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Witchcraft on a budget

Forums ► General Info ► Witchcraft on a budget
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Witchcraft on a budget
Post # 1
Now this may be the name of the book "Witchcraft On A Shoestring" but that doesn't mean this expression wasn't used before and/or after this book was published, I have yet to read it, though I have skimmed it, and it is about being a witch or other magick practitioner on a budget, which in these days everyone is on a budget lol, I felt inspired by those four words up in the subject box, to right about how we can get what we need for spells and such on a low budget.

Note: Parts of this article can be found in an article written by Melanie Harris for llewellyn's magkal almanac 2010. Notice I said parts. Not All. The rest will be my own words.

"Knowledge is power, and it's also the key to frugality. The more we know about magick, the more versatile we can be with it, enabling us to be able to substitute ingredients and adapt spells and formulas so that our witchy work won't break the budget.Can't afford the jasmine or rose oil called for in a love spell? Just use the rosemary or basil from your spice rack, the ace of cups from your tarot deck, a piece of rose quartz, a wildflower from your yard. Any ingrediant called for in a spell can be replaced with a color, tarot card, stone, symbol, number, movement, sound, or image with similar attributes." Melanie Harris

One of the things you should save up your money for in my opiniion, is books, what knowledge you can't find online can be bought in your local bookstore, without knowledge, we can't have power. Look around your house, I find things that can be used in spells all the time just by looking in my kitchen, backyard, bedroom, closet's, and sometimes even between the couches lol. Having a friend with the same magickal intrests as you helps too, you can share ingredients, trade eachother items for readings, and so much more, the possibilities are endless.

Use Free Stuff

"Another basic principle of bidget witchery is to use what you can get for free. In all those things we cast aside or overlook lies a stockpile of magickal supplies. Old wine bottles become containers for potions, empty jars become a great place to store loose herbs. An out-of-fashion skirt becomes a witchy cape or a slew of fabric squares for charm bags an hebal satchets. Worn out sheets become alter cloths, and faded curtains gain a new life as a tarot cloth. You can find a lot of things in the food waste that would otherwise be chucked into the compost. Save fruit seeds, nut hulls, lemon peels and orange peels, these things have potent magickal properties that can be put to use in your spellwork." Melanie Harris

I cannot begin to explain how much we throw away can be used as something else, luckily I had a book to explain it for me lol. Even going through your childhood toys can bring you something you can use in your magickal workings, I once read a post in the forums that a chaos magick practitioner used their toys in their magick and when I looked through what I used to play with, I found an amazing amount of items I could use on my alter and in my spells. Have the squirrel and rat taught us nothing?

Nature itself

Taking a walk through your local park, forest, lake(not in the lake, well at least not in winter lol), anywhere in nature can bring you something you can use later, pine needles for money charms and cleansing and protection spells anyone? Rocks for your alter? You may even come across a crystal or a rare herb, you never know what you can find in nature.

Shopping Seasonaly

Need a silver or gold candle? During christmas time they are pretty cheap at walmart lol.

Now I know there is more to write about but I think you guys understand what I have just explained, I leave you with one last thing.

"Just like the ants, the more people we cooperate with the more resources we have and the less money we have to spend" Malanie Harris

Have a great day and a wonderful night
Happy thanksgiving

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Re: Witchcraft on a budget
Post # 2
Very helpful tip. I put together something similar to this a while ago- http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=218945 to offer more ideas.

The Key is to remember to think "Outside the Box"
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Re: Witchcraft on a budget
Post # 3
this was very helpful... I wondered about substitution becasue I was told it could alter he outcome so out of fear I just dont cast certian spells, but since now reading this I feel more comfortable do it so thanks for that.
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Re: Witchcraft on a budget
Post # 4
Glad I could help. ^_^ And Silver, great post, I forgot to put in visualization lol.
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Re: Witchcraft on a budget
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
The way to work "on a shoestring" so to speak, is to remember the history of witchcraft. The "old ones" did not use many actual "tools" apart from herbs. As witches normally worked out of doors,they would have a besom (broom) to clear and clean the space for use; they would often also use the besom as a "staff" to cast the circle. Very little else, an ordinary cup for a chalice, any sort of knife for an Athame, ordinary candles (they would make these themselves from beeswax),a cauldron (for a fire,not the hubble-bubble nonsense).As for capes,etc., the "old ones" worked naked; skyclad! It is only in modern times that special tools have been "on sale"; these may be helpful, but they are not strictly necessary. The real "key" is the combined meditation and visualisation. Tools are not needed for this!
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Re: Witchcraft on a budget
Post # 6
Another note on substituting ingredients....understand what the significance of each thing you are using and why it is used for that particular spell. Why is x herb used for x spell? Why not y herb? Why is x color of candle specified as well? Once you understand more the why of your parts not only does it make your magick stronger, in my experience, it also makes switching out things much easier for the components you probably already posses.

As always, let the universe guide your knowledge.
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