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Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
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Post # 1
I need help with both of these subjects if anyone know something that can help with these then post here or mail me thanx :)

Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 2
Try wikipedia or my own webside www.full_of_delusions.com

another really good one is


Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 3
Don't be rude No_Delusions. Kinesis is a legitimate, though extremely difficult, form of Magick.

I would suggest studying up on different techniques given on the site (search the site using words like hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, and some variations). Also search your library or the internet for subjects on the matter. Always remember to cross-reference anything you find and be patient in your studies (be aware the specific topics you chose are extremely difficult to start out with).

No Subject
Post # 4
Thank you EisKora and to you other guy what's your problem. What people can't ask questions when they don't know what to do? Realy if you only have those comments keep them to yourself.

Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
The various kinesis abilities may well be theoretically possible but I have never witnessed anybody backing up any substancial claims toward such ability. All minor "kinesis" ability is usually explained through basic physics that are rather unrelated to any concentration or magical craft, and other such environmental factors.

Further, many of the references I have seen on this site refer directly to works of fiction. One such example sited a work of fan fiction related to the TV show Heroes as a "scientific" source of understanding on the concept.

You, and others, are entitled to believe whatever you wish. But I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 6
are there any spells based on this

Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 7
Yes there are spells to improve kinesis but not any spells to actually do it without practicing for many years

Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 8
I have been studying up on the kinesis for a while now, especially aerokinesis. Sure, you may not be able to do things like summon tornadoes, but there are some parts of it I believe is real. I am not going to come in anyone's face and say you can control the wind, but what I am going to say is that you can work with it, the element of Air I mean. I believe that there are certain concepts of the kinesis that are real and some not. Everyone on this site is entitled to believe in what they want to believe in and if I want to believe in the kinesis I should not have people coming in my face and telling me that it is not real.


Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 9

Oh, the things we learn in two years. It certainly is possible to to work with energy to affect physical change, but I wouldn't call it kinesis. Taken from Etymonline(dot)com; Kinesis (n) "Physical motion," 1819, from Greek kinesis "movement, motion". Psychokinesis would mean mind + motion , thus people tend to think they can control things with their mind. While there is energy and Will, it is not quite the way people think. I tend to tell people to do away with the notion of control, as we are tiny aspects of a much, much larger picture. When we cast Magick to affect the physical world around us (Thaumaturgy), we are affecting change on the subtle planes first. Each plane is a template for the closest denser plane next to it (Astral>Etheric>Physical, for example). It can be likened to gears working together in a machine, for lack of a better metaphor.

However, for physical change to happen, physical energy needs to be present (the physical gear). When we affect change on a subtle level, we bring about change on the physical. Water and air moving still needs physical energies, such as pressure, kinetic, potential, gravity, and so on. The subtle planes don't 'dip down' into the physical to move something. It does not break the laws of physics, so any kinesis you would be doing would also have physical energy outside of yourself affecting the change. Fortunately, we cannot simply conjure up pressure out of nothing. I hope I'm clear with what I am saying.

Re: Aerokinesis/Hydrokinesis
Post # 10
I found that I could learn the spell if I really believed. I was experimenting with Cryokinesis, and I actually made myself cold, to the point that my lips turned blue. If you do it, and really commit, it won't be that hard.

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