courage and protective love being imbued into the image. Then imagine a a column of light coming from above the image. Let this light enter the image mixing with the earth energy. Imagine this energy as filled with intelligence and vigor. Let the two energies mix and blend together, fusing and becoming in perfect balance. Now invoke your guardian into being. You can say something like:

'' From the energy of Earth, and of the Sky I fashion you O' Guardian. A protector and champion, one of strength and intelligence. I call you into being, I call you forth, I imbue you with energy and will and I give you form. May you take this form I have in mind, may you animate this form, may it be my key to you''

Now imagine the guardian in the form you have had in mind. See the guardian grow, expanding from the size of the image/token, then to life size, then to beyond life size. Imagine it taking on the appearance and movement of one that is alive.

Now make your offering, and speaking from your heart say something to the effect of:

'' Greetings my guardian, accept this nourishment from me. In token of the bond between us I do give this to you. As you give me service so shall I to you in return. Accept this offering and take of it what you desire, when you have finished, I will dispose of what remains.''

Now see the guardian consume the offerings energy (as this isn't an individual that needs physical food, this is of the energy and good intentions of you that the offering is truly made of) as a sign of respect.

Now charge the guardian by saying something like:

''O guardian, I do charge you, to protect me, and mine from all harm. Shield us from negativity, stand with us and aid us against any danger that may come our way, and keep up safe and strong. Protect us in our home, and away from home. Be alert to all things dangerous, and avert them. When we no longer need your services, and no longer give offerings, may you return to the Goddess and let her guide you to your next phase. We thank you o guardian and offer you our love and our respect.''

Now close the circle as usual. Clear and release, and place the image of the guardian in a place of honor, either your altar on an altar of it's own. If it's for the home then by the front door, or door of most use into the home is best.

As mentioned before, don't forget to give an offering to your guardian. Remember that if you forget your guardian it's energy will dissipate and fade away and will be of no use to you when you need it.

Be careful when using thought-forms, these are not to be taken lightly, or as a joke.

I reworded this from an exercise that I had when I was taking a class on witchschool. Thought this would come in handy. You can also find this in my coven. Hope it helps
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Re: whats a thoughtform
Post # 5
When making one, you can create a sigil for it using a design called the rose cross. You must have plenty of expierience with energy in order to do this. If not, it may turn against you earlier than expected. A thoughtform will eventualy become too independent and unpredictable. When this happens, you must destroy it. Cast a circle, do the lbrp and meditate. Have the spirits sigil with you. Light a small fire on the altar. Say, creature of spirit whom I have created through my will and that of the powers above of which I am one, the time has come for your departure for I have no use for you. Therefore, in the name of (insert deity) and by the virtue of the elements, I return thee to the energy you were before. Then, burn the sigil. Along with the totem silvervixen was talking about.
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