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Working Alongside Us.

Forums ► Wicca ► Working Alongside Us.
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Working Alongside Us.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Many people are very curious about the idea of 'Familiars', and I don't blame them. What could be more interesting than working with those misunderstood animals or spirits?
The history tracing back familiars can be quite long, but my purpose is not giving history lessons, for I am sure, many people have already heard and read about these beings that help 'witches' in with their magic. We have even heard the stories of how so many animals lost their lives during the witch hunts.

But what exactly does it mean to work with a familiar?

Familiars aren't as rare or common as many would think. This may sound contradictory to itself but it is the truth. Not everyone will find a familiar, and even those who find one will not always want to work with the animal. You might ask yourself, but who wouldn't want to work hand in hand with a willing animal/ spirit? Well many people. And this does not make them any less disserving.
Another thing to consider is the fact that not everyone will find one. Most people looking for a familiar will just buy a cat and think -yeah this is it-. Or somepeople think it is your long life pet, but they do not even consider the possibilities of what a familiar is an in reality does.

First you have to get something straight, not every animal is a potential familiar, not every pet can be a your familiar. Familiars do not even have to be manifested in our physical plane.

So who gets familiars?

Many wiccans ask; and I must agree that this is a hard question, but not hard to answer (hard to understand). Familiars can come and go, but it takes true practitioners, with receptiveness, and openness to accept the pressence of one. They can come to specific people at certain points of their lives, or to help in certain needs. They can also be long time companions; but they can also be offended with arrogant people who want to use them, or lie about their experiences.

In order to maintain a familiar you have to first be happy with this appearance, the help given, and grow with this help. Many people ask themselves why their dog suddenly stopped joining the circles, and the answer most of the time lies within ourselves, how we refrain from growing and learning.
These are not yours to keep, and so you must respect them as friends, aids. Many spiritual beings that understand you are treating them as a posession will surely turn their backs. Another thing that can cause a familiar to step back, is when you two are no longer headed in the same direction. Maybe you decided you would start doing something that this spirit does not believe in, they will surely turn away.

Familiars are guides, friends, and protectors. Working with them can be a huge pleasure, learning from them can be of an even more advantage.

They can manifest themselves in your dreams, and you may feel their pressence and apparitions when performing your magick.

In many cases an unexpected animal simply arrives into your life, and you notice how this life compliments your magical workings.

Tips on working with Familiars-

-Try to understand what it is they want to help you with.
-Be respectful and leave any arrogant comments.
-Work together, and acknowledge the given help. Thank the entity.
-Bond. Get to know each other.
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Re: Working Alongside Us.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I have a dog who when I first started practicing decided to join the circle after a few days and whenever I read books about Wicca he comes in. He`ll put himself right next to me in the circle. I havn't been able to let him back in my room though because I have siblings who don't approve of Wicca so I have to do it late at night when their watching T.V. with my doors closed. Is he my familiar?
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Re: Working Alongside Us.
Post # 3
I see plenty of people in the "I can buy any pet at any time and have them be my familiar always", "once my familiar always my familiar", and "I have to have a familiar at all times to practice magic(k)" people. In a way it's sad.
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Re: Working Alongside Us.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Like I mentioned above, familiars do not have to be physical beings, they can come as aparitions, most commonly in animal forms. A dog who comes up to you when you are performing magic does not necesarily prove interest in the ritual. He might just want to spend time with you, for example my dog comes up to me at random times of the day for no reason but to look at what I am doing.

So how do you know it is a familiar?

It depends on the circumstance, but normally they do not just stay there without doing anything. They will be guides, or help you grow, or you may help them in what they wish to develop; they may give you certain informations, or use symbolism, and protect you. It takes time, and one has to overcome the thought, and egocentrism that encircles us when we strictly believe we have a familiar just because the ferret just glares at the fire.
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