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A request for help.

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► A request for help.
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A request for help.
Post # 1
Ill be honest, im a little embarrassed to be posting here, i've always been one of those people who always truly wanted to believe in magick, but was reluctant until i saw any real proof...
Well....recently i may have gotten just that, im not really sure. The last few days i have decided to test and experiment a bit, to go and find the answers instead of allowing them to come to me, im not sure why i ever thought that was a good idea...
I crafted a wand out of a fallen branch in my garden, it is still unceonsecrated however and im not sure what good it will do me.
Anyway, sorry, none of that is really relevant here, thep point is; last night, while experimenting a bit with this "wand", i had heard that crystals were used for focussing magical energy. So, putting down my wand, i picked up a small cluster of crystals, (one of those spherical rocks with a cave-like opening of crystals, the name escapes me for now), and began to focus on it.
Now....this is the part that makes me wonder if its all in my head, after focusing a while, i could have sword i saw a spark jump from one tip to another, this may not sound like much to most of the magick users here, but to me it was....enlightening....upon trying again after a while the same thing happened again.
But could it all be in my head? Could it just be a trick of my eyes? (I was in pure darkness so im sure it wasn't a reflection)
And.....assuming that i am not crazy, now that i have seen something resembling evidence of a world outside the physics i am used to, id like to see more, but...
The tutorials and spells you find on the internet are so varied and confusing, there's no way to ask questions or get feedback, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has seen real results with their spells, and would be willing to stay in contact with me to help me progress? I know it may be a lot to ask but no one ever gains anything by remaining idle.
Anyway, i've said all that i meant to...and a whole lot more actually, forgive my typing if i've made any mistakes because it was all typed quite quickly.
Thanks you for hanging in there if you bothered to read this far.
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Re: A request for help.
Post # 2
Hey, I've just started practicing myself but i did study Magick for a year before i started. I'm not sure if i'll be much help but i'll do what i can.

I can't say for sure on spells. I mostly do rituals in name of Artemis, but i did have a few run ins with some nasty spirits after a Ouija board incident.

The best thing that you can do if you want to get started in Magick is to start wit the basics. The basics are: meditation, centering, visualization, grounding, and energy flow and control.

If you look around this site you should be able to find what your looking for. the people are really helpful so you shouldn't have any trouble. One thing though, you might want to check what type of wood your wand is made from. Different woods do better with different types of spells and rituals. That is one thing that J.K Rowling had right. though the whole transfiguration thing, well i'm not so sure about that.
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