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Why do I struggle?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Why do I struggle?
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Why do I struggle?
Post # 1
I started magic around a month or two ago, and tried several spells a few times. The only time I think I might have gotten one to work is with the spell I read somewhere: "Tree of mine, grow a vine, and make it easy to climb.". Wherever I read it, I can remember it was supposed to be an easy spell. I came back to the tree I cast it on a couple of minutes later, and there was a thin vine growing on it that I could have sworn was not there before, since I had climbed the tree a few minutes ago, and would have noticed it otherwise. Apart from that I have had no results. I have tried that spell again, but no luck. I know you are supposed to believe in it when you are doing it, but sadly I was born into a family of athiests, and it has taken a while to shake that off as much as I can, and it is hard to maintain believe when the spells aren't working. If I had a spell cast upon me, I would believe truly, but I have no idea who would. If I could get my spells to work, I would believe truly, but I worry that my believe is not enough to make the spells work, or else that I have no magical power or something.
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Re: Why do I struggle?
Post # 2
Learn your basics.

Meditation, visualization, energy flow and control, grounding/centering, and shielding and possibly circle casting. If you wish also learn correspondences such as colors, days, elements, tools, and moon phases.
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Re: Why do I struggle?
Post # 3
I believe that you are being hard on yourself. Magic is not something you can learn in a month or two, it takes the dedication of years to truly Begin to scratch the surface.

Some energy work, meditations and more basic spells and rituals Can be done quite early in your magical "career" but this doesn't mean you do not or should not put in the time to practice. It was traditional in some circles to train and practice for a year and a day before Any actual spells were cast. You need to give yourself the time to build more energy inside yourself, otherwise you could be trying to cast spells without enough personal power.

I recommend considering this for a long time, and decide if either now or down the road (few years +) you can be able to make magic a lifestyle for you. From there, you should decide to take "X" ammount of time to study the basics and meditate (id recommend 4-6 months of steady meditation and basic energy work Minimum) before you delve headlong into magic fully. We all walk before running afterall.
(this applies to Anyone who feels themself in a similar situation)
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Re: Why do I struggle?
Post # 4
I have to agree with Flagg on this one. If you aren't confident and having negative thoughts every time you try to cast the spells then it won't work from bad energy.

Positive thoughts attract positive energy = positive results!

I advise you take some time out to find "yourself" and reconnect with why and what your reasons are for using magick to achieve your goals.
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